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  1. Homenaje 120 Aniversario de Los Últimos de Filipinas
  2. I put LH price on all the manufacturing process, the price of the ships. Admiralty: 500 hours - 2500 doublones Option 1: Missions / Battles -> Cost: 0 reals (Player's Time: 0 reals) Option 2: Market: 1 doubloons = 100 reais? (supply / demand) Example with 1: 100 1 db = 100 r >>> 250 db = 25000 real 500 LH = 2500 DB >>> 1 LB = 500 real With my calculations (the entire manufacturing process): Trincomalee FIR / FIR Standard: 534,623 reals Trincomalee OAK / OAK Standard: 538,265 reals Trincomalee OAK / WHITE Standard: 439.325 reals (WO price: 0 reals) ACADEMY 1 Extra labor (500lh) = 500 LH + 4 tools + 200 Provisions In reais, according to market: - 500 LH = 0 reals (free player) - 4 Tools >> 938 reals (1)> 3752 reals - 200 Provisions >> 30 reals (1)> 6000 reals Total market: 12752 reals (+ 500lb free) Academy: 500 lh = 12752 reals >> 1 LH = 26 reals (+1 LH) => 52 reals (if you count the time) With my calculations (the entire manufacturing process): 1 LH = 52 reals Trincomalee FIR / FIR Standard: 65,567 reals Trincomalee OAK / OAK Standard: 69,209 reals Trincomalee OAK / WHITE Standard: 57,181 reals (WO price: 0 reals)
  3. According to my calculations, it is true that, for example, building a Trincomalee is around 12,000 - 16,000 reais, depending on the type of wood. Examples: Trincomalee FIR/FIR Estandar: 12170 reals Trincomalee OAK/OAK Estandar: 15812 reals Trincomalee OAK/WHITE Estandar: 13678 reals (WO price: 0 reals) Table of Price: (image) Considerations: To have these prices it is assumed: Labor Hour: 1 = 1 real All prices at factory price (according to the level) White Oak: FREE (0 real). Example Investment Cost: 0 real (does not affect) Player's time: 0 real (his dedication is free, he assumes the costs of transport, dangers, etc.) If we look only at the fixed cost of production, no one would be dedicated to crafting or selling ships, unless it is for their friends of the clan or faction, if I play thinking of faction. The costs that are not production, is what increases the price of the ships. As well as supply and demand. Taking advantage of the post, since as a Spanish faction, I do not think I can see it. Someone lucky enough to have rare wood forests can tell me the following prices: (thanks you)
  4. The idea is to create a new level for "craftships", in this case, level 8 (next of 7). Level 8 would be unique for each player and different. The idea is that a level 8 player, when he creates a new ship, with an additional bonus. This bonus is chosen by the player when he reaches level 8 among a bonus catalog: Examples: - Hull - Sail resistance - Mast - Rig - Crew - No fire - Speed - Others (that can be applied) The bigger the catalog, the more variety of ships there will be.
  5. The delivery is a good way to obtain income to buy or manufacture boats, weapons and improvements. Also to build the factories where those products are produced. Some like it and others do not, but it facilitates more PVP and easy battles. If there were no delivery missions, it is possible these battles were reduced (the statistics, before and after the delivery you have them). My biggest concern is the availability of delivery missions. Since not being able to be taken in an enemy port, it reduces the options of doing missions. So, - Fewer ports or no allied ports > few or end of missions > end of the faction's economy - Many ports > Many facile missions > Faction growth
  6. One more time.... Rover Clan (Kingdom of Prussia)
  7. Wooouu..... NA realease in Steam web.
  8. - When claiming a completed sales contract, remove the message "You lose all fees", as it has no economic effect and only causes confusion - In battle chat, allow using the mouse to change the "all" / "team" mode - Update NavalActionWiki
  9. I am a layman in naval terminology / matter. Surely there will be more players who play to entertain themselves and are not experts in the navy. For that reason, one of the details that I have observed that uncovers a little. In the menu of Ship> Equipament, the position of the ship's image dislodges with the position of the guns. My suggestion: - Option 1: Flip the horizontal image (180º) - Option 2: Change positions of the Bow - Stern label. Additionally, in the Tutorial, you could add an image that summarizes the different parts of the ship, shooting positions (, etc. that the game has, only one image, summarizing everything, without having to search in google.
  10. Reviewing, translating and personalizing the CSV file. During CSV upload in excel and translation, I have the following questions: 1. Some lines appear that characters. It is normal? 2. In Spanish, special characters such as Ñ and tildes are used. Do these special characters require special coding ?. Do you have a conversion table? 3. There are longer words or phrases in Spanish than in English. Is the text automatically resized in the element (button, label ...) 4. Can the variables be changed or add extra coding in the text?
  11. A few days ago I saw on Steam that we had to present / choose games or companies for "The Steam Awards 2018". I initially stopped participating, so as not to waste time. But I saw a category, something like "With Love and Dedication". A very suggestive title with many meanings, depending on how you want to interpret it. And as you guessed, I nominated Naval Action, and today seeing the nominees, luckily, has not been nominated. Following this, I wonder, has anyone else nominated Naval Action to the Steam awards? or I have been the only one who has remembered Naval Action for the awards. Anyway, do not be afraid of the retaliation of the Dev, the game "officialy" has not been presented, is in phase, alpha-beta ..
  12. @admin o @Ink A question of the translation of the file _English.csv. I have observed that some cells have symbols or codes. Do you have to keep it? I understand that if. Example: caused {0} damage({1}%) causado {0} daño ({1}%) on {0} en {0} (Target BR {0}) (Objetivo BR {0}) Earned Ganado {0} friendly damage <color=#ff0000>{1}</color> xp {0} daño amistoso <color = # ff0000> {1} </color> xp {0} friendly crew killed <color=#ff0000>{1}</color> xp {0} tripulación amigable asesinada <color = # ff0000> {1} </color> xp {0} friendly ship killed <color=#ff0000>{1}</color> xp {0} nave amiga eliminada <color = # ff0000> {1} </color> xp Status: {[value]} Estado: {[valor]} Population: {[value]} Población: {[valor]} Ping: {[value]}ms Ping: {[valor]} ms ¿A parte del idioma, podemos personalizar los colores del texto?
  13. Build or craft (depende of level Academy) - Craft Updates - Craft Books Need collect components for craft it
  14. My SHIP? I understand from your omission that I have run out of him. With which, you force me to have to craft another ship, just to make 10,000xp and finish unlocking all the slots. Then I do not need the ship until the release. Normally, I access Naval Action, using the icon on the desktop. By the way, after reinstalling NA on Steam, the icon appears in white (image below), but it's not a problem. If I have seen that there is a third option, if it is executed within the Steam application, I will keep it in mind for future cuts. By the way, these notifications are almost always automatic, because sometimes, when it happens, when I close the game and re-enter, I see that Steam automatically sends the errors. I guess I'll have to get used to the game. I do not play at PVP, because the probability of crash is high, and losing the ship without doing anything is frustrating. Now, I will not be able to play PVE without fear of a crash, and lose the ship without doing anything. Another frustration. Can I only play NA for Trading or Crafting?
  15. At the time of the cut, if I had access to the internet. What's more, I was watching TV Streaming on another screen. Also, how is it possible that from Steam I can report crashes, but I can not connect? I have read that the cause may be Steam, and login with NA, which fails continuously. I show you a screen occurred 15 seconds ago of posting this post, trying to connect me now.
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