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  1. Would love to buy a crafted Trincomalee blue or above but so hard to find, have heard the Americans have some but anywho would pay what is needed
  2. Take a look at this nice battle BWITC vs Pirates credit to Mantock https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uo4bzgY-rMw
  3. There should be contraband trade goods that if you sail with them you are a target to everyone but your own countrymen should also be able to attack you but not take the contraband would make it less impossible to sail with
  4. When you get in to Port it's blue and dull, could it be possible to get a background picture of a port or something instead of that blue screen or maybe a green one Should not be the hardest thing to do
  5. To totally forgot about 9pm to 9 am but best to look at forums then
  6. or just some more 4th and 3rd rates that can fill those ranks, there is only one 4th rate way too little, but in the game there are really not many ships
  7. will do as soon as i get my mic back from my girlfriend tomorrow night or there about
  8. ya give us something to plot with this is not navigating at all all you have is a compass dam they had the compass since about 206 BC sooooooo how about we make this realistic and get some tools to work with
  9. yaaaa about that navigating on your own, was doing a mission out from kingston then a storm hit me could not see a god dam thing so i sail after the compass must just have missed the end of the island and was lost for 2,5 fucking hours (had used the teleport) then the next day i was hit by a storm again and this time looking for a mission but fuck no if i found it as those bloody swords are so hard to see in anything but clear weather so i gave up and played again the next day, so really what this dose is fuck you over unless you are a fish or a real navigator from the bloody 18th century
  10. I hope it's not to advanced navigation as that time and you will need alot of time to do that and a correct map of at least where you are and where your going and if you are gonna travel over the atlantic you need to know latitude and longitude and the time differance in hours -1 hour for every 10 degrees you go east, thing that to mush work and not enough fun, so i hope it's not "advanced Navigation" we get but just a bit of navagation as it's no easy thing to navigate and i know
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