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  1. Homenaje 120 Aniversario de Los Últimos de Filipinas
  2. The idea is to create a new level for "craftships", in this case, level 8 (next of 7). Level 8 would be unique for each player and different. The idea is that a level 8 player, when he creates a new ship, with an additional bonus. This bonus is chosen by the player when he reaches level 8 among a bonus catalog: Examples: - Hull - Sail resistance - Mast - Rig - Crew - No fire - Speed - Others (that can be applied) The bigger the catalog, the more variety of ships there will be.
  3. One more time.... Rover Clan (Kingdom of Prussia)
  4. Wooouu..... NA realease in Steam web.
  5. I am a layman in naval terminology / matter. Surely there will be more players who play to entertain themselves and are not experts in the navy. For that reason, one of the details that I have observed that uncovers a little. In the menu of Ship> Equipament, the position of the ship's image dislodges with the position of the guns. My suggestion: - Option 1: Flip the horizontal image (180º) - Option 2: Change positions of the Bow - Stern label. Additionally, in the Tutorial, you could add an image that summarizes the different parts of the ship, shooting posit
  6. Reviewing, translating and personalizing the CSV file. During CSV upload in excel and translation, I have the following questions: 1. Some lines appear that characters. It is normal? 2. In Spanish, special characters such as Ñ and tildes are used. Do these special characters require special coding ?. Do you have a conversion table? 3. There are longer words or phrases in Spanish than in English. Is the text automatically resized in the element (button, label ...) 4. Can the variables be changed or add extra coding in the text?
  7. A few days ago I saw on Steam that we had to present / choose games or companies for "The Steam Awards 2018". I initially stopped participating, so as not to waste time. But I saw a category, something like "With Love and Dedication". A very suggestive title with many meanings, depending on how you want to interpret it. And as you guessed, I nominated Naval Action, and today seeing the nominees, luckily, has not been nominated. Following this, I wonder, has anyone else nominated Naval Action to the Steam awards? or I have been the only one who has remembered Naval Action for the awards.
  8. My SHIP? I understand from your omission that I have run out of him. With which, you force me to have to craft another ship, just to make 10,000xp and finish unlocking all the slots. Then I do not need the ship until the release. Normally, I access Naval Action, using the icon on the desktop. By the way, after reinstalling NA on Steam, the icon appears in white (image below), but it's not a problem. If I have seen that there is a third option, if it is executed within the Steam application, I will keep it in mind for future cuts. By the way, these notifications are almost always auto
  9. At the time of the cut, if I had access to the internet. What's more, I was watching TV Streaming on another screen. Also, how is it possible that from Steam I can report crashes, but I can not connect? I have read that the cause may be Steam, and login with NA, which fails continuously. I show you a screen occurred 15 seconds ago of posting this post, trying to connect me now.
  10. I participate little in PVP, due to the continuous crashes or falls I had since the beginning of the game. Of the last penultimate that I participated, I observed a bug with the player's label. Depending on the angle and the number of players, it showed that it was a green player, but on the flag it was the enemy, seconds later it changed again to labeling in red. I do not know if they have already solved it or not. It is a way to solve this problem, but I do not like the idea, I prefer that they fix the bugs. I do not have the Flags DLC, but surely there are historical and very accurate
  11. Today, at 21:25 (Time server), in a battle with my Santisima ship against three PVE ships, the game has been cut and the message appears: "Request shards List ...". After waiting 5min, press F11, but only the "cancel" button appears. I closed the window of Naval Action and re-entered Steam, but it did not connect, the message appears: Connecting to system ... after several minutes it appears: "Connection error: Pleasy try relogin". After several attempts, none with success. I verified that if I had an internet connection. Sent steam report: NAS-1048995 (21:35 pm) After 15 minute
  12. Good Idea, more content to the game and above all, a main idea, which objective or the prize, are not mainly doubloons, marks or reals, but materials, either for updates or to crafts ships, something that would give more variety to the game. The prize or the number of attacks must be limited to prevent abuse, for example, that the same player attacks several ports of Cartagena and obtains many Cartagena tar, which can cause negative effects such as: The product becomes more generic, more accessible and cheaper. The port may not become an exclusive port. It hurts ALTS or
  13. INTRO After returning to resume the game and see the changes of interface and some things of economy, it is still perceived that there are missing things in the game, either content or something, that for a long time, some factions needed, that was to organize between their own players (new or veterans), to perform certain actions. My suggestion is that it is the players themselves (humans) who believe, organize and participate in missions created by other players. With this, you could get the following: Create new and dynamic content. And adjusted at every moment. Without havi
  14. The fish continues to be free to obtain. The suggestion or proposal is to expand the use of fish, since currently, it is used as "Fish Meat" and in "Food Supplies". The objectives that I see that have add this new book. More value the fish. Anyone (novices and veterans) can fish for free and catch rare fish (if lucky), and sell them at a fixed price at the port. Now you can get more money by selling to another player who needs it. More knowledge of the types of fish. Now that the developers, wants us to know the different types of boats to see it. Why not also know the diffe
  15. Hello, With the improvements of the rewards of "Sealed Bottle", as well as to give something more useful to the fish, it is proposed to create a new book of skills. Name Example: Fish Collection or Fish Encyclopedia Type: Skill Book This book is produced based on ALL FISH of the game. The necessary quantity, you can indicate you: x5, x10, x50, x100, etc. For example: SKILL The skill that can be obtained is for example, the PERK of FISHER (without using perk) or with similar characteristics (to the fisher). Example: Increase fishing drop chance
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