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  1. Same to you, lol..trying to explain you this, that nobody cares if you leave or don´t. Quit whining here about "promises" and books. Because nobody cares.
  2. lmao.no comment:) dangerous server this PVE server.
  3. You can´t be serious. lmao.
  4. Keeping XP and rank makes you better player? Why the hell is everyone so upset about it.........
  5. What´s the difference? You can grind hostility from free ports too, no?
  6. You have the largest area of non capturable ports. Want other regions? Gather your fleet and take them.
  7. Finally agreed with you. No need for having skill books with those port bonuses..At least not in the beginning. And ship slots, hell, PVE can be fun too sometimes, especially when you need dabbaloons
  8. Dude i see you only crying about everything..It would be the best you stop playing - Do not flame others - the Moderation team
  9. Very nice one Aquillas
  10. I see you writing only about defending, and it perfectly suits your theory. You should maybe consider that, because you were in probably 5000 port battles.
  11. You don´t get it mate. Drop it quickly before we get a warning here
  12. Lol..That is the whole point omg......Lower the BR, the others will adjust. Increase the BR, the others will adjust. PLAYERS CHOOSE THE SHIPS WITH HIGHEST HP AND MOST FIREPOWER for PBs, ADJUSTING THE FLEET TO BR, not the other way around, and not because of some "diversity".. You don´t get it either
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