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  1. They all already do... And with a BR limit, you wouldn't need a full 25 first rates to win or even 25 4th rates. You would just need the better strategy.
  2. The BR limit is the simplest solution in this thread so I have no idea why you think it is over complicated. Saying that a limit would prevent casual players from joining is absolutely silly, you think that they aren't discouraged from joining with the current system? The idea that the admin posted is better than it is currently, but still just more of the same. When you make it so that they are just 25 4th rates, how is that better than 25 1st rates? A BR limit would actually make casual players more effective in port battles because it will make it viable to have something other th
  3. You can still bring in a first rate, just that it takes up a larger chunk of the team than a frigate would.
  4. You can make them viable with a BR limit that doesn't allow people to use 25 1st rates in the battle.
  5. Well the solution to only having 25 santi fleets is now going to be... 25 ingermanland fleet? It's a little bit better, but I feel like it is more of the same. I don't really understand the argument being presented against a BR limit... If we use the system that is being proposed of what size ships for certain ports and then also add a BR limit, then I don't see a problem. With a BR limit there will be a mix of ships or there will be a limited number of the best ships. Without a BR limit, then all we have is 25 of the best ships for that tier. The problem of random joiners is alr
  6. I personally liked the idea of a BR limit on battles, so we can mix and match to equal the max limit. You could just make it a different max limit on low, mid, and high tier port battles. That way we can get a good mix rather than just bringing the best possible ship for the tier.
  7. I've seen some suggestions about a National Bank and/or War Bonds, I would love to see the ability for Parliament to have a war tax to add funds for a war and/or adjusting taxes to raise funds to declare war. This would be interesting, but I'm unsure if people want this if they can't change who is in parliament without participating in a war that the parliament chose in the first place. Bottom line is that I like what has been proposed and I respect the amount of thinking that went into these ideas, I don't think I could have come up with it myself!
  8. I love the idea, I think people have been begging for a change like this for a long time, I have a few questions though. 1.) Will these be huge differences in speed depending on wind? Or will it be more subtle like 10-20% so that you might still have a chance if you are in a fir, speed fitted renommee and against a live oak, tanky santissima in a heavy wind? 2.) Is there any chance of adding trade winds or currents on the open world to make it so that we are more likely to find player traders using known routes that are best for speed? This feature would be awesome when/if player trade
  9. You will still have the first rate creep, the defending force normally takes less losses than the attackers so they likely won't lose the port ever with a system that makes it more harmful to lose those types of ships. I feel more like making it expensive to own or sail largers ships with provisions is the best idea rather than limiting how often we can sail certain ships because we are waiting to replenish more crew. You will see less people sailing the first rates if every day at see they have to feed 1100 sailors. Or make a fee for having a ship docked, so that people have the option t
  10. May I suggest that the parliament elects a ruler for a set amount of days? Rather than it being based off of only estates.
  11. I have a concern of what would happen if some of the clans capture the early and more secure ports that almost never would be attacked and yet gain just as much of a bonus as the clans fighting on the front lines holding contested ports. Would there be any kind of solution to benefit the clans fighting over more contested ports compared to being fat and happy and owning ports that don't get attacked for 2 months? Maybe adding a form of taxatio/maintenance for land? If they fail to continue paying for this then the port goes up for auction in the capital? Then the problem would be the time
  12. We've had quite a few people from PvP2 join up with us, if you are looking for a pirate clan to join over here, but don't want to be a mindless drone. Then this is the place for you, just hop onto Teamspeak and come say hi.
  13. This is a non issue, very few people do it that often anyways. Unless people start coming up with some good evidence of people misusing this, then why should the developers take time away from important features?
  14. The server population will pickup when the game gets closer to release, but the point is to not drive away a portion of the community stuck on underpopulated servers as has already happened. Switching twice would not be gamebreaking, they have stated there will be multiple wipes before full release. Each move can coincide with a server wipe and that way, people do not lose any progress. It's kind of in the title of the post...
  15. My concern that I stated before they created more servers for the steam release, a lot of players simply won't make the change from the server they started on and quit the game due to low population. This has already hurt the game in the long run because those players aren't very likely to come back when they left with a bad taste in their mouth. It was a huge mistake to open up several/regional servers just to deal with the influx of players during launch which are now no longer needed at all, and we are stuck with a shitty situation.
  16. I don't agree with that one bit, maybe if there were more ways to level up in this game. Currently it is a grind, and most people would prefer the grind to just be over.
  17. I feel like this is going to lead to a lot worse than just cancelling out large grinding fleets with no alternative. It's going to really hurt when people start ganking without the fear of reinforcements. To me, there aren't enough reasons to hold more than 5 or so ports as a nation, and removing reinforcements just makes it that much more meaningless.
  18. I think it is clear that people want large scale PvE engagements to fill the time and help grind together. The other option we have had to do for such a long time is divide our clan into separate grinding fleets to get decent Exp. It is far better to keep people playing and leveling together, not the other way around. On a similar note, I would love to start seeing uncaptureable 1st and 2nd rates in the game to add some spice to PvE and possibly remove repair kits so that grinding these fleets is actually dangerous.
  19. I'm curious has there been any decision about whether the Pirates Nation will have access to the Diplomatic system or if it will be different compared to what the other nations get?
  20. So you would be fine if we bought the flag for Jeremie every day, preventing you from attacking? If you aren't fine with that happening, then this is clearly griefing.
  21. Alrighty, I think that a lot of people are going to be waiting/dreading for this Tribunal post to be put up here. I don't feel like I am personally the best when it comes to forums, but it seems that this is the only avenue that allows for justice to be served in a case like this. I am fine with there being spats in chat and even attacks on the open sea as I think most of us are, but I do not believe that this kind of abuse should be allowed in game, and the people responsible should be punished. The people who griefed our entire clan out of attacking ports that we had planned the entire week
  22. lol Absolutely nothing in that post even makes sense, one random person saying my name is enough to convince you of.... what exactly? The second post is our attack on Anguadilla where we were outnumbered 2:1? Ok Maybe I should try to pay some Americans to accuse Kuthara of random shit during a battle, will that make it true?
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