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  1. I think it might be interesting to add a new fishing find. Native canoes - a native canoe is found adrift. The rescued survivor is willing to show you where his village is. The map leads to a coastline fishing fleet of native boats. Once there you can trade with them for several items of value to you that may not be so much to them. They maybe trade simple goods for gold, silver, jewels or who knows. These native fishing fleets should always be in shallows and would give upcoming new low level players more to do.
  2. Thank you William Wade. Turned out I just needed a little clear thinking puzzle solving. The thing that changed since 2017 was that I had dismantled the laptop rig and stored it. When I put i back together to play I plugged the external monitor into the docking station ports. This turned out to be the problem as the system didn't recognize it and was running it on some default rather than the 960M card. I plugged it directly into the laptop port and got the fps back up to 60 even after putting the higher res parameters from last year back in. Still not ideal but very playable.
  3. This is odd. I played the game last October 2017 just fine on high graphics mode. I recently logged back into the game this week to find FPS problems. I'm only getting 8-9 FPS on high mode. Even with everything turned to low I'm only getting 19-22 FPS. Its really ruined the game experience from what it was. I have tried updating the driver on the card but it does not seem to help. Any ideas?
  4. @admin I recently returned to the game this past weekend. i like the tutorial and think it will help a lot. encouraging players to join clans early on is also very good. Real currency system. I can see advantages in this as well as like the idea of national mints and treasure fleets. I think the only issue I see looming is that players in NA tend to play more like tribal clans than they do as nations. Similarly player run treasure fleets would be no added content. These would the engineered by players to always occur off hours or in uncatchable ships in various ways as to b
  5. Yes, that list shows the uncapturable free ports. Buildings and such may not really be that much of an issue on Global. Only the pirates stand to lose anything if they don't move stuff and most of them are still actively playing. Savanah, New Orleans and St. Lucia are all pirate held. Well also possibly any Brits living out of Vera Cruz. But for the most part everything just turns to neutral and you can even teleport to all the neutral and free towns on Monday. Which will make moves a lot easier.
  6. Its a historical styled niche game in a world of instant gratification FPS and a steady stream of MMO releases each month. The idea that it would ever maintain a population large enough to support multiple servers is just as broken.
  7. If you consider the new prime RvR nations (Brit, Spain, France, USA) have so many uncapturable ports you cant stop them from building ships. In fact very few port captures are likely to effect their home port ship building. But you can counter them by attacking main bases they may have built far from home to project power. Sweden, Danes and to some degree the Dutch will still be susceptible to night flipping tactics. But they are hard play mode.
  8. Though players are free to migrate you generally do have to give up any hope of RvR if you switch. So the switch can get you more PvP. If tou like PVE there is no real reason to switch. So the choice is essentially. PVE = opposite your time zone server RvR = you time some server PvP = whichever server has more people. The ONLY reason they don't merge the servers is RvR. No other play style matters as much. In the upcoming patch I suspect we will find the dreaded "night flip" 😮 will become irrelevant. When clans have to pay to own ports it becomes impractical to run around
  9. I don't think there is anything that can or possibly should be done about this during beta testing. The bug reporting system marks ship coordinates. I'm guessing whatever this third part program is that it simply checks the F11 cords for ships linked together in a common system, collects the data and then reports it on a positional map. This would be the same as players periodically hitting f11 and telling everyone in their group what their cords are and then plotting everyone's coords on a separate map screen. Of course a program does it all in the blink of an eye. I don't think thi
  10. The difficulty rating is a very very rough idea of what you can expect if you choose to play that nation. It is reasonable to give new players some idea of the game play experience each nation likely has to offer before they choose a nation. I believe that is all the Devs are trying to do with the difficulty rating. A solo/pvp hunter may not mind about RvR. But he probably will mind about long sails to targets. He will mind knowing which ports have easy targets and which will be very hard to assault solo. Nations with uncapturable ports near the center of the map offer short sails fro
  11. First off, you state you using a third party (essentially GPS) system to track allies/targets and coordinate your ganks like modern fast patrol craft. That not exactly a fair test of the mechanics but we'll go with it. If the guy had his smuggler flag on, was travelling in just two trader brigs and you were next to Mantua then all he had to do was use the invis+speed+invul timer and go into Mantau. Congratulations you caught someone that clearly wasn't thinking ahead. There is nothing wrong with the new set up. It deters gank fleets but doesn't 100% prevent them. It also gives
  12. No. On the test bed Kidd's is Nuetral at the map start and will revert back to Nuetral if no clan pays to maintain the three ports. yes, I went to the trouble of sailing there and visiting all three ports on the tested. Pirates are listed as HARD nation to play. Having a 100% secure production and PVE base in the middle of nowhere would clearly move Pirates into EASY nation mode.
  13. Will you be sending out another forged paper set so we can change nations to the difficulty setting we want to play?
  14. Thinking about the new rules I have a couple questions. Will this just require a map reset or will player gold, assets and skills also need to be reset? Will pirates still be treated as a nation? The pirate status in the game is confusing to say the least. They are treated as a handicapped nation as they are not set up to build rate ships and get exclusivity to one of the best combat 5ths in the game. So which is It? Are they conquest minded black flag nationals that have to use Alts to build a fleet of rate ships? Or are the sea hunters and town raiders waging war on the world?
  15. The new rules will generate a more realistic conquest game both in PvP and Econ. Ports will be capturable now for a wider variety of reasons. Some of those reasons will even be inside of a nation as to cause intra nation fights. At the same time there will now be costs for owning a port that will deter frivolous land grabbing by nations that do not intend future use of captured ports. What will likely unfold is a rush by merchant minded clans to gain control of national market hubs to control taxation and resource access. Many of these battles will be fought by player clan to player cla
  16. It's not rocket science. Once everyone was done building up and skill up for the end game it was up to the end game to hold everyone's interest. The current end game is simply not up to the task. People came blame a lot of factors but the truth is that if there still was content to achieve, more skills to grind or new things to build we would all still be playing the game. The sand box was supposed to replace the build ladder. But it didn't succeed. So once the ladder was climbed there wasn't as much to do.
  17. ID like to clear up some misconceptions that I think are really just carry over expectations from last years game build. There only commodities in the game that matter are Labor hours, CMs, gold and coal. Everything else can be gotten from those. Labour hours - these grow over time for all players and increase for every alt you own. Can be stored and sold in contract form. Highly valuable and require no in game tasks to get. Easy to get and happens automatically. Same as it was last year. CMs - Awarded for PVE, PvP, and RvR. A tanked up 5th rare doing fleet mission can harve
  18. You can get around your CM problem but you need to think outside the box. As one player said above, the CMs are just a new form of RW. They are meant to increase the presence of players at sea as well as slow down elite ship production. Getting ships isn't a problem. Getting maxed out fully kitted PB ships is a problem. If your tactical strategy relies on maxed out fully kitted PB ships then maybe you need to devise new tactics. The two biggest player driven problems in NA at the moment are players thinking only in terms of Trafalgar battles and players not thinking moves ahead. Rv
  19. The thing with the exploitable rewards is because the game was handing out monetary rewards. When the battle reward is a stepping stone to more power then you have to expect exploits. But PvP rewards don't need to be monetary or power advancement related. For example, some games give out prestige related rewards that are often equally sought after as trophies and bragging rights. These could be paint schemes, colored penants, titles and/or special non-cobalt related in game perks. Lets say you participated in 10 defenses of Carlisle. The admiralty awards you the title "Defender of Co
  20. I agree on your first point. The game needs more PVE content and goals to go along with RvR we have. I don't think your second point is what is really happening. Players are not afraid to lose expensive ships. They are simply unwilling to lose period. That's not something the Devs can fix. We can grab free 5th rates off the OS right now. We can build Connies and Aggies with a lvl2 yard and reasonable materials. Skills are carried from boat to boat and don't require expensive mods. The standard speed mod, Gazelle, is available to everyone that can sink x4 NPCs. One trade goods run can
  21. You could always just buy the marks. Many players that for some reason like to do missions will often sell them.
  22. Most of them are all by order now. Players want to choose the wood type mix as well a the ship type. So most will put in a order for a ship to be built to be able to get exactly what they want. As mentioned above, most all of these players will provide the CMs to get exactly what they want. From the economic side, if you are building ship types randomly or by speculation of what pvp players consider the best pvp configuration for that month then its a risk you chose to take. The only ships I have found to be of any value to produce and sell without pre-arrangement are generally the obviously
  23. I'm pretty sure I can field this one. Control and ready man power. It's like herding cats to try to gain control of a large nation like GB or USA. Meanwhile the pirate nation is right there with larger sums of man power and a good amount of them are expecting to PvP. We used to have a saying in POTBS pirate nation "if you flip it they will come". Basically, you didn't need to organize the whole pirate nation. Just one or two clans. Once that clan put hostility on a port the others would see the build up and often head there to get PvP. Try the same thing in the British nation POTBS a
  24. Since you asked, almost my entire game play time of 2600 hours. Here is the thing and it's no Surprise it all pivots around RvR. I joined Jan 2016 and for the first couple months I played on PvP2 French. Then the RvR got stale and the population dropped off. When the USA prime time population matched the pvp1 server I switched (april-ish). If all you can do is PvP anyway then you might as well just be a pirate on the EU server and you get higher pop weekends. So April 2016 on until the wipe I played EU server. Post wipe I went back to PvP Global to get some RvR, I'm one of the rare F
  25. I'll address the first part. You were/are reading that French situation incorrectly. Sure some of the home bound French players would have used forged papers. But you weren't actually fighting those guys anyway. Purge, Bork, Rover and WO weren't going any where. They had no reason too. They most affected French would have been the ICS, they like RvR and they had already used their forged papers. Second part, I'm not seeing the "ideal concept" that Pvp players don't want sailing and not in those mentioned tasks. I know it sounds like it should be that way but in observations it doesn't ac
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