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  1. no, it's a reunion of Edmure Tully and Mance Rayder. (GOT was a reunion of Julius Caesar and Brutus)
  2. are they using the stats for the ship or the stats for the model? If I remember right, the model is very old and not very accurate.
  3. I think that crew should linked to XP and not to rank so as you go between Post Captain to Flag you would get a few more crew with every ship you sink. It would make it reasonable to use several ships as you progress between Post and Flag.
  4. two idea: If you don't like the time of a port battle....attack a different port......or don't loose the port battle in YOUR prime time.
  5. The dangers of a lee shore. Read any naval themed/historical book you will find sailors were terrified of a lee shore. I remember reading about the dangers of a lee shore in both "Moby Dick" and several instances in the Patrick O'brian books.
  6. No, If you have sailed, the staysails do not work the way your diagram is drawn.(1d in a 3d world) only the head of the sail (the part attached to the "stay") remains fore and aft, the leech of the sail creates a airfoil that provides forward thrust. Think how the jib sails work, staysails work the same way.
  7. No, you play against other players. so at least two players (multi players).
  8. Sure you can enjoy them....if you enjoy getting sunk. 1. the game is intended to be a multiplayer game. 2. EPIC is just that epic hard. 3. was this REALLY a serious comment? "I Wants to play multiplayer games alone."
  9. On ours, first pass through the enemy 9, we sank two (first and last ship in the line). Pulled the group with the wind as our first and last ships were in bad shape. We focused fired each ship as they got close to us and protected the weak until they repaired. took about an hour and we used a lot of repairs. Why was it only you and your buddy against one ship? Where were the other players? As you learned, it takes more than two ships to sink one of the super AI.
  10. umm... no. They are tough for a reason. The last Epic I was in was done with only 5 ships. It was a challenge but that why it was fun. You can repair, the AI cannot. Kite them out and keep up on repairs and work as a team to focus down each ship. We all made it out with over 50% health. Its called EPIC for a reason.
  11. Why on earth would you use PVP marks to buy a constitution when you can build one with 30 combat marks and parts? Maybe that's why the LGV is more because that is the only way you can get one?
  12. wut? 150% of a constitution? Haven't logged in yet but from the notes you can get a nLGV for PVP marks. Can you get a Constitution for pvp marks?
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