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  1. War? to me it looked like massive port trading, and should be investigated, that also allowed Brits to set timers after retaking them.
  2. Yet you still talk about it?
  3. Speaking of mechanics that need to be changed. You should not be able to pull out your stuff when the port falls, not have grace until next downtime
  4. Nerf pirates! let them only sail cutters and have no ports! Free Victory every day to every British player to simulate the grand British fleet!
  5. I like PVP, but this will drive a lot of people out of the game. Not to mention that now there is even less point in holding many ports
  6. With todays patch? Let the ganking games begin!
  7. Trinc now turns like a whale. Conni have more firepower than 3rd rate up close
  8. After the last patch, it is one of the best ships in the game.
  9. Why would i claim it to bee a EU server if it would not be called a EU server? Logic much? Whole timer mechanic is crap tbh and should be replaced with something else
  10. You don't understand how there arrogant British players think. Everything is Pirates or Russians fault ! and Pirates are all Russians anyway!!! Well, maybe you do as you spend here...your face and your palm must be hurting by now...
  11. Too many ports are placed on US time zones, so that they can't be attacked. It is a EU server after all
  12. and every single one of them is from whiny British babies who can't stand to lose
  13. Renmoee and Surprise have different sail configurations With all guns fitted and same mods, Santisima goes 10kn and Vic 9.5ish at perfect wind, as soon as you sail at anything but perfect, victory becomes faster. The closer you get to the wind, the bigger is the difference become.
  14. Weight of the guns play no role here, it is the speed/wind curve that is broken and needs to be looked into. Santisima got bigger sails (and same type/model) than Victory and at perfect wind does go slightly faster. However the speed loss at other wind angles compared to Victory does not make sense.
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