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  1. How come - you still have cloaked warp speed to devour victims. The relative sailing top speeds of many ships were too great. However, the nerf may need some rebalancing, some buffs for some mods, for example and I still don't see why a Copper Bottom is not craftable as it is part of a ship and had one of the greatest real world impacts! Other areas for further balance include the crew adjustments which look too severe in some cases, although the logic is ok. Finally the impact of the speed cap on the sailing profiles, effectively widening the best points of sail profile where the cap is exceeded does not feel right although it's more difficult to see a solution without removing the hard cap on speed which in itself would need further balancing of the relative base speed of ships.
  2. Charles is still in retirement but we would welcome him back at any time. The SLRN has fought in hundreds of port battles often 2 or 3 per day. Our victories in fully contested battles far outnumber defeats by a large margin. Every nation learns from it defeats and indeed the Danes became our best opponents, many good battles were had and their Aves win had followed a long list of previous Aves and other British victories. I have the medal! The SLRN remains a nationally focussed British clan and we possess more line ships relative to our player base than any current Brit clan. We build and provide port battle ships for all our players if that is what they want to do. We also participate in hostility raising, screening and other national operations and we also provide ships appropriate for the task. If you want to help the nation - PvP patrols, commerce raiding, hostility, screening operations, crafting or trading please join. If you want to sail Line Ships and Agamemnon's and use them in port battles in the British nation we welcome your application for membership. There is and never will be any chance the SLRN will not be a British clan! FAdm
  3. Warp speed cloaked ganks. How is it fair to a victim to find a ship parked just behind or alongside which you cannot ever see approach you in the OW? This is just silly. Perhaps we need an in game system to research to it such as a; fusion drive - teleport - warp speed - cloak knowledge tree. Missile cruisers, nuclear subs and aircraft carriers next? I always respected the argument that the revenge fleet gank was a problem but it was symmetrical with the invisibility gank. Most of the advocates of the change just wanted a get out of jail free card which now means they can line up the next victim in a mega enhanced way. What about a new notification for the presence of an invisible ship - "Klingons off the starboard bow - deploy the techyon beam and photon torpedoes Capt" Please - the battle sailing is one of the best features of this game. Surely we can do better than invisible windless speed travel in OW. I don't mind features to enhance game balance but they can't simply amount to a game tool for which there is no defence.
  4. CMs and VMs: Getting rid of Conquest Marks (CMs) is a good thing - it created all sorts of perverse incentives and toxic play. The Victory Marks (VMs) may become a mini but lesser version of the same. It feels like an incentive to seal club weak nations which is not something I want to do or be the victim of. Previously you could build no 3rd to 1st rates without CMs, now you can't build everyone's favourite 3rd rate (Bellona) and much more importantly the shallow ship of choice - the Heavy Rattlesnake. We will see how it works out in a few weeks. Cloaking and warp speed: Helping the prospects of avoiding the revenge fleet is only reasonable when the invisibility gank is also nerfed - the reverse is the case. Now you can hyper cruise away invisible, then hyper cruise up to your next victim whilst invisible, park alongside and gank/join a visible bait ship. Any system that allows an invisible enhanced speed approach is clearly unfair on the victim. The current practice of parking in an instance until the alt spy spots for next victim to which you can now hyper cruise is now much much worse. If a fast instance exit is offered it should not be possible for any ship within visible range at the end of the hyper cruise to be tagged by a ship or fleet exiting invisibility or to join an instance created by a visible ship - meaning there must be a timer after invisibility has finished longer than the join timer for an instance in open world.
  5. My understanding is that its based on the change week to week - not the number of ports held.
  6. I was holding some too - none converted
  7. Good point but only helps when sailing in a group - most victims are not.
  8. Good stuff - looking forward to testing this. Bit concerned speed invisibility will help the invisibility gank more as well as securing revenge fleet avoidance - they needed solving together.Having knowledge grind higher than that needed to rank at higher levels also needs some attention now.
  9. [EXILE] PvPEU Pirate Clan.

    Good on you - enjoy the proper pirates life
  10. Rum and repairs

    The recuperative quality of rum at sea has its role but resurrection rum seems a tad OP - afterall with the quantity involved the recipients would be too drunken to be of much use. Solution: Only percentage of crew can be revived and with each use the proportion falls dramatically - say 50% effective/25% effective etc The principal works with rigging and hull repairs as well - the first uses your stored repair resources most effectively and thereafter it is less and less useful in a given instance. In both cases the return to OW restores the effectiveness of your remaining stores - meaning its still useful to have them or to balance them if you need speed.
  11. No conquest mark reward

    Yes they reported the problem - but they did receive the CMs
  12. No conquest mark reward

    I did use F11 but its fixed itself now
  13. No conquest mark reward

    I know - relogged and rebooted and it arrived
  14. No conquest mark reward

    Recently finished a port battle at Cartagena on 9th July - I was not kicked during the battle as 6 others were but have received no Conquest Mark reward. I have screen shot of attendance.