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  1. It's dynamic in that when a clan runs out of money, several ports go neutral at once. The comment was a little bit facetious.
  2. because they are trying to keep the port during a time when they can defend it for VM's. VM's are the chief reason to own a port, more so than resources, at least for smaller clans.
  3. Rare module components

    GB can build ships in spades though with what is in their safezone (exception being gold/silver, which I already said needs fixed). Cartegena has 1 port that produces it, if it was in a safe zone, I would concede your point, but it's not. The reason the woods were moves was because all but cedar and 2 wo/lo ports were inside safezones, severely limiting access to them. (again, Montego Bay should still produce teak. In fact, none of the islands should produce fir or oak, they should be teak, cedar, and mahogany, and the system set up to produce components out of oak or teak, fir or cedar as avail). but with the upgrade resources, either equal number or more of ports for each are capturable, which means no single nation is able to monopolize access by virtue of a safe zone. Therefore, that any nation may have a single port inside their zone that produces 1 of these materials is a plus for that nation, but not at the expense of another (it's not a zero-sum game in this respect).
  4. Rare module components

    Given the prevalence of teak on the map, I thought that was a mistake (GB is supposed to the be the easiest nation, after all). GB should also have a gold/silver producing port inside their safe zone (closest one is George Town or Les Cayes iirc). But the question isn't really what GB should have, it's why should other nations have certain regional resources in safe-zone ports. I go back to, as long as it is available in an equal or greater number of capturable ports, it doesn't really make a difference game-play wise, and gives some incentive for playing those nations (other than just I'm going to be uber l337 playing hard-mode nation x).
  5. Rare module components

    Every resource afaik can be gotten in a capturable port. Greitje can be gotten in Oranjestad; French Sail Cloth in La Navasse and St. Marys; Swedish Carpenters in Saint John's, Sinamaica, The Settlement, Amelienborg, and Island Harbour.
  6. Port Timer Costs are killing smaller clans. GB clan lost a bunch of ports in the bahamas due to running out of money. At least 1 dutch clan is at risk of the same thing happening. It's great that the map gets more dynamic, but having timer/port cost not scale to the port profitability means that smaller clans taking smaller ports can't hold those ports because they can't afford the timer cost and don't have the round-the-clock membership to defend in their off time, which then means the clan loses the ports and thus the associated victory mark(s) and is in the same situation as before when the VM's only when to the top 3 nations...... Either make the costs of a port/timers scale to the "value" of the port, or revert back to something more manageable.
  7. How do you figure? Crafting mats can sell at 200-300% markup without issue, some even higher than that (WO, Cedar for example). I don't know anyone that sells their mats at only a 25% markup.......
  8. Ok, so question for anyone that wants to crunch the numbers. 1 round of hull repairs should repair approximately 25% of your HP (so let's use 10000 side armour for round numbers, would be 2500 per side). Master Carpenters adds 5.5% (refit) Carpenter Combat Reports adds 3.5% (book) Expert Carpenters adds 2.0% Steel Tool-box (1-3) adds 2.o% Expert Carpenter (Perk) adds 5.0% Total added is 18%. For the sake of argument (and best case) this means I can now repair 43% of my side (4300) per round, correct? What combination can I put together (modules, books, and perks) to get to ~70% per round? Is this possible? Should it be possible?
  9. I am not a great PvPer by any stretch, but I consider myself darn good with a prince. Even on best point for a buc, unless it is a speed build, even a T/WO prince will be able to keep up with it. With 3, you can pretty much guaranteed at least one will be able to stay alongside during maneuvers. It would take a coordinated and skilled set of Prince captains to pull it off, but it is feasible that good players sailing the Princes could sink an average player in a Buc. That said, there isn't a lot of room for error on the part of the Princes, so the likelihood of this being the outcome is rather small (1 Prince misjudges a turn and gets a broadside from the buc =game over). I don't think we should be worrying about designing the game for the exceptions (which this seems to be), they are what makes the game fun to play. Keep in mind that as far as 6th rates go, the prince is fairly weak in terms of both armour and broadside weight. It relies heavily on maneuvering and speed, especially upwind, to control the battle. Broadside to broadside any of the other 6th rates will likely kill it (except the regular and trader's brig, if you lose to one of those, git gud). The Snow and HR are especially difficult opponents (the former due to primarily to better turn radius, the latter due to better armour and firepower). Against bigger ships, the Prince starts getting outclassed once you get above a Surprise (it is a great cerb and surprise killer in the right hands), mainly due to the reduced margin of error downwind (slow speed, little armour in a square riggers best points of sail), but once you start getting big enough (slow 3rd's and up), the prince can keep up and as long as they can avoid boarding, is able to pull off some incredible feats.
  10. Tagger, Chaser

    What is wrong with Surprise's 4?
  11. One thing I like about WWIIOL: you could be losing the map and still have fun because unless you were HC, you just logged in and shot things. You played against yourself (what is my longest kill streak, can I break it?), you played against others (leaderboard that is), you got to kill developers (always nice when the devs play their own game and make themselves stand out so that people can target them), and you still had special events that had massive participation (D-Day event each year, for example). And the uber l33t players were just another avatar across from you, when you saw you killed them you got on global and bragged like no tomorrow, and when the killed you you got on global and cursed their name (in a light-hearted way). To me, it was (still is, although I don't have a sub atm), a wonderfully pure and simple PvP MMO format that offers RvR (and some PvE) without artificially forcing players into any of it.
  12. This, although I will add they should have meaning to the larger game.
  13. Bank

    yea, gold is stupid easy to get in this game (and also super difficult to keep once you get into bigger toys :D). There are trade routes that can clear 5 million in an hour with very little risk.
  14. Clan/Warehouse Management

    Yay! Explain "fleet or organization". Do you mean clan? Or do you mean just participate in battle groups? Not good for smaller clans. (Unless I am missing something that is not explained here) Yay! Not all clans want to be big and powerful, some just want to excel at a niche they carve out for themselves, and want to recruit like-minded players. Logs are so easy to implement on the backend though, and a static, daily log would also be fairly easy to implement in the UI as well. What do you use for your db language? I'm sure there is a player (I know I am one), who would be happy to contribute this function to your code base. All one would need is knowledge of the database structure (wouldn't even need to access to the data itself) and, of course, how it is connected to the game code. This is a really cheap feature that would give a rather large ROI.
  15. the way to get a PB from a RvR players POV

    Disclaimer: I want RvR, but I'm not a hardcore PvP player. RvR shouldn't be a "class" of play, it should be the overall purpose of all other "classes" of play. Therein lies my biggest problem with the way it is currently implemented in the game. I want my PvE to help my nation in RvR. I want my PvP to help my nation in RvR. I want to help take ports, but don't really enjoy port battles. There isn't an RvR mechanic for this. Also, completely different tack here, but this also puzzles the hell out of me: The devs built nations for RvR (stay with me here, it's going somewhere), not clans. They seem to not want to give RvR/Diplomacy tools to the clans, or allow alliances to be organically developed between nations or individual clans in different nations. Yet they also make clans take and own ports (not nations, even though the port flies a nations flag), they make clans pay for ports, and you cannot attack or defend a port unless your clan is on a mutual friends list (even though you are in the same nation). So the end result is that RvR is only superficially tied to nations but is constricted by a lack of clan-based RvR mechanics/tools. There needs to be a commitment to one or the other, as the current implementation is just maddening on all fronts. My vote is, of course, to make them clan-centered and have the "nations" arise from clan alliances, not the other way around.