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  1. War? to me it looked like massive port trading, and should be investigated, that also allowed Brits to set timers after retaking them.
  2. Speaking of mechanics that need to be changed. You should not be able to pull out your stuff when the port falls, not have grace until next downtime
  3. Nerf pirates! let them only sail cutters and have no ports! Free Victory every day to every British player to simulate the grand British fleet!
  4. Why would i claim it to bee a EU server if it would not be called a EU server? Logic much? Whole timer mechanic is crap tbh and should be replaced with something else
  5. You don't understand how there arrogant British players think. Everything is Pirates or Russians fault ! and Pirates are all Russians anyway!!! Well, maybe you do as you spend here...your face and your palm must be hurting by now...
  6. Too many ports are placed on US time zones, so that they can't be attacked. It is a EU server after all
  7. and every single one of them is from whiny British babies who can't stand to lose
  8. I saw the both conversations in the pirate chat, that the FTS troll posted small screenshots off, and they are taken out of contexts and used to try and get some one else banned. I think the OP deserve a punishment for trying to trick Devs into punishing some one else by posting fabricated lies.
  9. Hunting player traders is even worse, since they can destroy the cargo in ow and it is literally impossible to catch a crafted and upgraded trader cutter/lynx. Even if you do catch one and he didn't destroy the cargo, the time you spend doing it would have been more profitable doing pve, as resource prices are plummeting and no one sailing with really good cargo, they just TP
  10. With the increase in gold reward for PVEing and player made buildings, it no longer makes sense to hunt the NPC traders. You are better off doing some missions/pve fleets and buying the resources.
  11. Give Pirates an actual ability to attack other pirates, instead of the joke system we have now.
  12. They serve no purpose but being bases for gank squads that you can do little about, because they just dock up.
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