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    Bring boarding to a new level

    It's whatever the devs want it to be, just thought as a base idea.
  2. Dibbler

    Bring boarding to a new level

    What about...... In order to pull you have to allocate crew to cast grapples ( from gunnery or wherever), defending crew allocated work to cut ropes/break pull. Perhaps work it into boarding prep so more effort to grapple/cut ropes used means lower prep at start of battle adjusted by crew sizes of ships. This way bigger ships with more crew can cut away ropes faster than smaller crew can grapple. Perhaps this would be a better way as a base idea?
  3. Dibbler

    AFK fishing guide

    There should be a fishing match
  4. Aye 3.5 knt boarding, all other changes same as far as i know.
  5. Yes Pov. Also has to be something for everyone in a game, reality ofc should be base for things ingame but by the same thinking you wouldn't see so many ships if we went total realism. Don't get me started on mast sniping lol , but isn't easy as it looks, those guys have just practiced and practiced. Has to be game vs reality compromise in all area's, and ofc balance. Nothing wrong with you defending req though, just happy the crew stack bonuses are out of the fantasy area :D. What will all the Hobbits do now, back to being tossed for sport in local taverns .
  6. Dibbler

    New Boarding patch

    True better players cope ok, i remember Raxius killing 9 dutch in his vic who tried to nail him way back lol. When CABAL were dutch and raiding out of great corn and was fast build/board meta.
  7. Dibbler

    New Boarding patch

    Well 4th-1st rates should never sail alone :D, they not got the turnrate to cope. There are things you can do especially against downwind profile ships, upwind ones i have more trouble with though, but can do same but opposite. Just isn't as effective putting stern so have to go with wind to reach it as opposed to upwind vs downwind ship but thats way it is . Or against upwind ship can of course go downwind and try demast with stern guns, and put distance between you if faster build.
  8. Things can't be total realism, and at the same time not total arcade so things have to be represented via balancing. I think 8 knts was to high but at same time 3.5 knts to low :D, perhaps increase by -2 knts and test again perhaps. Determined defender perhaps again go somewhere in middle ground to 10-15%, as in current form is quite poor. Balancing is one of hardest things in any game I think for a dev, as most players will respond according to their viewpoint and playstyle. Although when changes come they seem often to be a sledgehammer change rather than a tweak lol. Maybe devs just trying extremes and see where a good middle ground could be though.
  9. Perhaps an answer for RvR would be to make all newly introduced ships undergo "sea trials" for a period of say 2-3 months so can be fully evaluated. During this time the ship would not be able to take part in National aggressions (port battles) while the impact of ship, tweaking, BR and examination of data is done and adjusted. I just think to totally exclude a ship from RvR would be wrong, but a period of testing before it can enter RvR perhaps would be a good compromise.
  10. Have to agree, changes should be made weighing up all sides and looking at data. You can ask 10 people about the same thing and most probably all answers are different due to point of view. Balance i think must be hardest thing to achieve in any game.
  11. Ahah! So i was right about Hobbit crews all along. Also don't worry, if req is nerfed to far i would support Req also .
  12. Dibbler

    Bring boarding to a new level

    Well he is there firing it . Maybe he is just a crack shot and the guys in history were blind or was at night . First gun he fires though and tests is from around 1800, so maybe bit later. Also was a rifle design i think and not a pure musket which were not as accurate. Also battlefield conditions, cover, smoke etc could explain such low injuries perhaps. Will see if can find earlier gun tests. https://www.quora.com/How-accurate-were-muskets " Tests conducted by various European armies in the 18th c. make this much very clear. The Prussian M-1782 had a 60% hit rate on a target 10 ft long x 6 ft tall at 80 yards. The Charleville was slightly better; the Brown Bess somewhat worse. But these results were under ideal conditions: calm, rested, well-fed soldiers aiming at large targets of known size and range which didn’t return fire. In practice, anywhere from 10–33% of trigger-pulls ended in a misfire, usually due to damp conditions, sloppy loading or because the flints in the soldiers’ locks were dulled from constant firing, thereby producing insufficient sparks to ignite the priming charge. Throw in poor visibility due to smoke, fidgety hands, lack of sleep, dysentery, lack of sufficient calories, and other factors, and commanders reckoned that in combat their men achieved something more like a 10% hit rate overall. " That sounds reasonable from link above, but goes on to say that had been known for 450 shots to kill 1 frenchman lol. So i guess is about battle conditions etc also, damp for misfires, smoke, being under fire and stress etc.
  13. Dibbler

    Bring boarding to a new level

    Vid i posted, that guy seems to be getting an ok accuracy at 125 yds. Is on land and 2 real guns and 1 modern made repro to old specs though, plus modern gunpowder. First gun he tests hits 3/3 at 50 yds, and 2/3 at 80 yds, and is a gun over 200 years old.
  14. As usual in life the answer is probably somewhere in the middle.
  15. No need to remove it now, many have just dropped the perk.
  16. Dibbler

    Bring boarding to a new level

    I have the answer!!!!! https://www.rpsgame.org/ with many thanks to rocko
  17. New boarding is great. Make it so can board at any speed up to max 15.5 knts, just speed difference matters. In fact after ships appear on loading enter battle, just cut the crap and go straight into boarding screen. Cut out that useless stuff like sailing and guns. Tested it and not as bad as i thought but is kinda silly now. If we going to go this path though may as well go the whole way .
  18. Dibbler

    New Boarding patch

    Leave it as it is, it's hillarious . In fact make it so you can board at 15 knts also. Or even further we can just load up battle screen and go instantly to boarding mini game. To be serious though I don't care what changes, is same for everyone.
  19. Dibbler

    Naval Action Meme collection

  20. To be honest you very rarely get boarded when you have more crew anyway, DD was overpowered but now is so diluted is questionable whether i will use. Doesn't matter if you have DD if enough ships tearing you down anyway, delays inevitable unless fast enough build to escape. Personally i won't bother with DD mostly now, but is down to peoples choice and same for all.
  21. Hmm DD is now ok i guess, but no longer worth taking as a perk (like rigging specialist).
  22. Every second monday, except bank holidays.
  23. I think could work, but by making DD now a defunct perk will i think just create crew space/rage board meta. Will see though, perhaps will have whatever effect you were hoping for. For myself though will sit and watch for few days to see effects, all will do i think is make it easier to board people and crew space meta. Which tbh won't improve game for myself, as most engagements will be rock/paper/scissors. Am ok at boarding, have books etc, just will be mindless rageboarding but we have that already with req.
  24. I'll pop on and buy a crew space ship some point and try, but tbh will more sit out and watch for results and see if is what i mentally predict. I think is to try and stop hugging and make sterncamping harder, but will i expect make hugging more common and all battles fought downwind as nobody wants to risk going upwind or god forbid tacking through. Awaits forum reflection and blissfully explore the galaxy. Gl testing, will await the reflection of data.