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  1. Poking around the EU merge idea. They have about 80 late PST to 450 early EST and of course the weekend have almost double that. The only nations worth joining in North American times would be GB, US and PR. Currently PR are true pirates living out of neutral cities. GB is a strong RvR nation. US is a weak RvR nation. EU time Swedes and Danes are dominant on the server with Spain and GB close. If we divided in with the stronger clans going US/Pirates and those not as confident going GB we could balance out well. EST will get a lot more action and we all would on the weekends. P
  2. Here is a wild idea. We could all just do our own server merge and go to PvP EU. Right now they have 125 in our time zone and we have 160. We could make it 285. PvP would come back and the weekend RvR would be incredible! Seriously, think about it. There isn't really any RvR on PvP Global to be missed anyway. Am I right. We could even join the predominantly English speaking nations and divide into Brit, USA and Pirates. It's essentially the exact same thing we have been talking about dividing into but with a few hundred spare players running around and over 500 on the weekends.
  3. You have a point on the noobs hauling and mission running. So perhaps South America will work better. But as far as "the long trip" its really not the case. The free ports are already well stocked with supplies and I have 8 of them as out posts. No one actually sails long distance. You sail a BCutter half way and since you don't own any ports in between you just attack an NPC then surrender and it teleports you to the next free town in the path. Rinse and repeat and you can cross the map in half the time as long as you don't own ports in between. I could write a small guide on living out
  4. As much as I enjoy the back and forth banter and chest thumping the server is currently at 158 players when it used to be over 300. Its getting lower every week. The banter isn't really progressing towards fixing anything. You cant force players to RvR any more than you can force them to PvP if they really don't want to. Those aren't solutions.
  5. I feel it needs to be more than just a random pvp area. Needs to be something with RvR potential as well. George Town isn't really good for all that. South America all along Maricabo maybe. What might be better is if we set up around Haiti and then we all contested for Haiti in RvR and PVP support it. With the land mass in the center there would be more moving dynamics than just converging in a center spot. In that case probably Saint Iago, Ponce, San Juan and KPR. If the idea is that the port isn't captured it doesn't matter if a home port is in the mix. As I write this we're patroll
  6. Back to topic The teams need to get mixed up/consolidated if we want each nation to be viable in each style of play. RvR, PvP, Econ and time zones. If you want a shrunken map all we need do is get each competing nation a port near the center of the map that no one captures. This is essentially a shrunken map. RvR is relatively meaningless as we can all still build ships and such even if we only have the home county. If you want players to invest the time to RvR there needs to be some reward to it. Make an ante of gold or whatever to a winnable pot and let players contest over t
  7. We need to pick dodge ball teams and create our own arena for "king of the hill" and such. Seriously. We need the major clans to sit down and hammer out a mix of who joins which nations to create better competitive teams. Some nations will need to be purposely left out of the mix until population improves. Then we need to agree to get each competitive nation one county near the center of the map we all agree not to take so that player can teleport in. It would also be good to determine an RvR target that we can all fight over for those that like that. Each nation could ante up a prize f
  8. Yes and just today one of your clan mates was using his French alt to entice newbie French to escort his cargo ship into his pirate main character and trap. Players don't find this sort of thing sporting. Some consider it cheating and the refuse to play. Player choices and actions have as much or more to do with player retention as any rules or more. The RvR game isn't forcing anyone to one port nations. That is a player choice. If you left each nation one port near the center of the map you would essentially have your shrunken Carribean.
  9. @ the admin and OP I've been weighing a lot of factors before really forming an opinion on this proposed change. I think it's got some good potential but I also do not think it will generate the desired results of player retention and increase the fun. I'll keep this short. It does not appear that players actually play the game mostly for RvR. It also does not appear the majority play for PvP. Both are simply various things they can do in game. The best way I can describe it is this. After the wipe players filled the seas leveling ship classes, making money and setting new Econ ch
  10. The game does not force night flips or one porting. Both are player choices. What the devs did do was make it so one porting a nation has minimal effects on it. Which it did. Global France may not have a lot of ports but we can still build any ships we want and were on the kill leader boards everyday. The problem is players sitting on discord or similar services and only logging into the game to do Port Battles. We all reached top end ships so the Econ slowed down. With less players leveling ships, doing Econ and advancing RvR less players are on the sea available for PvP. RvR play
  11. Currently the only method of RvR is the port battle. Ths slows the game down once player reach top end gear as there is no need for strict RvR players to do anything but PB play. So in the course of few days of gaming they may only log in 1-2hours to flip a port and 1.5 hours to PB it. End game becomes less and less about being at sea as there is only one method to RvR. If fact this effect is worse when one nation becomes dominant in PBs. Suggestion: add another way to RvR. (Defensive RvR) Ports that have been captured can "Revolt" and return to the original owner if that nation conti
  12. One of the flaws in the RvR game aspect is that it does not require a sustained open world presence to succeed. You can literally log in for a 1-2hour flip and log off and then log in again the next day for 1.5 hour PB. There is no need to play the game in the hours in between if all you are going to do is the PBs. No one is hiding or any of that stuff. They are just playing other games waiting for the next PB. With the teleports still in game its only a matter of sailing the seas to build up the RvR fleet. After that you don't even need to be on the seas. You can just sit in the ports
  13. NA needs more diversity in the ways players can RvR. Use the old flag system to allow players to purchase invasion flags and sail them to the port to be invaded. If the flag makes it to port an invasion battle takes place. Only instead if a ship battle this takes place as a land battle using the current boarding system and the number of troops brought to the port verses the garrison troops stationed at the port. Give port Lords the ability to garrison troops and build defenses from the tax base. Have the morale level of each port determined by the tax rate of the people and any goo
  14. The anti-revenge fleet mechanics still takes care of that. You can camp the battle but they are still coming out of it invisible and at extremely high speed. A camp is really just a revenge fleet.
  15. I can deal with the ocean outside the home port being filled with cutlasses. That is more a function of missions being to close to home ports anyway. I prefer game fixes that allow players to make choices and adjust their play to solve their own problems. Hard coded mechanics, no matter how well intended, often just lead to secondary problems. Like the anti-revenge speed/invis mechanic being used as a gank tool that we are talking about now. Increasing join timers till everyone on half the map gets in, teleports at ends of battles become transportation tools and positional exits beco
  16. Good to see you Yanks out there mixing it up!
  17. They are pretty long now though. Doing sequential battles is tricky on coasts as ships can almost already hop from port to port protected. I do see you point though on the value of the anti-revenge mechanic. I amended the suggestion to just be persistent cross swords that turn red for a warning signal to those on the OW.
  18. There seems to be a lot of drama lately regarding and old tactic that has returned in a slightly new form. The Invisible pop out ambush. We used to have pages of threads complaining about players popping out of ports and battles to gank others that couldn't see them coming. This lead to a bunch of anti-gank rules changes and so forth so new players, that didn't under stand the mechanics, had a chance to avoid it. Well it's back. Today players use a look out alt of the target nation and use two different nations in the attack group. The attack group can generate a battle between themselve
  19. Your timeline is accurate. I only have two points to add. France was not surprised the Danes attacked. It was expected. This thread is simply about them not honoring the 72hr notice in our treaty with them. France has been prepared for being one ported since the Danes first attacked us. For us it has always been a potential reality Now you ask WHY does France attack the Pirates. It's as simple as this. There would be no competition on this server and it would fade into stagnation, as players leave, if someone doesn't balance the Pirate teams current dominance. You need an oppon
  20. Kill Board seems to indicate the Danes need the travel advisory the most. Well done French captain. o7
  21. I think every nation has or occasionally gets the very vocal players. I'm not sure what, if anything, could ever be done about it. For competitive gamers it's like the rivalry between two sports teams. But it can get out of hand. Rivalry in itself isn't a bad thing. Actually, I think if we were allowed to see the data we would see that PB often contain very little actual PvP. It can be there but in my experience it seldom is. Either one team doesn't show up. One team shows up with a clearly superior force or after the first few loses one team opts to withdraw. I think very few PBs actu
  22. There are a lot of good points in the above and I think there are deeper cause and effect issues. For example:. If ports are flipped on a nation off hours they can't very well choose to be PB players even if they wanted too. The initial Dane war with its off hours PBs probably had as much to do with France becoming an OW PVP nation as the French players themselves. Perpetual alliances are not good for the game. They are essentially stagnating factors that keep drawing the servers society back into the same polarized tendencies. "No fighting" alliances are actually totall
  23. There actually isn't much there. We went there last night and only saw one other French player the whole time. We encountered several Pirates running with a Swede but they had no stomach for a fight and ran off. We did a lap around the entire Antilles and saw nothing but the same swede keeping an extreme distance in his Endy. There is nothing really here to be had. It's all no risk tactics without any fights. Have to figure out something else to do before it gets too boring.
  24. Why not bring a Death Star fleet? It depends on your goals. If the goal is to hold the dot then yes the D Star fleet is certainly the call but it almost guarantees no fight vs. opponents without similar fleet. If the goal is PvP one does not actually bring a bazooka to a knife fight. So far you have stacked all the oceanic zone players into one nation and you have night flipped three ports. You have surrendered Mortimer Towns waters. Let's not mince words here. BLACK is clearly a top notch RvR guild. But you not the pinnacle of PvP. You built an RvR machine and its a good one. But fr
  25. I'm pretty sure none of us care that the end result was war with Denmark. AUSEZ or SCAR the end result is they just flip one more off hour port than before. We could shoot the Dutch as Dutch and now we can shoot them as Danes. ICS are out of France and now we can shoot them too. Swedes were harassing the crap out of us and now we can shoot them. Danes finally have US prime time players. From the PvP stand point this is a win win for both France and Denmark. The "Pearl Harbor" issue is as it was the honor of the agreement. That agreement called for a 72hr notice before CCCP began attackin
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