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  1. will the unicorns have mechs? or will they have to rely on their horns.
  2. this is just a fun thread to see what is the community most weird squeal for ultimate general should be :p. mine are: -a modern day with modern weapons ultimate general (tanks and the whole thing) maybe set in Afghanistan or the middle east to keep it simple. -the Boer war general. - a medieval ultimate general. and most importantly have fun
  3. AegorBlackfyre

    Have you played........

    Graviteam Tactics: Operation Star is one of the best WW2 simulators i have ever seen in my military life, both in terms of realism and strategical decision making. http://store.steampowered.com/app/275290/ especially if you add in the Operation Hooper DLC you get to reenact the Angola civil war. and since working in the army in the morning and then coming home to play strategy games was slowly killing me i started playing small relaxing games like "Species" where you simply watch and affect the evolution of a creature by tweaking temperature or giving it food and stuff (basically i only play that game so i can sit back and relax and not think about the stupid border that's been giving me a headache). btw another question i want to ask is: what's your line of expertise?
  4. AegorBlackfyre

    How Accurate is this Article on ACW Tactics?

    i didn't write this myself it was in the link provided i do not know much of Prussian techniques i was only stating that skirmishers were becoming more and more important in warfare.
  5. AegorBlackfyre

    How Accurate is this Article on ACW Tactics?

    Skirmishers: Frederick was also whining that Austrian light infantrymen sent ahead of their main line were picking off officers and men while taking cover behind trees and terrain features. With an army made in many cases of forcibly recruited men held in bondage only by the threat of severe punishment, Frederick couldn't trust his men to go forward and skirmish. With the prospect of freedom, they might run away and never be seen again. Frederick resisted this change, at least for a while, then embraced it. Other armies developed highly trained and motivated special units of light infantry too. Although skirmishers of the French Revolutionary Wars and Napoleonic times are often stereotyped as ill-trained levies good for nothing more than swarming in dense masses in front of the enemy line, modern historians dispute this. Whenever possible, skirmishers of the era were highly motivated, well trained, and good shots. Their calm, slow, well-aimed fire, combined with artillery, gradually wore down the enemy and un-nerved the survivors before the main attack. i can tell you that this segment is in fact correct, in the Algerian-French war the bulk of our armies wasn't made up of line firing columns but in fact skirmishers who were trained to spot officers/sergeants/lieutenants and shoot them from afar while the french skirmishers were untrained and no match for Algerian Kabyle fighters who are renowned for ferocity and skill in melee combat while the french were mostly poor homeless blokes picked up from various places in Europe to fight in Algeria, this strategy forced the french army to order their officers to stay in the back of their columns and thus being ineffective in leading their troops. my point is that skirmishers can be a big factor in the effectiveness of an enemy force.
  6. AegorBlackfyre

    Wanna hear a joke?

    Reconnaissance, reconnaissance is a joke i spent 6 points to get the unit partial info and i don't, no one should spend their points on reconnaissance since if you do you'll end up like me in Malvern Hill out-gunned and outmanned
  7. AegorBlackfyre

    What's YOUR favorite?

    the only strategy game that isn't arcady looking (keep spamming soldiers on a small map until you overwhelm your opponent or he overwhelms you) this is pure strategy on large map with the option to arm your soldiers as you see fit, this is the kind of strategy game that total war started it with then they made there game lose all of that just to appeal to younger people who only care about the action and the animation. This is why i want to see Ultimate general move to different era's (the medieval era/ WW2/ WW1).
  8. AegorBlackfyre

    Dear Nick Thomadis.

    jesus i've seen some sad acting blokes in my days but this is just pathetic.
  9. AegorBlackfyre

    Game ends abruptly when I am kicked out of steam

    i'm sorry man i thought you were a troll trying to mess with that guy at the end i realized that you might in fact be in the wrong forum.
  10. AegorBlackfyre

    Game ends abruptly when I am kicked out of steam

    are you stupid or simply pretending to be stupid? this isn't an MMO at all since MMO means "Massively multiplayer online" and this game isn't a multiplayer game and btw what servers are you talking about? are you sure you are in the right forum? this is for "ultimate general civil war"
  11. AegorBlackfyre

    Game ends abruptly when I am kicked out of steam

    mate i think the problem is that you shouldn't start your game from the ultimategeneral.exe since it always bugs out (for me) but rather the "SmartSteamLoader.exe" try and run it from there and see what happens.
  12. AegorBlackfyre

    Ultimate General: WW1

    Hello generals, my question is this: do you think this engine could support a WW1 game? basically most wars have been represented in video games but world war 1 is very difficult to pull because of the trench war but then again i would kill to play Ultimate General: WW1.
  13. AegorBlackfyre

    Game ends abruptly when I am kicked out of steam

    this game doesn't need internet connection and it's sure as hell ain't an MMO, must be a different problem.
  14. AegorBlackfyre

    Antietam (Confederate Side)

    Hello i was playing the battle Antietam as a confederate and i lost the battle (duh) but i was really wondering if this result was achieved in real life would the confederate be able to win the war? i mean in the real battle the union casualties were 12,410 while the confederates casualties were 10,316, so this time the Army of the Potomac took some serious casualties leaving it with only 47 thousand men but one would also argue saying that the Army of Northern Virginia is completely destroyed only 16000 men. so what do you generals think?