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  1. Maybe time to get the 3rd rate a name. confusing in missions when the difference is a capital letter. 0/9 3rd rate or 0/9 3rd Rate doesnt make any sense
  2. But quality control would make a 3/5 into the old stiff 2/4. Maybe bring back fine woods for guaranteed or chance at higher quality
  3. Maybe make it so you can see blueprints for ships you are not high enough level yet to craft. for people with no/low crafting
  4. Is there any options to scale down the ui? Everything feels huge and clumsy
  5. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_flood_myths
  6. Is lord protector still a thing? If yes, you are just selling/buying a "useless" maintenance bill, unless its a port with good resources that pays for itself and even then you dont get any more access to those resources that any random alt would have
  7. As long as the largest timezone group cant dictate who the other timezone players can fight against. This type of power shouldnt be held by anyone in the game.. Ever
  8. French plain white ensign  ^ Battle of martinique And the plain white with the tricolor in the corner, used by ocean in le glorious first of june
  9. Thats some amazing disney rope, doesnt even snap after cutting into the planking. And that thin ring thing attaching the anchor to the rope looks real strong to, wow
  10. Op masts holding the ship like that
  11. neutral port =\= free port, useless non teak/wo/mods ports will become useful teleport hubs
  12. Nerf poods because.. Or make them craftable Increase looting range/ sinking speed 5 slots for lgv refit and make it craftable make a free perk that allows capturing 1 prize ship
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