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  1. not sure but defenitly we are getting something
  2. Big ship wreck loot in shallow

    Good luck only way you may get support if loot is so big no ship in game can pick it up
  3. seriously? why do PvE at capitals its simple there you can buy and sell alot of stuff if people split into unused ports hunters will just follow becouse there are so called spys plus in order too get good price on your goods you may need too transport it. People like too play it safe. as for bold text: do not kid yourself it would be intresting for a week then you would be back at capitals
  4. lets face it with this update less players will play the game and devs will have too choose feed the elite few or save the game
  5. Why would they do that only reason for limit is forcing mission runners to go out and to give PvP players ganking targets
  6. simple mission runners cancel missions that have bad locations
  7. Nice update. Reinforcement changes could couse havoc at KPR if raiders were afraid of reinforcements now they may not be afraid at all and actualy attack others in green zone
  8. well its nice idea limited ammo and OW trading/transfer it will force raiders too conserve ammo in fights and for longer periods bring logistics ship with ammo and repairs
  9. ^^or becouse KPR Defense is somewhat effective these days?
  10. as for chain ball: currently its used for tottaly wrong thing in real life chain was used for destroying rigging and smaller masts and not for making holes in sails. it would be better if chain damages rigging and if player uses 100% sails hist mast could break
  11. i do not care about the amount but that now using rig repairs will save you 100%
  12. and add stress for sails so players will use 100% only when really needed
  13. While other guy spams rig repairs? if you went for realism game would be more hardcore but also more intresting and fun, but you are leaving realism