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  1. Hi all, just wanted to post a ship suggestion here for the next 2016 poll not sure if this is the correct way to do it or if there is already a thread for it. Either way I am basically quoting an earlier post by Ink on the shipyard forums for the ship Delft, a 56-gun fourth rate of the Dutch Navy commissioned on the 16th of May 1783. I think it looks gorgeous and would help fill the void in the 4th rate ship line-up at the moment Let me know what you think?
  2. This, simply being able to rename your vessel makes a huge difference for immersion in my opinion. Of course more sea sound effects and perhaps birds and some random marine life to liven up the open world or tactical battles? I would also love to see cannons have recoil and crew members more active in the rigging and crow's nest etc. (features I really enjoyed watching in POTBS battles
  3. So I am not that familiar with all of the long-term promised features, please forgive me if this has already been promised or disgarded as a future-feauture. I am very interestes in seeing the devs plans in having a ships speed affected by the quantity of cargo in her hold, or basically the percentage of the hold being occupied by cargo. So that a merchantman filled to the brim with cargo would sail slower than an identical merchant ship which is only half-full? In addition has there been any discussion of a "dumping cargo" feature? Perhaps to allow a vessel to decide it would rather give up
  4. I agree, I had a 3 man crewed Lynx outmaneuver and outload my fully crewed and operating cutter...it was ridiculus.
  5. The ideas are pretty good, I agree that the mechanic should have some worth, especially in regards to affecting individuals reputation as it was an important part of naval warfare and tactics in that time period.
  6. Yes, Azzak makes a great point as well, if I remember correctly POTBS had a few sliders so you could decide how many ship captains and crews were rendered and at which distance. So your own crew only, or yours and nearby vessels up to a certain (visible with the naked eye) distance etc would be clever ways to maintain system performance etc while adding this great level of detail and flavour. Also to add to the idea, since ships sails and ensigns (I think?) are being customizable, perhaps the basic crew uniforms, I mean primary colour and secondary colours, could be modified as well? again jus
  7. Hi all, As this is my first post I wanted to say don't judge me too harshy and I am loving this game so far. I played PotBC and Age of Pirates 2 etc a ton back in the day and am so happy to see such a beautiful looking and enjoyable game. On to my suggestion then. I am a big fan of seeing crewmen on a ship, it makes it seem more "alive" and I also think can be used to represent game systems as well such as the boarding preparedness, sailing "focus", or "gunnery focus" toggles available now in the UI which are simply represented by a green/red circle filling up. I am curious if there are an
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