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  1. Today a carrier pigeon from Gustavia dropped the magnificent news that the king of Sweden, Gustavus Adolphus has reappeared. Sweden is united and stronger than ever before. May our enemies crumble in dust! Your humble servants are ready to follow your command and deliver the final blow to our adversaries. Hail to his majesty the king Gustavus Adolphus! Jacob Bagge Officer Kungliga Flottan (KF) Behind enemy lines somewhere in Dutch territory
  2. Congratulations to the Dutch for a good defense of Pampatar today! We are delighted the fighting spirit seems to have returned. I herd a rumor that lot´s of Dutch joined the Pirates last couple of days. Is this true?
  3. I think this liittle war Sweden and the Dutch has is pretty ideal for both countries. There is very low risk of a steam roll and everyone is fighting like gentlemen. Good for the game and the player base. It saddens me to see that England is steam rolling Spain to be honest. What is the fun in that?
  4. The massacre of St George´s For the fourth day in a row the Dutch attempted to take St George back that they lost Thursday last week. The Dutch tried a new aggressive tactic trying to break our lines dividing up in two lines of good order. The battle soon turned in to a slaughter of never before seen proportions. The entire Dutch Fleet of 25 ships was sunk. Sweden had launched the Victory that was captured last week in the attack of St George. We did not want to spend the repair cost on the old hulk so she entered battle in a sorry state and was sunk in the end. The Dutch displayed admirable courage in the battle keeping tight formations and no one attempted to run. This was an epic victory for Sweden and we are looking forward to more attempts trying to capture St George! Our bank accounts are now full, some of the captains earing 700 000 gold in loot. The slugheter at St George
  5. The Dutch defended Carupano well yesterday. We did smash all the towers but failed to reach 2.0 BR so in the end the Dutch won the fight. It was very close and a fun fight. We noticed Cpt Bubbles is no longer sailing a Belona though and no Victory in sight...
  6. RP off, i think we just want to have fun and the Dutch are fun to fight with. I am sure they think the same. Great battles today, we won some and lost some just like it shouold be.
  7. Yes, great fun and the Dutch is a brave and worthy enemy. I am sure we will see more action tonight. God willing we will prevail.
  8. After several days of Dutch aggression Sweden has declared war. A surprise attack was launched on St George on Thursday evening. The port was quickly captured being largely undefended by the apparently surprised Dutch navy. The following day several events unfolded. Sweden captured the shallow water port of Galdonas early in the day. This time the Dutch had gathered some forces. They fought bravely but where quickly over run by the superior Swedish forces. Following this Sweden launched another attack on the shallow water port of La Blanquilla. This time the Dutch had time to gather a formidable defense force equal in strength to the Swedish fleet. The Dutch fleet was dispersed and many ships where sunk one by one. The Swedish navy secured victory due to superior organization and tactics. The port was captured after an hour of hard fighting. A counter attack from the Dutch on St George was expected during the evening. Our scouts reported a larger fleet moving from La Orchila to Carupano. The Dutch where gathering a massive fleet in preparation for the attack and where able to position themselves outside the port of St George without any resistance. The Swedish navy was hiding in the port keeping their numbers unknown to the enemy. A French fleet intercepted a few Dutch ships East of the Island. Reports of a Dutch Victory indicated the enemy was throwing everything they had in to the fight. Just before nightfall the Dutch finally launched the attack. Just moments after the port battle started a Swedish counter attack force left St George with orders to destroy and capture any Dutch ships in sight. The port battle of St George was led by a Dutch Victory and the forces where equal in strength. Sweden had a few more ships but the Dutch ships where generally heavier. The main Swedish force with a rumored capital ship of never before seen grandeur remaining in Swedish waters in case there would be a counter attack on ports close to Gustavia. The battle lasted for an hour and the Dutch managed to destroy two towers. Sweden sank several enemy ships and heavily damaged and de-masted the enemy Victory. It was quickly apparent that the Dutch would never succeed in capturing the port. The Swedish fleet commander Dumu gathered the Swedish ships in a highly effective wall of defense that was never close to being penetrated. The Dutch although fighting bravely was completely and utterly defeated and retreated. The strategically located port of St George had been secured, a great day for the nation of Sweden. The Swedish counter attack force was also victorious and engaged a Dutch fleet of twenty ships sinking or capturing all of them. The battle lasted over an hour. To keep the pressure up Sweden initiated another attack, this time on the port of Carupano. This was a bold and aggressive move and given very little time for planning the Swedish navy set sail from St George in the late hours of Friday evening. As expected the Swedish fleet was intercepted about half way between St George and Carupano by a fleet of 25 Dutch ships. The Dutch fleet was mainly consisting of frigates and where quickly slaughtered. The Battle was over in less than 30 minutes sinking the entire Dutch fleet, not a single Swedish ship lost. Exiting the battle the Dutch had gathered a larger fleet of 3rd rates led again by the Dutch Victory. Finally Sweden had the opportunity to fight an equally heavy fleet in open water. The battle was bloody and Sweden quickly secured a decisive victory de-masting and capturing the Victory and Cpt Bubles Belona. Friday the 11th of Mars will be a day to remember for the nation of Sweden. Every major battle fought was victorious. The moral among the Swedish captains are at the highest. Several Swedish clans have gathered to form a new large highly motivated and organized clan , Kunliga Flottan (KF). Kungliga Flottan has been doing fleet maneuvers fine tuning tactics ever since black Friday. Last week’s capture of the pirate port Bahiaa Escosesa and the successful defense of it against a superior Pirate fleet proved the worth of the KF and HRE fleet under the command of commander Dumu. The offence against the Dutch has been a joint operation by The Holy Roman Empire (HRE), KSK and Kungliga Flottan (KF). Sweden stands untied and its empire is expanding! Our enemies are trembling with fear at the sight of the legendary unstoppable Swedish navy! Admiral Jacob Bagge Officer, Kunliga Flottan (KF) St George The slaughter of the Dutch Navy Dutch Victory captured!
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