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  1. Hello Sir Darby..How do i delete this account? appreciate the help.


  2. Inside the pb? Like, that would solve any problem..You can´t force people to play only because some foreign nation members would be able to join pb on your side. Trouble is much deeper and has begun with forged papers, too many nations, and, have a seat.. "lack of content". People play, get bored, they quit. Glad i could help you.
  3. Small nations can "unite" without alliance too. Why you insist on such mechanic is beyond me. Again, you can repeat this over and over again, but forcing alliances won´t bring players back. Except you. Trouble is, this is not a wish list. "Make an alliance, i will return to the game", is just bollocks and a behavior of an 5 year old, which does not understand that those who left the game prolly will not come back, untilll a miracle happens. And it´s not called alliance.
  4. Maybe they just don´t need you in that nation........
  5. How bizarre....Playing a "hardcore" faction, complaining that another hardcore faction is attacking you..
  6. What happened to this thread.. 1-2 years ago you would see pics of GREAT port battles..Since release only shittalk and random pvp pictures. Reason more not to play this boring game.
  7. Same to you, lol..trying to explain you this, that nobody cares if you leave or don´t. Quit whining here about "promises" and books. Because nobody cares.
  8. lmao.no comment:) dangerous server this PVE server.
  9. Keeping XP and rank makes you better player? Why the hell is everyone so upset about it.........
  10. What´s the difference? You can grind hostility from free ports too, no?
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