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  1. granny is HOT.... the systems create the issue. there should be a fame system so you can only access things as your fame increases. win fight gain rep gain access.....lose fights lose points .....if enemy has more points than you,you get multipliers on wins.....this way farming alts= diminishing returns... but then again why would that make more sense the100th time it is said.
  2. any idea who that was because we don't know who it was.
  3. We don't know where our clan warehouse ended up on the server merge....anyway i can find out who has it and if possible get it moved to me please. Fasti - Clan SCAR - Danish PS you still didnt put anything in steam news about the merger happening so again we don't know until after it happened
  4. not really......warehouses are huge, maybe strip cash and some mats but emptying is a bit hard... perpetuating bad ideas isn't the way forward the point i am trying to make here is that I don't know who the hello kitty the last officer online was so how the hell do i find all my stuff??
  5. i would like to point out again for you that there is a NEWS function in steam you may wanna use for ANNOUNCEMENTS,,, also clan banks to last officer logged in is a bit retarded since you just told officers how to take the money and run if they are inclined...should be creator/owner either way LEARN TO USE NEWS PLEASE!!
  6. So yet again skully has been banned for making what I would consider a dry, humorous and completely right comment. The economic design of the game is 100% exploitable by Alt accounts and that the stance of the admins on it encourages people to buy alt accounts because there will be no adjustments to make it different. The comment was fair and did not do anything that is not consistently discussed in forums or in-game and also has numerous resources available from both steam and forums as a how to do such things. Free skully from your bad moderation skills as he is clearly a fo
  7. Gday, Maybe you cunts would be nice enough to take the one round the corner and we can fight over tiburon...black can get involved from la navasse and we can round robin it? PS this is in aussie for reb.
  8. you don't want to know what it is to unlock 5 slots on a vic.....3rd slot was about 75K from memory.
  9. 100 million gold is already there as redeem. there will be XP also ....not sure knowledge will be unlocked initially unless its for testing some actual numbers on them since it will llikely skew baseline feels.
  10. ok well the gold redeemable is there but you need XP for live 8). testing the testbed 8)
  11. plenty of gold but no access to ships with 40 crew matey..
  12. record i Had was 11 out or 13 ships in the fleet with 1.5 million admiralty......it was stupid easy ...i didnt even fire shots in the end.
  13. because it is a pvp server which means joining this server you are required to be food as much as everyone else
  14. because a lot of us left the game waiting for a wipe. Remember you turned off most of the pirate options driving away a good deal of players. And the alliances broke some stuff too......numbers are not directly related to that 1 change
  15. you are implying that a newb has any hope without a clan....you cant talk about newbs pvping when you can't even make it so they can get past a basic cutter with out quitting.. there is no solo...you already made that change
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