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  1. This would be a hardcore element to a game. Im sure it would impact casual gamer, further reducing player base. But how about, an option in your game interface to disable names in OS for your own game. Hard core gamers if you want more chalenge u more than welcome to make your game harder for yourself. BUT for a christ sake don't force it on all off us.
  2. Game should be Easy to get into Hard to Master. Game economy should be nearly free for starting ships to a imposible to support for top rates. with a Sort of well balanced graph.. Something like this 5% 10% 15% 17% 20% 23% 27% 40%60%90%150% Dead cheap at low lvl tiers to nearly impossible at top level. This formula works for so many games in past 20 years. Why cant naval action adopt it.
  3. I know what you mean man. Naval action and empyrion are the only games im testing, due to devs being active and working on them. But personally i hate this early access crap all together.
  4. Sir, have you forgot, you playing early access game. It means you are testing ideas good or bad, you give your opinion on forums, its all part of Testing. Devs gathering data, they value every ones opinion, and hope they are making notes. If you want steady game, well w8 till it gets best features in place and launches in steady form. Keep posting your ups and down, but please dont act like you are entitled in some kind of stability. All and all i agree, it can be frustrating, but hey we are testers.
  5. And if lucky you will stay in that snow for few days. Most likely NOT.
  6. True. All of it. Uniq game and only 1k players. I think all aspects of this game should be profitable independently not together.
  7. For me, the magic use to be Port Royal water defence. Back in a day when timers use to be 5 min. ppl use to organise coast guard fleets to protect or rescue our traders haulers. Pirates use to come alot and pray on our silver haulers. Port Royal waters use to be safe haven for traders, All Jamaica waters use to be safe, trade use to flourish, and GB economy use to be strong. then 2 min timers were introduced, pirates run loose as coast guards couldn't respond in time. Many traders left, inflation hit. ;/ 3 rates port battles. use to be fun. U log in in the evening and you know u can make a port battle. No grind. Go tag a NPC capture a 3 rate. go and have fun in 25 vs 25. No one care if they sunk. we had this moto. u come to sink not to run. And sink we did plenty
  8. I will add this. Removing 5 min timer = bad. Removing Port producing materials = bad. Introducing crew management for money = bad. After crew introduction i couldn't afford to pvp any more. These 3 things made me leave the game. And by Admins comets, the current game is not for me. Im sad.
  9. 5 min is fine in home waters. Gives traders a safe passage home. Keeps gankers away. But further out into the seas it should drop down to 2 min. Home waters should always stay 5 min.
  10. can the one buy few accounts? create few characters on different nations, move them somewhere quiet and make those characters kill each other every hour for a few days. ? Hmm thinking about it. i have 3 laptops that i don't use. I could make my own fleet Sure that would make enough pvp badges.
  11. I personally cant understand why does it have to be so difficult to obtain a ship. U gonna loose it as soon as u sail out of a harbor.
  12. Looks like devs doing some work on admiralty shop. Until its done and final this topic is moot. I guess lots of things are incomplete. The wait continues...............
  13. I don't see a point playing 6 months to build a ship that i will never sail.
  14. There is no balance in building a ship to loosing it in action. It takes way to much effort to build a ship and only 5 min to loose it. Im wondering all those hardcore pvper what ships they gona pvp in, and how many battles per 24h will be? The basic mats doesnt add up. Its like 2+2 = -100
  15. I stopped playing pvp since they added Crew management. That was the point were pvp was to expensive. Take it as a feedback. Fair winds to u all in Empty seas. I wish it was the other way. ;/
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