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  1. @GrubbyZebra yep, Basic Cutter going into rank 7 mission. @Ink installing the 2013 redistributable did the trick - both mission instances and chat work now, thanks a lot!! Marking it as solved. Thanks to @Hands and @GrubbyZebra for the recommendations and sanity checks as well, they were useful nevertheless. @Ink, I would recommend to bundle the necessary redistributables (I have seen other games do it and it is quite convenient) with the installation or at least display a message on the game's start the way it is done with the 2017 redistributable. That might save other players
  2. Tried all three suggestions: 1) Verified file integrity through Steam multiple times. Also tried reinstallation multiple times. 2) 3) Cleared up the %appdata% Game-Labs folder and the suggested registry entries. Neither the issue of not being able to join mission battles nor the chat tabs missing issue was fixed. Also, just to make sure: in terms of external dependencies, I only need the C++ 2015-2019 redistributables, correct? Do I need only the x64 bundle or both x86 and x64? In any case, I also tried with both installed but I noticed that only the x64 is needed to at lea
  3. @Hands yes I did. Also worth noting that when I click on other markers (like port battles taking place in the open world between players, right outside Port Royal) works fine. I even entered one such instance to test it. But I still cannot join missions I take from ports (tried multiple ones).
  4. New player here. I finished the exams, then grabbed my first easy kill mission from Port Royal. I go to the spot with the crossed swords and nothing happens. I saw in youtube videos that I am supposed to get a prompt to enter the battle but I do not. Am I missing something? I assume this is also an easy question for the help chat channel in game, but I noticed that my chat does not work either. I cannot add any chat channel, and cannot input any text. I am either missing something obvious to the vets or I stumbled on a bug. Any info/advice is welcome. Thanks.
  5. tzervo

    Typo in rewards

    Typo in rewards from finishing the exams: "You have passed the first Lieutenant exams. Rewards Recevied" ... Recevied should be Received. Not a biggie but also easy to fix :)
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