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  1. St. Pavel or Bucentaure

    i chosen bucentaure. Can anyone tell me what is this house on poop deck?
  2. If a clan has a warehouse in port that it did not originaly belong too their nation do they lose everything and will we lose our ships or it would be just map reset?
  3. St. Pavel or Bucentaure

    So St pavel is better in real action but bucentaure wins on paper?
  4. St. Pavel or Bucentaure

    so its like la ocean vs Santisima ?
  5. St. Pavel or Bucentaure

    Greetings, Witch of these ship is better on paper Bucentaure wins it but does St pavel has any advantage or is Bucentaure clear winner?
  6. Attack own Nation (Spies)

    Rediii scout in basic cutter is a whole diffrent thing at least you can do something about him while spy is imune too anything only thing you can do is piss him off until he quits, but this is close too being banned for bad behavior.
  7. Spy-Eye alt

    OP you are right. Guys on PvP EU be vary of British player Flynne he may spot for Spanish last time he was seen in Belize. Basicaly he sits outside Belize and acording too him he is fishing. In my case he saw me and my clanmates go too do PvE mission and after 20min when we left the battle Spanish were on top of us only he was here and before the entering the battle no enemys were seen plus he did not helped nor he was attacked.
  8. Wanted: British Patrol Captains

    OP good luck finding British players willing too protect others. In my experience: i got attacked by one pirate without the clan i ask for help and every single brit player that saw me ran into closest port with ship that could beat a pirate and after i said that battle is over there was not a minute everyone went outside. With this kind of mentality its not possible too protect british ports. Ok there are clans that protect their own
  9. New update today or just bug fixes?
  10. if there is too many victory marks they will be cheap