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  1. "You fully manage the fleets and naval construction programs of the following nations that are available with their historical borders from the Imperialism Era to the Interwar Period (1890-1930+):" >Argentina independence 1816 >Brazil independence 1822 >Ecuador independence 1822 >Venezuela independence 1811 >Chile independence 1810 plus Greece had a navy in 1890, with 3 new ironclad battleships being introduced just one year before the game starts (1889)
  2. Should we expect anything fancy, like a trailer, a video showcasing or at least another dev diary?
  3. thank you for the response! and can't wait to see what you have in store for us.
  4. is the same team that's working on ultimate admiral: age of sail also working on dreadnoughts? cause it's weird that we are getting updates for age of sail but we still don't have a new dev diary nor new images for dreadnoughts.
  5. the discord link doesn't work, also will there be one for dreadnoughts?
  6. new dev diary about land units was released! https://www.aos.ultimateadmiral.com/post/land-units and the new 3d models are amazing btw, simple and yet beautiful. also if you see the video where the unit charges you can see that the units contact with each other during hand the hand combat has been greatly improved from the last time.
  7. We know the time span of dreadnoughts but i was wondering about the time span of this game? plus will we see any of the barbary states in the game or in the campaign? Also are the dev diary supposed to be monthly or will they be at random times.
  8. Great job on making such a nice website, love the awesome design! and i can't wait to start seeing videos!
  9. Reading the descriptions in the new website really makes it sound like the game is a 3d copy of rule the waves, apart from the 3d models and the custom battles what are the new things that we can expect from this game? i also saw that the time period depicted in this game is from 1890-1936 so does that mean that we'll see in the future versions airplanes and aircraft carriers? also, what about units and landings? will you use the new landing mechanics in ultimate admiral:age of sail and apply them here? in rule the wave you could also build Coastal artillery that can be used in
  10. that's just bad marketing, i think they're ready for a broader public since they themselves made an entire website and posted new videos, images and 3 dev diaries for each of the new games. They somehow forgot to announce the 2 new websites and their contents to their fans in the forums or post a link on their twitter/facebook account.
  11. https://www.dreadnoughts.ultimateadmiral.com/blog/ How can a company that makes such great games have the shittiest marketing skills, we literally get 0 info, news or pictures about two games that have been in development for 2 years now? even tho i check this forum twice a week i only stumbled upon this website due to luck. Find a better and more respectful way to address the Developers and owners of this forum or you will lose posting privileges. - H. Darby
  12. great website it's really well made! i'm loving the new pics and info, will the dev diary be monthly, weekly or just erratic?
  13. First off, that was for another game and in another forum (naval action forum). Second, it was posted January the 11th meaning it is 2 months old. And finally, him asking for lines to be translated are not pictures, teasers or any kind of explanation about the game.
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