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  1. Hello, As with many of you I look forward to get my hands on Naval Action when it's available. Until then I'd like some suggestions what I can spend my time with in the mean time. Games that are similar and/or possesses a similar events and experiences that we expect to be featured in Naval Action that is. I've recently played a couple that would qualify. Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag Great looking graphics, and with the sailing as a primary part of the gaming experience it is very satisfactory. Of course the game compromises on realism, but perhaps with good reason. Some w
  2. Would be pretty incredible, the ultimate game experience, weather you get nauseated or not. Though I'm sure the technology will mature if it's the case.
  3. Not sure if this a thread for suggestions for ships, but I'd like to see the Vasa in the game. It would, in my opinion, be an epic example of 17th century war ships (naturally a slightly re-engineered version that won't capsize in the first gust of wind).
  4. What should be the penalty of having your ship sunk? Obviously this would depend on the type of game it will be (which I understand is a bit undecided as of yet). In my opinion you should not be able to lose your ship. There should however be a penalty in the lines of a repair cost (for the time and material spent at the ship yard), and you should obviously respawn at the dock. In regards to the damage model I'd say the component model is the best and most realistic way. Losing your main mast should obviously not sink your ship but merely cripple it. Hitting certain points (like the ga
  5. I'd like to see an appropriate ship's compliment of the staff, depending on the type and size of the vessel, visible on deck. I'm sure it's be said, but an authentic signaling system with flags and lanterns would also be great, at least in the future, not perhaps the most important thing.
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