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  1. you already said it yoursel decent herc captain will avoid broadside exchanges and use hercs agility too stay on enemys stern
  2. Lovec1990

    Questions to developers

    10% no its far more non PvP only people are leaving PvP only ones are staying. If devs want that game surivives they need too choose if they want PvP only they need to abandon NA and go NA Legends to me NA was always about recreating age of sails so to have exploration and ability too get really lost is to tempting for me
  3. Lovec1990

    Questions to developers

    PvP only guys are destroying the game they should have their NA Legends and let us who want trading, exploration,PvE and PvP in one package have NA
  4. P2W it would be if ship was that better but in your case 25 PvP marks gets you connie or LGV refit both ships better than herc its just that Herc player knew how too engage bigger ship no p2w here. Case closed
  5. It could be RNG by game every month so it would be intresting and i agree with you on being dictated by group of elite players
  6. Too add if you want too do as you please go pirate but there even other pirates could attack you
  7. Actually if you fly British flag you are loyal to british if new diplomacy prevents you from attacking alied nation its a good thing
  8. This should be implemented or be completly RNG becouse lets face it we are admirals,captains not politicans,diplomats or king/queen it would be intresting
  9. Lovec1990

    Economic model design - Infinite Resources.

    Not really its just devs that cannot decide they want realistic and historical or arcadic game they keep jumping inbetween
  10. Lovec1990

    Economic model design - Infinite Resources.

    and more DLC ships sale
  11. Lovec1990

    Want too buy Santa cecilia

    Still buying Santa Cecilia note or ship on PvP server offering 25mil
  12. Lovec1990

    DLC ships and Crafted ships

    Im just saying main advantage of DLC ship should be that ship is free after cooldown ship should not dominate elite ships of her rate
  13. Lovec1990

    DLC ships and Crafted ships

    No every second if you have marks so only advqntage DLC ship would have its that is free after cooldown
  14. Lovec1990

    DLC ships and Crafted ships

    Im just saying proper 5th rate frigate like hermione would be better DLC ship for testing DLC ship concept while still obtainable by PvP marks. No PvP mark ships should also be special
  15. Lovec1990

    DLC ships and Crafted ships

    Herc is 6th rate only changed too 5th rate after 3 days becouse of buthurt people and this does not make Herc proper 5th rate frigate. Proper 5th rate frigates are other 5th rate frigates but i would stay away from DLC 24pd frigates so hermione,frigate,pfrigate,....