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  1. Your better off its them and not me. I would be 180 degrees in the other direction. While you would be spending your time trying to teach me how to bring a proper fleet I would be doing my own training session. I'd call for each of those 25 USA players to cap free frigate of the OW each day. I'd flip that port every other day and suicide that crap into one or two first rates until you managed to sink them all. Rinse and repeat till you gave up the port or brought less of a Death Star fleet 😋
  2. Looks like the USA got considerably out gunned. The 6 ships <12# guns were not going to penetrate nearly any ship on the Pirate side. There were two Belle sporting 12# that would still require near point blank range and one frigate that might get through some hulls at medium range with double charge on. All in all, that's really more like 22 Pirate SOLs vs. 14 USA SOLs. Starting off with a 6 SOL (most 2nd and 1st rate) advantage is hardly a contest. Its probably a good thing the Pirates staggered into the fight or there likely wouldn't have been one if the USA players could have counte
  3. I play on the EU server. YOU are the one assuming I do not. You also don't represent me. The EU server is dying right along side the other one.
  4. @Intrepido Its not hard to put in factors to enhance game play while allowing occasional work around to the Lord Protector set timers. Its a bit closed minded to assume there is simply no way to do it. That and I'm pretty sure the EU server didn't actually elect you their spokesman. If you want to take a port that has a 4am timer, to your time zone, then maybe you need to econ up and out bid the owners for the right to attack it in your time zone. Adds more dimensions to game play and gets us all on the same server. No, most hard core pvp players, yes I am one, don'
  5. This is a very good point. But even so, I don't believe the daily PVP active players represent even 1/4th of the 2000. I see the same names for each nation every time I'm out there.
  6. Actually this all looks pretty good and should solve a number of the RvR and econ issues out there. A couple tweaks I would recommend added to it: Make it so the owning clan can, for a Lord of the Port fee option, select a band of time in which the port can be attacked. So if the Lord Protectors want the defensive port battle to occur in EU time they have to pay and maintain a fee to do so. This way you can finally merge the servers and everyone is happy. PVE content is still a must have. Like it or not. I'm not sure you can actually remove all but RvR missions. Though I may h
  7. Yeah, that bridge has probably been burned by this point. Still, if they ever do another map reset you should seriously consider a pirate alliance version instead of head to head right off the gun.
  8. Yet to get there they have to sail 2 feet past pirates hunting the Georgia coast. Then 3 feet along side northwestern pirates Bahamas coast. Then a solid 2 more feet around the pirate owned straights of FLA. This then gets them to the 2 feet of British Tampa coast that kicked their butts for a week straight trying to flip. But THEN that last one foot into western FLA is nothing but smoooooth sailing.🙂 Care to walk through how many feet of pirate beaches they have to go past if you want them to attack Jamaica? 😳 The USA position naturally pits them against pirates. To ask them not to
  9. If you want consistent RvR you are going to have to take a different mind set than you are currently operating under. The USA are currently THE only nation willing to play the game you like. Using play to crush tactics at this stage of the game would be utterly counter productive. Even if you lose the port it's just going to be that much more likely you get more future RvR. If they try and fail but the contest is fun then you might still get future RvR. If they lose and then you crush them for trying that's not likely to lead to future RvR at all. The USA start position sucks. Once Spa
  10. Blah, blah blah...stop playing the bully and just play the game already. Peace sucks in a war game even if it's being forced on others. YOU want some nation to offer you RvR. Yet when they do you chose to punish them for it. WTH? Make up your minds.
  11. Im not sure joining weak nation would accomplish much due to time zone issues. First, we can't effectively RvR spread around 8 nations on off PB cycles. It would spread us so thin we may as well stay on Global or just play on the weekends early enough to join the EU players. To be honest, I'm not sure what would work. But with PvP being the only competitive play method 5 days out of 7 it is logical to expect one of two things to happen. Either server transfers will just play pirates or they will join the most land owning nations, for the teleport abilities, and play privateers. I'm not sur
  12. I don't think it was GB or USA. By far it was a combination of factors. Many of which relate back to the fact that the RvR end game currently has an enherant flaw. That is that it essentially ends the game of a RvR. So much of the rest of the game ties to and relies on RvR that the population soon dies off following the RvR die off. This was going to likely happen regardless of the USA, GB or even BLACK. For example, the forced no RvR peace treaties and night flips between the Dane, French, Dutch, Swedes, GB and BLACK had already killed off RvR in the Eastern map. Meanwhile a clear do
  13. You can divide out into operational arenas IF your nation has that kind of stability. France started with this style but then the council decided to gift a couple regions to an ally. This was not accepted by the clans that had built shipyards and such in those counties. The result is that their NO votes were overwhelmed and then resulted in conflict. Eventually this grew into a major nation wide rift with neither side willing to budge. A green on green potential would have resolved this stalemate issue much quicker. it doesn't matter if you break into sub groups and give each subgroup a
  14. In this thread we have talked a lot about players getting more organized. I think the comment above explains a lot of what I have observed in the game playing in various nations over the past two years. Democratic leadership works extremely well in smaller numbers like 6-20 players. They don't have any trouble staying on the same page and sharing common goals. But for nations with guilds of 50-100 players this is so much harder social model to maintain. Democracy takes time. Players need weigh options, discuss and eventually come around to consensus. This time can be too long for effective re
  15. Some watched but until the "miracle on ice" no one really cared. Interesting follow up though. Those same Russian players then joined the Detroit Red Wings and other NHL teams and hockey went from a Canadian past time to main stream USA sports. There is more value in competitive sports over expected mis-matched events.
  16. Yes, pirate on pirate will show up in combat news. But it does seem kind of silly to have game of pirates running around killing pirates all the time.
  17. Back to the OP Its simply not a very attractive idea. I'm assuming the suggestion here is that we all hop to Britain or the like, level up 5 slot first rates and then RvR. We would lose any friends we brought into the game recently that didn't have forged papers. Yes they exist. Then we either let go of the build up clan WH stocks or haul a ton of crap somewhere. Then we have to grind missions for a solid month to get 1st rates skilled up. Then another half month for 4th rates. All the while building up some strategic leadership and training port battle line tactics in big heavy ships.
  18. I got it just fine. I simply don't think it will accomplish anything worth while beyond feeding you more targets for awhile. If you want competition then you need to figure a way to spread the sports talent into other teams. But I don't think competition is what you were ever really looking for anyway. No one cares about Olympic basketball since the USA was allowed to field an entire team of pro players. Its simply not worth watching.
  19. I'm not entirely in agreement that what you have is actually "working" as far as the server as a whole goes. It will win port battles but it's not really competitive or worth much otherwise. Also, working together only supersedes talent in events that do not have limited numbers. When your limit is 25v25 then talent is going to win most everytime. If you want solid competitive RvR then you need to build equal teams. What your suggesting is slaughtering lambs until they manage to amass talent on their own. Sounds good for you but not so much for the lambs.
  20. Um....just throwing this out there. But wouldn't it be similarly effective if some of the pirate clans migrated to other teams? Seriously, if you know how the pirate team camps a nation, builds RvR ships and organizes for port battles then wouldn't it be more effective to spread that around into other nations to build competitive Teams? There was a whole other thread that started about dividing up the talent on the server into more competitive teams.
  21. Most all area of the map outside of the capitals areas are nearly completely safe. You can sail a 1st rate to any free port in the gulf and mission run for a month and probably not encounter a sole player trying to pvp. On global France we would tell new player to go down the SE corner of the map and set up shop and level. But you know what happens? Most never do it. For some reason they insist on staying at the Capital. If anything happens to them they get upset and often blame the rest of us for not protecting the capital enough. I see what you are saying but even if you put in PVE ar
  22. Ok, I think we're all probably diving too deep and looking at too many small details in regards to current game issues. Some macro level simple solutions. Problem 1 RvR- Teams become dominant too quickly resulting in long sails very fast and camped Home Counties. Macro level solution- Slow RvR down by making conquest each port instead of county. I know, it will require more battle maps. Or just let the OW battle generator generate the map and let the fight be a normal OW fight with last man standing winning the port. County capital battles can keep the circles. This will gene
  23. I participated in that event. The grind of Dominica was to try to get Danes or Pirates to come out and fight us in the OW. When that didn't happen the call was to just flip the port then go for the pirate screening fleet and just let the Danes have the PB. After I logged for the night the Pirates finished the dormant flip on Trinidad and the two PBs ended up 30min apart. Now one fact to mention here. Whomever chose to flip Trinidad already knew the French had a PB in the North at the same time. Could have been an attempt to get the French to chose the South battle and there by defend the Dan
  24. Ohhhhh the Drama! Someone get this man an OSCAR. BLACK isn't the victim. There has never been a plan to "get BLACK". All that "but this happened last year crap" is irrelevant. Many of us were not even playing last year on this server if even in the game then. Many of us piss poor excuses for adults don't have any problem with the bulk of the mechanics and just because some mechanics are exploitable doesn't mean we must use them. It doesn't mean you have to use them either. I think as a clan you guys spend so much time assuming the worst of everything that you make your own game experi
  25. None of this is actually the way it works. Players decide what they are willing to risk for the rewards. Your clan has decided to risk nothing until its got 5 slots and top mods in any ship it will compete in. That is your choice to minimize your risks for the rewards offered. Some people do chose to gank in OW fake battles. This , again, is a player choice. A poor player choice. Purge has not used this tactic nor is there ever a reason too. But its still a player choice. RvR is not the only battle where win/lose depends on staying in a fixed position and fighting. Any battle
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