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  1. As long as @jodgi is still a RAKER, they are NOT dead. Says a lot about him wanting to keep the legacy alive than those who jump to each fresh dog that passes by.
  2. yeah... that's not why people don't play Polska.
  3. ..looks like someone brought spitballs to a gun fight. i logged onto the live-stream expecting to view a good battle but was disappointed to foretell the inevitable outcome... my wasted time. @koiz i know what i won't be doing next time... watching your streams. *yawn!* michael mann you're not.
  4. its like that lone car on the highway... when a biker gang rolls up to ride along..
  5. if I wasn't already immersed in this game, that newspaper article would certainly peak my interest to give NA a try. +1
  6. give them a deadline date/time... if they really want it, they'll show up on time... if not, put it up for sale and tell them its there
  7. Why beat @Thonys over the head when all he is doing is shedding light on possible wrongdoing.?? If players have an suspicion to any misdeeds in game, they should be free to post them here without prejudice and without reprisals. If not, players will stop posting and this crap will go on. I believe the veiled threat coming from @Toto Cabbage is most inappropriate.
  8. anonymous sources tell me that the "mexican batman" is really the bumbling Inspector Clouseau..
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