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  1. It seems to have created several spin off pvp events in a few locations. It's not that the goal was sinking ships in front of MT. Had the Pirates not shown in a 25 ship near max fleet we would have just as happily went into the port battle. The tactic just gives us the option to react to the opposing teams choice,. BLACK seemed to have opted for Death Star fleet. So we reacted and went to the secondary target. i think there are many of us having fun and it was good to see the Brits getting into it. We learned some new things as well. One is that our tactic had one huge flaw in it that
  2. @admin I do see the potential but also see a few problems. #1 If the map resets and nation ports are frozen all conquest players would logically join Spain to be able to teleport around the map. Resulting in almost all war companies joining the Spanish nation. USA, Dutch, Sweden, Pirates and Denmark would be very unattractive nations for war companies. So war companies would be centered in Spain, GB and France. #2 Players using regular clan warehouses may be reluctant to switch into war companies if they can not maintain their original non-war clan at the same time. #3 E
  3. Im sure some tactician on your nation can explain this better than a few lines of type. It was about forcing the enemy to move out of position to expose weaker units. If you don't move your main fleet we take the port. If you do move the fleet to defend we can attack the flank as long as we're more mobile. The result was multiple pirate kills by French players while the pirate fleet was otherwise occupied elsewhere. I even got a nice screenie of our squadron parked in front of the fort at Mortimer Town. Closest real life thing I could relate it too is possible the pre D-Day assaults on
  4. Couple of points: I like Hodo's take on WWII and Pearl Harbor. I'm of the opinion the USA knew the attack was coming and purposely stalled the Japanese declaration. It was awfully convenient that both the modern fleet and the bomber squadrons had all been ordered out of port. The Arizona was a WW1 era dreadnaught. It was never doing anything in the modern fleet. In the case the similarity would be that NA France always expected Denmark to break the treaty. As such, everything valuable had already been moved out of the region. Port Battles shouldn't be called PVE. To some they are
  5. Most ridiculous post patch statement yet. What it will do is the exact same thing we're doing for the pirates right now. Its just going to remove the PVE players. Most of which already just joined the Danes. There are no hard core pvp players living out of the French ports. If they were they would have been sailing 2hours a day to pvp off Mortimer Town. I abandoned almost all my French ports over a month ago to free up slots for free ports. I'm probably not alone. No one is actually going to get hurt by sustained night flips anymore. The Devs did a pretty good job in the way they adju
  6. Well, WO asking "HEY DONT SHOOT THESE GUYS" is a bit different from ICS saying "HEY WE'RE GIVING THOSE GUYS TWO COUNTIES THAT SOME OF YOU HAPPEN TO BE LIVING IN". But I get your point.
  7. Clearly Bork and ICS have some issues to work out. This will be a good chance for that. Purge never had any interest in controlling France or making ICS look bad. We didn't know you well enough one way or the other at the time. But Purge has never wanted to be in charge of France then or now. So there were no secret plans to take over. That must be someone else's paranoia or disinformation campaign. RvR is something I think ICS valued for the most part. Possibly more than most of the rest of France. I think it may, in a way, have been driving the wedge between. From the beginning
  8. Im curious to figure out how the game social dynamic works better. In different instances Nations have tried to generate situations where we PvP our neighbors but don't RvR them. Mixed levels of success and I'm not really sure which actually worked better. Pirates moved into the USA and took Georgia. This then determined terms for PvP with a weaker nation where the Pirates simply chose not the take more ports. Is this more preferable to a treaty that stipulated PvP on the OW but restricted RvR? Pirates essentially used this same method on GB. Denmark chose to protect Sweden in
  9. That's just Red Duke. He gets so few chances to wave the white flag. I'm pretty sure there is no "rainbow coalition". Have you ever tried to coordinate anything with the Brits or USA? This is just about Pirates needing a worthy opponent. You backed the USA into a corner. Got the Brits so flustered a bunch of them left the nation. Made a post declaring your victory and the terms the Brits could live under. All that added together just speaks out that Pirates need more competition. Well here we are. The new Dane, former AUSEZ, former Dutch, former French, Swedish coalition are just
  10. It's an honorable thing to maintain a reasonable respect for your nation mates agreements with others. For example, when BLACK made agreement with WO. Technically it didn't include any other French clans. But it was still respected by the others. Now it may be a loophole that SCAR, HOST and DICS are not in the agreement but you certainly can not say they were not aware of it. Also, I find it unlikely that SCAR, HOST and DICS were ever signatory to the original CCCP-BLACK agreement they claim to be honoring. So it's a bit of the new clans coming in and then choosing which of the existing agre
  11. My play? It's for all out conflict sweetheart and I'm the nice one of the bunch picking that. Are we a PvP nation living out of Free Ports or an RvR nation? We're a PvP nation that prepared to live out if free ports from the first day the Danes attacked us the first time. Thinking we're going to bother with RvR ping pong or that it it will effect us will be your mistake.
  12. Hehe. No need for to much drama we all knew this was coming eventually. Well it may not be fair to blame Chialang. Seems Fasti was behind the Pearl Harbour move. Sure we may have attacked pirates who were allied to the Danes. But that doesn't remove the 72hr notice clause in our NAP. Honor would have dictated simply dropping the 72hr notice and then proceeding. The Pearl Harbour style attack just makes CCCP look bad.
  13. @Chialang Swedes Basse Terre 31% hostility yesterday Denmark player sinks French Cargo ship yesterday Denmark Grand Terre 16.9% hostility today Please get your nations honor in order. Thank you
  14. I think you are spot on of the nature of the problem. We really are not at "global" population server. its more a USA zone server. Best thing we could do to try to remedy that is probably adjust for the Aussie/Asia players by concentrating them into the more dense packed area of the map. Essentially the center. Somehow we need to get the players in these time zones closer together and on opposing teams so they can have some fun. Currently that would be to get them near the center of the map. Probably divided up on the pirate/Brit teams. Or maybe even a USA contingent vs a pirate contingent
  15. So far I have to say I like most all the new changes. Pvp is working well. RvR needs a few tweaks here and there but all in all I am finding this fun and challenging. One thing I wish wasn't happening is all the complaining by players who expected this to just be the continuation on last years PVP2. It's just slowing us all down with useless emotional drama. I could get into a long list of differences between pre and post wipe but I won't. I'm just going to say that every nation is viable and has a role to play. The easiest way to get some fun going is not to worry so much about wi
  16. Typically I travel solo and arm my cargo ships. I've gotten jumped a few times and fought off/sunk the attackers. I don't believe in speed build merchants post patch. Your just not fast enough anyway so I just build them to fight. But more to the point. Yes, a player should plan on how to go the route solo but that doesn't mean he can't call for an escort at critical locations as needed. If national players are ready and willing to provide the escort/lookout things should generally work out in favor of the cargo hauler.
  17. This is a good point. The actual escort rarely needs to be anywhere but at the end points of they travel route.
  18. Now that you know what they are doing have you figured out how to counter it next time?
  19. I'm sorry but it's not an exploit it is a tactic. When you let go of that and figure out tactics to beat it you will be able to move forward again. When Napoleon invaded Russia the Russian didn't fight but did a fighting withdrawal never intending to fight the French. They "kited" the French army all the way back to Moscow wasting time until the Russian winter arrived. Napoleon started with 500,000 men and lost almost all of them to that Prussian time waste. He got back to France with 9000 men. Now the Prussians following him fought and they won the war. Sam Houston used the Alamo s
  20. I'm sorry but I like the fact that the devs have taken a mostly "hands off" approach to the sand box. In the long run it will make for a better game. Almost every in game problem can be solved by the players themselves if they try. Some alt spamming chat? Block him. Some alt in a cutter calling off ships leaving the capital? Work out a deal with a foreign friend to help deal with it. Get you own pirate spy alr, log it in and deal with it. Simply use a different port. Ignore him. Many ways to deal with it but even the devs aren't going to stop players from being able to make alt
  21. Vizzini isn't all wrong. How players approach a problem has more to do with things than RvR mechanics. Getting Organized is a large part of that. Where he is wrong, or at least too specific, is in the approach to creating organization. Organization does not need to be done at the mandatory whole Nation level. The idea of the whole nation needing to pulling together as one is what is holding you back. France didn't get paralyzed when one large clan disagreed with several smaller ones and we split goals. They moved on in their own directions. France didn't fold when Danes "night f
  22. "Death of a Server" in any game almost always comes born out of boredom and stagnation. Very few pvp players ever actually get pushed out of a game. They just switch teams. In EVE they just switch regions and rebuild. True pvp players don't run off because they lost a series of fights or wars. But they often do hop ship. Like the gentlemen posted above, the global server just had a lot of players "hopping teams". Currently no fighting is going on hardly at all. Just look at global contention when you log in. Hardly any teams doing much of anything. Some of that is the movement and reloca
  23. My answer to complaint thread #578,123,655 I'm not aware of very many actual noobs in the game at all. The few I do know of are NOT interested in any special protections. They just want to play the game. Putting them in protected areas, shoving them into corners or otherwise making it so they don't need any help at all ISN'T ACTUALLY HELPING THEM. It's a counter productive concept that new players need lasting protections till they level. It just leads to exploitable mechanics, new players that lack the actual skills to survive in the real game and the rest of their nation ignoring th
  24. I'm just not understanding much of this conversation at all. Only half of France is still made up of French players from the end of last years PvP2. We didn't do anything to the Dutch last year. Im not aware of any Dutch-France peace treaty or why we would even need one. Who is the French who are oppressing you?
  25. I understand where you are coming from and can see your concerns. But there are a few facts you have out of order. Not greatly but still not accurate. The reason we ever had an agreement with BLACK regarding Les Cayes and PaP is because WO actually WAS sinking BLACK ships on a regular basis right off Mort. BLACK is generally a pretty well run operation. Instead of fighting us on their seas they made a deal that put us into GB seas by keeping us in Les Cayes as much as possible. That deal has since ended. Its no great difference whether France fights Brits or Pirates. Its just pref
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