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  1. HP matters. Size of cannons and their amount matters. Everything else is secondary since new damage model.
  2. In addition to Massimo´s pic, recently in PZ.. All players disconnected at the same time a some point, except me. Don´t ask me why.
  3. HAVOC has 3 members? Are you sure? You came to GB because of HAVOC, like many others did, just another turncoat among many others... Obsessed? Not at all, thing is they saved GB from being torn apart, and nobody can deny that. Especially not you, you were REDS that time, you have no idea what are you talking about. Whose side? Not yours for sure
  4. If you do organize PBs like those at Caymans BEFORE HAVOC came to GB, you remember those for sure, i am really looking forward to see how many regions GB can hold after release 🙂
  5. Portobelo was a disorganized, badly planned attack. Everyone could see that. This time GB was lucky. Some day GB is not going to have HAVOC to babysit us again and again, keep that in mind. We shall see how we roll without them one day, and will you still be so loud on forum. Keep that in mind pointing fingers on others.
  6. How long till they move to Denmark when HAVOC starts playing .......
  7. Let's keep faction drama out.
  8. Eh? That is the whole point of this suggestion in this thread....Who else determines the rules if not the game mechanics?
  9. So, you don´t want to be allied with some foreign clan, or being able to use their port facilities?
  10. I don´t know what are you talking about.
  11. " Proposed coalitions will have separate starting capitals but will act as allies allowing clan alliances between nations and port usage rights ." Guess you didn´t read the whole suggestion. Besides, Spain will never ally with GB, or Sweden will never ally with France, so what´s the problem?
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