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  1. Ooof so paint is now a DLC? Blatant cashgrab as you try to shove the game off a cliff? About damn time I say. This game needs to be put out to pasture
  2. @admin Hey, boss. Great patch. Love the new UI and the fact that we can get doubloons from AIs too. When can we expect the microtransactions for doubloons tho? Would make this less tedious and keep the company's finance in the black
  3. >2018 >Playing NA unironically >Playing NA not from regret of not being able to get refund >Not realising Devs see us less as customers more like subservient annoyances I seriously hope you guys don't do this.
  4. Hey, Can you move an account to a different steam account? I'm shutting down reserving the email I use for steam for work only and want to start a new steam account with proper email solely for game services. I don't wanna lose all my assets in game and want to know if I can move the account?
  5. Argumentum ad hominem. So much for not casting the first stone. Also >Calling people snowflakes >2018 ISHYGDDT.jpg
  6. not to insult your grammar to detract from the discussion, but would you mind restructuring that sentence so I can understand what you're trying to tell me?
  7. I'd like to see roadmap for the game, expected man-hours required for features and a SMART analysis of each features based on current human resources availablity. Specific Measurable Achievable Realistic Time-bound
  8. How is the premium ship going to be marketed? I am genuinely curious.
  9. @admin what's complicated about the tax system? You have the base code for shop tax, surely it can be adapted for clan. Are your programmers struggling with concurrency? They don't know how to avoid race conditions to make the process faster? At this point we expect nothing but blue rectangles for the interface. Just wanna see the functionality. You're not gonna get better review if the game is not that great. People playing alone in this game, i.e starting out, will lose interest quick thanks to your PvP first nonsense, they'll enjoy the game more being part of a clan and consistently playing with the same group of people. If you cannot see how this is important for the game, then I will tell you now, your game is not gonna progress much further before you shut it down for whatever reasons.
  10. @admin Fam, this 24h limit on mission is BS. Make it 48hr, cuz.
  11. @admin are they going to cost 1-2 USD? If you slap 10$+ on ships that can be lost in a single battle they better be worth it. Remember, WoT and WoWS have premium tanks and ships that go for 20-100+ USD, but they're not permanently lost after a battle.
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