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  1. I left PvP because I couldn't keep up with crafting/ship build meta with the hours of gaming I had available. I left PvE because there was little to do besides Fleet Missions and Solo Missions and every patch seemed to cater to the PvP crowd. Will I come back for a new UI? No, but I will come back to try out the new mission types. If I stay will depend on how compelling and in-depth they make them.
  2. Come to the PVE server! It's so calm and civilized and you can get enjoyment without the angst and venom of egos colliding.
  3. The PVE and PVP community are at complete odds I can't ever see them "banding together". Until they do away with the ship building meta I don't see anything changing as the time investment is just too steep for any casuals. I gave up on PVP when I realized I just don't have the time to put into the game to be remotely competitive as I would need: 1. To stay current on shipbuilding meta (which ship build + upgrades are considered best for PvP and what suits my playstyle) 2. To stay supplied so if I lose a ship I won't be stuck building/gathering resources for a new one for two weeks or wait
  4. Please dear god yes. Get rid of modules and upgrades of all types. Make wood be the only variation and that's it. Level playing field and it is skill + crafter that makes the difference.
  5. So for a new player with 1 fighting ship and maybe 1 trade ship they are either going to lose at PvP or lose at PvE by that regard. How do you reconcile that? If they get jumped on the way to a PvE mission? With the current system in place the new player could be in a fast ship but easily get outpaced by a PvP built warship with speed mods. If you remove mods altogether or limit them to 1-2 (versus the FORTY-SIX that exist now) then you at least enable a bit more balance and lets ships play their roles a bit better. Diversity in cosmetics + ship type/play style would take over at that poin
  6. So mods only matter on the same skill level meaning.. mods do matter? I also hate to point out your experience as a pretty high skill level PvP player is not emblematic of a new player experience. I do think mods are a problem - certainly not the only one. PvP experience is absolutely learned and the only way to do it is by playing and getting sunk and playing more. I've fought players in PvP and done alright and I've fought players in PvP and lost. The biggest difference I found when losing was the times I didn't feel I learned anything when I got crushed thanks to faster
  7. Certainly a vet vs. noob is going to be an imbalanced fight based purely on experience of player, that's in some ways my point. It is already going to be one sided, adding mods + perks + wood types on top of pure player experience only tips the scales that much further. Does this make for good gameplay for the noob? Or even for the vet? Let me ask you, what does refits/books/slots bring to the table? What do they add gameplay wise beyond speed meta and many other issues? You say you do both PvE and PvP in your ship - what is your ship and what is the breakdown of your build? Would a simp
  8. Problem: As I see it experienced players gaining even more of an edge over new players through ship experience and upgrades/builds. For veteran players it upgrades + mods + builds means a player must have a PvE ship and a PvP ship if they want to do both. If they are on a PvE mission and are jumped they are at a disadvantage or if they want to now PvP they have to sail back and change to their PvP build (how many times have I seen/heard "let me go back to port and get my PvP build..."). Evidence: Two players encounter each other in OW, both of them in say a Lynx. One is brand new and the
  9. Figured it out! In my eagerness to play the game after installing a new SSD i forgot to update my drivers!
  10. Game won't start just gives me error and tells me to send you the logs. Tried starting the automatic error reporter uploader thing and it gave me another error log. Posting first Error log for the game - if you want i can post the other error log as well? crash.dmp error.log report.ini
  11. Honestly there are too many magic moments in this game for me. Part of the reason it's one of my most-played games really. Here are some that I managed to snag screenshots of. Running screen for the battle fleets on their approach to hostile ports. Navigating via map and compass across the Caribbean and still managing to meet my friend mid-ocean. Getting my first glimpse of the Dutch architecture at their capital. My first time getting a stern rake in a PvP port battle. They lined up so beautifully..
  12. I'm just going to drop this here and I imagine it may be somewhat unpopular but it struck me as an interesting thought so what the hell. Given the "allegiance-less" nature of pirates, coupled with the rather disproportionate abilities of pirates regarding alliance/war (they can make/break alliances or agreements as they see fit without adhering to the politics metagame, possibly backdooring someone they had agreements with) I wonder if part of the "pirate problem" is their social unity. They are "flag-less" but still can form clans and for all intents and purposes *act* like a nation. Indeed
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