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Found 2 results

  1. I want to apologize in advance for my poor english. Is not my native language but i will do my best. Short introduction: I have one account in the pvp server and one account in the pve server , however 99.9% of the time i play only in the pvp server. The reason behind this is simple. The pve server lacks features and the exciting around the factor we all see in the pvp server. The risk vs reward factor. So i decided to compile 3 simple ideas that could make the pve server a great game. 1- Let's add port battles to the pve server however with different mechanics. In the pve server it would be the faction king ( AI or the devs or it could be the players voting during the week ) that would pick one port per week for each nation to try to capture. Every port battle would always happen at the weekend in a specific hour and would be open for battle for 1 minute. Now what would make this more interesting to the players? To be guaranteed to always have a big battle. To capture or defend a port can be great of course but the idea behind this is to give all players once per week the fun to be part of a big battle if they wish. So how could make it work? Details: - Every port battle would have 20 vs 20 ships battle. - Doens't matter how many players are in each side. The game will always respawn AI ships in the beginning after the first minute so both teams start the battle with a similar BR and 20 ships in each team. - And if a port battle is not between a faction and neutral port but between two factions if there are players in both teams of course it will have pvp but only inside the port battle , not in the OW. 2- Let's add solo and open to all patrol zones where pvp is allowed. Simple as that. There are no pvp in the OW of course but that doens't mean that players are not interested to participate in some pvp engagements just for fun and to win good prizes. 3- Note: This last idea is being updated based on the players feedback in a search to bring a system balanced and fun to all. Let's bring AI agression to the game in a balance manner. So i propose this simple mechanic: - 3 different situations : home waters; open sea ; enemy waters. - In home waters ( 30k range or less from each friendy port ) the player can't be attacked by AI. - In open sea the player can only be attacked by pirates AI. - In enemy waters ( 30k range or less from each enemy port ) the players will always be attacked by that faction AI ships. - Ai ships and fleets will always take into consideration the BR difference to decide if attacks or not the player. - Friendly AI ships near your ship will always join the battle. This will bring more tactical decisions and bigger battles (more fun) to the player when sailing in enemy waters. With this i hope to achieve 3 things. - To give a relax game experience for all the players that wish to play around the home waters. - To give the player some exciting when sailing in the OW but not much. - To give those delivery missions in enemy water or if the player just want to trade in enemy waters a high risk x high reward situation that would bring a fun and exciting gameplay to the players. In conclusion, 3 simple ideas , that i think are easy to implement and i believe that would make the experience in playing the pve server great and amazing fun to all. So i ask the devs and the other members in the forum to share your thoughts about this.
  2. EU PVP Server My main Character Gaizka (Spanish) My alter Asuranceturix (French) The 2nd of June Admin stated clearly in the forums that it is acceptable to ask for the help of characters from other nations to flip a port belonging to your nation. From that day me and some friends have dedicated long hours to rise the lvl of some french alters. At this point only 1 clan in the Spanish faction has most of the conquest marks, and the plan was to allow other clans to get some marks too. (You need marks to have good ships to enter battles to earn more marks. If you dont have the marks, you are out of the wheel) We started fliping an Spanish port (Veracruz) when a player from the spanish faction posted this. (One of the leaders of the big clan who has most of the marks) http://imgur.com/gallery/uvoAU There Ink says clearly that fliping the port with an alter is not legal. We stopped fliping the port at once. But after long hours of work and being convinced during weeks that what we were doing was legal, we fell quite frustrated about it. How is it possible that asking someone else to do it is ok, but doing it yourself is Ilegal? Ban me for traying this if you have to but please explain us (my clan, 3 other spanish clans that were helping to do this and myshelf) how is it possible that doing this is ilegal while doing it with other french character that is not saying openly he is an alter, is Legal. Believe me many people had to work long hours to do this and if it is an exploit it is the hardest way of exploiting a game I have ever seen. At the moment VeraCruz is at 60% after 6 hours fliping it non stop, but we wont keep fliping it untill this situation is clarified. Best regards.
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