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  1. I don't think you can exempt that docked 3rd and higher rates. Currently outpost tax tops out at 50k. Which isn't all that much. So we all buy an outpost on every front, capture a free 3rd rate and let it sit there till we want to use it. This allows a Zerg nation to flex its muscle on all front at all times. It also allows each player a half dozen free rate ships or more. As such I think we should tax those ships stationed in ports. They still have 700 crew on them to be fed.
  2. I was thinking of this the other day. NA is as Zerg centric as any sandbox game. That's just natural. In EVE all ships are built and have one dura. This is a big deterant to huge all top end ship zergs. Doesn't stop them but it makes the Zerg make up more mixed than all top end ships. In NA all ships are capturable and building them under the current Econ is fairly easy. So NA zergs are essentially high tech zergs that are largely free to minimal costs. Leaving very little deterant to Zerging. In real life the Spanish armadas weakness was the huge cost and build times to put a Zerg togeth
  3. I'm curious. What actually happens if Marell just decides to sink the players cutter? I believe it's just negative xp? or is there something more?
  4. I wouldn't be opposed to the third nation in one battle option if the game engine can handle it. Basically I look at it like this: A French Cutter sailing the Channel spies an English frigate going after a fat merchant. Well it's better that cargo go to the bottom than fall into British hands to be used against us. So the cutter charges in and sinks or boards the merchant. I'm sure in real life this happened a time or two. The mechanic preventing the British frigate from firing on the French cutter isn't all that realistic. As far as the argument regarding the Purge, I was monitoring th
  5. Oh it was. Mostly a lot of jokes on TS and fun all around. No one took it all that seriously at all so it became a lot of light hearted fun. Not so much for the pirates though. Some were typing stuff in local that would make a sailor blush.
  6. To be fair, if the pirates were not trying to PVE all the time this tactic wouldn't have worked so well. But it sure was fun. I spent most of the night sailing a privateer but actually began to regret it as the basic cutter proved more advantageous. The Priv is just too specialized upwind. Good for boarding but in the end a free basic cutter is just about as good and is faster downwind.
  7. I just don't get it. Why join the Yanks?
  8. Spain isn't dead until Spain decides it's dead. It's almost impossible to totally remove anyone from this game that doesn't want to be removed. The problems I have been noting is that a lot of us are still walking around with POTBS paradigms that simply need not apply here. I'm playing France in PvP2 and as you might have noticed we have a similar Zerg problem. The first thing we realized is a lot of the French were solo mission running near the Capitol. Basically they had all their leveling, money and Econ in one basket. Similar to POTBS everyone was essentially just solo grinding fleets
  9. Actually, most of us were inclined to ally and eventually fight the USA. Somehow we've gotten 180 degrees away from that. Good point on the trader teleports. It would force them to have to cover the free cities on the battle front. I don't think you need the Capitol for material production. It's only real value is to kick start new players joining the nation. In a game that is essentially "capture the flag" the Capitol is generally considered an indicator of your level of success. At least it is to an observer just joining the game. Simply ask this question to any person that noticed and
  10. I'll have a go at this. Serious like too without the trolling stuff.#1. True. But shallow ports neutralize the advantages of firepower and economy. A smaller less advanced force with higher captain skills can do more harm to a game super power anytime you can force them to fight for shallow water. I think the Devs were wise, knowing when this game goes live, that the pirate nation will likely always be a nation in transition as players constantly join the game pirate and quit. All those shallow ports in the Bahamas would account for this human nature effect. It's just that in the Alpha we'r
  11. This is how I saw it at Kingstown as well. The Pirate momentum was going well up until that turn back and then you lost the momentum. It gave the French time to build up at Towers 3 with a wind angle for a fighting withdrawal to tower 4. This is where the tide turned as the Pirate advance stalled. Boucaniers... I like it! It's got a ring to it.
  12. I like this idea. It wouldn't remove a Zerg nations advantage but it would temper it down just a bit.
  13. Monsieur Mountbatten, you should endeavor to contact Kiefer Cain.
  14. I could suggest a few things. Playing against zergs in EVE was always my thing. Without getting into specifics basically what Slamz eluded too. You have to scramble things up for them. Anyway, given the current state of events and you choosing to be our enemy Zerg I'll have to show you how it's specifically done in game.
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