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  1. he went severall times out of the harbour and wasnt attacked by the sverige players. its just annoying if this is allowed.
  2. Hello, we had some players from GER clan (sverige) close to maracaibo and dragged them into severall battles. all that time the player Sebastian Meyer (prussia) stood there and didnt get attacked. i didnt get any reply, he was not moving for about 2,5 hours.
  3. totally agree. came here for the same suggestion. it would also be great to have a log for the clan-warehouse to see who placed and withdraw things. My idea was to to build the dock in severall stages up to a maximum of 10 slots with a limitation for classes from 2 ships per class. acces to the dock can be given seperately by officers and clan-creator for a limitet time. so if a player wants to level a ship he gets acces for X-days for class 5 as example. after the access-time is over the ship will be automatically transfered back to the dock after server restart to prevent that ships are
  4. Enemy

    Clan Management

    well the only thing we know from him is that he is in the intensive care unit in hospital so we have no chance to contact him. he is offline now for 28 days. so how should we get him to leave??? also the former clan leader ATOMIC TIGER left clan without telling anyone and the leadership switched to Wolle van Schapen. We cant contact him due to his situation. Now you tell me that it isnt possible to switch the leadership to an active clan-member? honestly this is very sad and dissapointing. We, the DKF pulled about 35 players from our warthunder clan into this game and now you
  5. Enemy

    Clan Management

    Hello, i am a member from the German Clan DKF on PvP EU Vereinigde Provincien. Our Clan-Leader/Creator is offline since 26 days because he is in Hospital and none of the left Members can contact him. As most players stopped playing the game we also dont have any active officer and are stuck in rebuilding the Clan. We dont know when or if our Clan-Leader comes back to the game. Is it possible for you to promote me or Horrido28 from DKF to the Clan-Leader until he comes back? Actually we cant build the warehouse, cant invite players (only if we get one of the former officers to a
  6. you shouldnt be able to teleport between free towns. it will only keep the gank going on. teleporting between your nations ports will only give you acces to your own nations ports which is nearly no advantage compared to the option to teleport between the whole map into any nations region.
  7. i came back after the wipe and i dont like this system. actually it results in gank squads with fully upgraded and crafted ships killing the new players on thier first npc-bought class 6-5 ships. especially the pirates can abuse their game mechanic and are able to gank all nations. i dont know whats the point with this grind you placed into this game. for me it just looks like the game will be one sided again and only the hardcore players will go on. think we had that already in the old system. at leadt there you were able to compensate the advantage after some time. now those who startet wrig
  8. how about a cooldown when sunk in a PVP battle? if you get sunk from a real player you get a x-hour cooldown to use a BC again? sunk in PVE changes nothing. just an idea. regards
  9. Hello, after some time i came back to NA. Getting back into the game i found the Fleet-System really complicated focused on the Management of it. Is it possible to have an combined Hold for all of your ships? Actually you can only acces the one from the main ship. my situation was or is (to explain it) . After the wipe no money but severall ships without guns so its basic cutter action. Basic ships cant be sent to the fleet so if i try to make money with trading i can put unarmed regular ships to the fleet for my trader or use BC with trader in the fleet. in the harbour everyth
  10. Well for me Teleport is ok when it is reworked. for example you cant teleport into a port when a flag is crafted against it. you shouldnt be able to have a way to bypass the screening fleet.
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