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  1. Hej Jag önskar bli medlem i Klanen. I wanna join IKEA. Ha det gott
  2. No BR No balance Its OW pvp and people whant to play safe ? If Iam sailing a const and whant to cap a ship its stupid to go for a santi its natrual to go for another consti or smaler ship Ganking is not a god thing, but if Iam in a surp and a consti start to fight me its ok thats not gangking its a fight I dont understand why this BR/balance Crying are going on,( sorry )
  3. Hej Trevligt, Fenrisulven har jag träffat på Utanför Gustavia. Har noterat namnen, behöver någon hjälp i spelet så säg gärna till brukar hålla mig runt Gustavia. Ha det gött Manne
  4. Like this Midshipman Members Pip 231 posts LocationDirectly over the center of the Earth Posted Today, 11:52 AM I would like to be able to give them simple commands: 1. Follow me. 2. Run away. 3. Don't fire on that ship you fool - I've just captured it! As regards durabilities. The ship I've hired has been sunk many times but the name changes so I've assumed that another gets hired automatically at the original cost. The rest is cool. regards
  5. Hi The game crashed into battle , I tried to log in but could not , I wonder if it was the 10 minutes timer expiring . When my ship was sink it worked . Trinc- 10000 gold rep
  6. Hej Kommendör 1.GR Holm Jag tackar för jobbet du lagt ned på att skapa Nya Sverige Handelsföretag Känner mig intresserad av att ansöka. Det som jag känner för är eskorttjänst, jag är en pvp spelare. Har du tänkt att ha eskortfartyg i handelsföretaget eller köpa in tjänsten? Ha det bra Manne
  7. Sverige (Sweden) be Neutral Nations? Swedish Navy Coat of arms of the Swedish Navy. Founded June 7, 1522 Country Sweden Part of Swedish Armed Forces Garrison/HQ Karlskrona Gothenburg Berga March Flottans paradmarsch by Wagner Anniversaries 9th of July (Battle of Svensksund) Engagements Swedish War of Liberation (1510-23) Count's Feud (1534-36) Russo-Swedish War (1554–57) Nordic Seven Years' War (1563-70) Russo-Swedish War (1590–95) Polish–Swedish War (1600–29) Ingrian War (1610–1617) Kalmar War (1611-13) Thirty Years' War (1630–1648) Torstenson War (1643-45) Second Nordic War (1657-60) Scanian War (1675-79) Great Nordic War (1700-1721) Russo-Swedish War (1741–43) Seven Years' War (1756-1763) Russo-Swedish War (1788–90) First Barbary War (1801–1802) War of the Fourth Coalition (1805–1810) Finnish War (1808–1809) Dano-Swedish War of 1808-1809 Swedish-Norwegian War (1814) Operation Atalanta 2008 – ongoing Cold War 1970 - ? Commanders Current commander Rear Admiral Jan Thörnqvist Insignia Naval Ensign and Jack Naval Ensign 1844–1905 Naval Ensign 1815–1844
  8. Hej Jag tycker detta är en god ide Kommer att tjäna under Svenska Fanan
  9. Mission Impossible: Sweden I want to serve under the Swedish flag
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