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  1. I hope we get the update before the players pool are below 600! -- OOOOPS bummer, we are already less than 600 on the game. let me rephrase it, before 400? 200? 50? or maybe when the DEVs are done with ultimate admiral? https://steamcharts.com/app/311310
  2. The only problem is it not like that, all "private" investment did NOT give access to port Bonuses
  3. Port Bonus closed bug: When a clan close a port for investment, all friend clan and "private investors" still loose the port bonus when crafting! This a known bug from before release, NEED TO BE PATCHED ASAP If not, it gives the clan owner an incredible power and its not the way you guys presented it at all.
  4. address the alt problems Make clan creation cost 100k real Change BR for ports change commerce to attract Trader player again make a Capital Zone bigger to protect the noobs Put more fleet of all rank everywhere to be able to grind balance the Freetown between nation find an alliance model and this is only a few topics, AND YOU SAY THE GAME IS READY TO LAUNCH?!
  5. Get the kill when you capture a EP ship, since there is no CB for killsanymore, there is no reason you shouldn't get the kill
  6. A rare footage of the WO and the R4ID in place de la f.... Bastille on their way to hack NA servers again. SHAME ON U
  7. And about 10-15% of the resource loss or investment loss, can you be more specific?
  8. If you enforce an Alliance system, it should be in relation to population%, position on the map in relation to other AND time zone. I'm very positive to the idea of having less nation and forcing a kind of balance, but do it in a way it make it possible for Alliance member to have a fair chance. like the North alliance, man... just nuke the french instead.... It'll be less painful
  9. 2 60k fort have been build in Roseau, clearly visible in OW, but not in battle, they are just not there at all, I allready reported that 2 days ago, still the same, Is it just Roseau or is it the same thing 4 u guys
  10. Just started a battle in front of the brand new 60k fort, happy to be able to test the efficacy, the only problem is it was not there at all, not invisible or camouflaged, nope, just not there. 60.000 invisible stone? 200 silence canons?
  11. 3 days ago, the fort is visible in OW, just not in battle...
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