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  1. Isnt it gonna be very easy to screen/defend outside a port when its not deep water? If you gather a frigate fleet to attack a port, can't the defense just gather up a SoL fleet and reck the frigate fleet?
  2. Antihide

    PvP1 Sweden at war with the Dutch

    Them tears be salty
  3. Antihide

    PvP1 Sweden at war with the Dutch

    Condolences to all the families and affected people. I only speak for myself, but I will not participate in any PB due to respect. What happened today is unthinkable and pure evil.
  4. Antihide

    "Reinforced Mast" upgrade is too powerfull

    Since both sides of the pvp can use it, I think its à good option to upgrade
  5. Antihide

    Port battles flag buy timer

    Example: Port timer is between 18:00-20:00 If you wait until 19.59 and then buy the flag. You will grant yourself 1 extra hour that your opponent need to stay and defend the port. Which in the end means that they have to defend the port for a maximum of 3 hours = until 21:00
  6. Antihide

    PvP1 Sweden at war with the Dutch

    Greatly enjoyed all the fights and much respect to the Dutch! May we meet again...
  7. Antihide

    Patch 9.65 - Crew and resource production

    Resource production buildings added – buildings can be built only in national towns"
  8. What if there where more defenders than attackers, just to throw it the other way around. What if the port got reinforcements of people inland etc... It should always be harder to attack and destroy a port than to defend it.
  9. Antihide

    Good place to start?

    Plenty of action, that's exactly what I'm looking for! And the problem from the OP was the lack of action.
  10. Antihide

    Good place to start?

    Yes feel free to join the swedish navy. Plenty of action and enemies in alla directions ????
  11. I wouldn't post anything until there's a official statement, but thats just me There might be more information about this once you get "promoted" to tester and get access to the OW test forum.
  12. Antihide

    Starting Nation Choice Poll

    Sweden! At least in the beta!
  13. Antihide

    Independent Players?

    Does he have to have an answer or solution for the question he asks? Of course not! This is a place to discuss and bring forwards your thoughts about the game and its future. Why are you being so harsh on him for no clear reason? Disagreeing is fine and good for the conversation, but confronting him with questions like "But what's your solution? What is it that you actually want? Or are you just wailing publicly, "woe is the little guy"? Give us a solution to your perceived problem with the game." is not OK Imho.
  14. Antihide

    Cannon & Carronades - Discussions

    Agreed, this will most probably result in a snowball effect, which huge communities/guilds will receive the upper hand of quite fast in the game.Then you can argue against it that this is just what guilds of alliances are for, and that hard working people will afford these more expensive guns. But that will only have an affect in the start, which leads to another effect might be that the later the game is out the more people will ignore the cost and everyone will be able to buy the best guns, as Nathaniel says and will in the end have close to no impact on the choice of guns and everyone will have the longs. There should be pros and cons for each gun so there won't be a superior gun that everyone will have. IMO
  15. Antihide

    We need more 2-3 rates

    agree, I*d love to see some non-converted as well. We could really use some merchants for a change, no doubt that it will come into the game at some point. Soon the better.