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  1. Also, are the exceptional ships say the Yacht and maybe higher tier ship like the Surprise? or actual new ships? Not expecting new ships here. I know how hectic everything is right now for you guys, but just asking to be sure.
  2. I'm planning on picking up my naval career again, for his majesty, as soon as Early Access starts. Hoping I'm still welcome to sail with SLRN members. Although real-life is currently eating up a lot of my sparetime.
  3. Luckily for me, I saw a lot of these ships during Sail 2015 which was last week https://www.sail.nl/2015/schepen-sail-2015/deelnemendetallships
  4. As I said to Mass in a PM. I'm currently doing my graduation-project, which is taking away all my time.
  5. Looks like a good start, what plans are you using? Also, Mirones advice is good. You should make a seperate keel.
  6. Small update, work is progressing rather slowly: Redid the stern:
  7. When contacting Game-Labs again, I shall propose the poll for naming her.
  8. I kinda like this actually. So repair is a resource and once you run out, you're in trouble. I'd like to iterate on it and say that your ship can be faster, if you take less resources (in this case repair resources). The trade-off being of course that, if you do need repairs, you probably don't have enough. I'd like to see the same for Food, Ammo and Trade. Maybe when you are in a port, you can decide how much you want of any of these 3 resources (food, ammo, repair). The amount of any of these, alter your ships speed maneuverability. If you would an explorer you would take: - lots of food
  9. No, I have no name yet. I'm also very new in the naval customs of any other country then Britain. But maybe the NA devs want to decide on the name themselves. However, if they don't mind, a poll would be a cool idea.
  10. @BungeeLemming & Mirones; thank you for this! I'm aware of Chapman and his book 'Architectura Navalis Mercatoria' but it's nevertheless good to always share information. I've also found this site: http://www.sjohistoriska.se/en/Collections/Archives/ChapmanNet/ChapmanNet/Drawings/?pressimagepage=5 But it's still hard to find out how the smaller details were shaped, like railings and other small deck details.
  11. General ones, This will be a 'normal' ship. No celebrity ship, so to say. I'm sure these merchantmen were created by the dozen. So a general guideline of deck-layout should exist, I presume.
  12. Dear NA community, I've started work on a new ship. It's a swedish merchantmen. Seeing that there is a high demand for merchant vessels, I'm going in that direction. I've been in contact with Game-Labs and they OK'd it as well. This is where I need help though, It's very hard to find accurate plans for merchantmen. Especially references for upper deck details. If anyone has any useful links, to anything related, to these vessels, that would be a BIG help Currently I'm using this hull plan. It's of swedish design. Current progress:
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