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  1. Its an internet slang. And in Naval Action it means that a group of players attack player that are way fewer. You have no case here dude so bugger off. Yes it would help very much, knowing how far you can chase some one is pretty important. To know when to stop so you don't end up in a reinforcement zone.
  2. So you cant get tagged in an enemy reinforcement zone? What game are you playing?
  3. It seems that it is you that needs to learn what the term means... In naval action it is refereed to when a group of players jump a lot fewer, leaving them with no chance to win. And this just shows what a troll you are m8. Your original statement got busted so you decide to argue over the meaning of ganking instead. I´m trying to provide feedback to developers here, take your trolling to another forum.
  4. Except you don´t, not if its an enemy reinforcement zone...
  5. The area around Gustavia is really f*cked up. From Gustavia it streches really far south. But almost directly outside the Gustavia bay (West) its not there. I suspect that it is because there are other ports close. I dont know about the other zones since I cant see them.
  6. Bring back Paint

  7. Bring back Paint

    Good to hear, the sooner the better in my opinion.
  8. Gank build? really? I clearly stated that I was hunting alone... These zones can be used, as it is now, to lure enemy players in to the reinforcement zone with no indication what so ever that they are in them. This is not the purpose or intent of these zones (as far as I´m aware). These zones is to protect new players and PVE players around the capitals, not to give them an unspecified, irregular invisible area of instant win.
  9. If you take Gustavia as an example, we barely get reinforcement out to the small island just outside the port. So it is really inconsistent with these zones.
  10. That is not what I´m referring to here. Ill give you an example. I´m out hunting in my surprise alone. I spot a lonely indiaman doing some trade away from the capital. I start to follow him and slowly catch up. After a while I´m in a position to tag him and he appears to be far enough away from the capital. The battle starts. He is in the reinforcement zone and presses the Support button. Suddenly two 1st rates appear and blast me to pieces. Does this sound fun to you? or fair? All I want is an indication of some sorts that the enemy will get reinforcement. It can be in the tag message if so needed.
  11. So you are saying that some players would not call reinforcement if they got the chance? BAH... And I´m not after camping the capitals or attacking new players. I just wanna know how far I can chase an enemy, where I can or cannot hunt. Take the Danes for example: I must avoid such a big area just because its unclear were the reinforcement circle is.
  12. What's next for Naval Action?

    Ship/port customisation Reintroduce paints Naming ships More ship customisation (sails, bow figure etc) Some sort of port customisation (?) Clan Flags/Insignias to be visible on ships and/or ports. Clan Mechanics Flag/Insignias Clan buildings (workshop, shipyard etc.) Clan docks. More clan ranks (Trader, crafter etc.) Clan warehouse logs More diverse missions (escort mission, reinforcement mission) (PVE) Simple bounty system. Port UI Player trade missions
  13. I love this patch and its fantastic to see the player population this high again! @admin are there any plans on marking the enemy reinforcement zones? It is impossible to go hunting in enemy waters because you don't know where their reinforcement zone ends.
  14. Sweden declares war on France

    Hozzah! Lets take the hookers from the frogs!