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  1. Regarding "special trim"

    Hello! I have an idea regarding these new "special trims" on crafted ships. Right now these special rewards are given at random to crafted ships, and it can also get more perm upgrade slots. How about if these new special trims were given by special ports but the random number of upgrade slots would remain RNG? For example: If you build a ship in Jeremie, it gets a random chance for more perm upgrade slots but it will get agile. Agile ships will always be from Jeremie. The benefits of this would be: * More reasons for holding ports. * Would create more high value target ports like ex. Cartahena. * Would move ship crafters away from the capital and safezones. * Would create more traders moving around OW. Ideas? Suggestions?
  2. Simplify crafting for easier ship access

    I think that buy contracts for ships is a better way to go.
  3. As this is no longer such a big problem it dosent matter. And it wasn't about prussia, poland or russia. It was about small nations not having a chance...
  4. Thank you for listening! This solves the problem and is a really nice solution. Well done!
  5. Ah yes, 2 years from now Prussian players will be rewarded with a Victory mark, huzzah
  6. And what will happen after these 3 months? All will be fine and dandy? The problem will be solved? No, the problem will remain.
  7. Lets take Prussia as an example here. Even if all nations on the server group together and push Sweden (the current conquest leader) all the way to the bottom, Prussia would still be no where near to getting victory marks. Lets say that GB becomes the next conquest leader and all the nations group together and push them to the bottom. Lets say that Sweden takes some ports off GB and surpasses Prussia on the leader board again. Now lets say Russia is the leader... How in the world will Prussia ever get a victory mark? If you can explain this to me, all will be grand. Disclaimer: No real correlation to any nations in the game and I´m not trying to be offensive to any one nation
  8. Wow, I have never seen someone contradict himself so fast! We are thinking about the future of this game so in 2 months this will be a problem (as you claimed)
  9. We all want the exact same thing here! Good RVR. We are saying that we think these changes will not lead to good RVR, we have tried a system like this before and it did not work well and this new system is even worse than before! We love this game and we are scared that the new rules regarding Victory marks will make it impossible for nations to get access to the tools necessary for RVR! And if you want players to organize and fight, give them the proper tools to do so and not just restrict there access to vital RVR tools! Organizing is a nightmare because there are no tools in the game to do so. Correction: Little tools to do so. Please explain in great detail how one of the smaller nations will ever win the map and get victory marks?
  10. And once again admin decides to not answer any important question or concern, but to answer nonsense. @admin You have seriously angered your player base and this is one of those times where you have to do something about it and not just ignore.
  11. And if you think that mitochondria is not the powerhouse of the cell than I have news for you, friend. See? I can also take statements that you have not made and correct them.
  12. If you think that ships just sailed in a straight line, exchanging broadsides to each other then I have news for you friend.
  13. Hello Devs and Captains! With the pending changes to victory marks (no longer convertible) I believe that the conquest competition has to be changed, to avoid past problems. With these changes, small nations will become weaker and weaker by every passing week, while the big RVR nations will become stronger. The conquest game itself has moved from a national game to a clan based game. So why is the rewards still based on the nation? My suggestions is to make victory marks a clan commodity instead of how they work now. (Numbers and values are suggestions and can be changed.) This suggestion is outside the competition itself. If a clan holds 1 to 3 ports they will get 1 victory mark. 2-5 ports: 2 victory marks etc etc etc... These victory marks will go to the clan warehouse instead of to the players. And for the conquest competition: The national conquest competition remains, but also awards the top 3 nations. Victory marks are once again rewarded to all clans (excludes the clans created during that weeks competition, to avoid abuse) of the winning nation. Clans in the 1st place nation receives 3 victory marks. Clans in the 2nd place nation receives 2 victory marks. Clans in the 3rd place nation receives 1 victory mark. These victory marks will go to the clan warehouse instead of to the players. With my suggestion, every clan will have access to victory marks (if they hold a port). This also gives another reason for owning ports, even ports that provide no tax income. This will assure that small nations can still do RVR and have access to the perks that victory marks brings. Please leave opinions and suggestions.