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  1. Sinceramente, por todo lo que quieres (que no es poco), que puedes dar a cambio?
  2. greg … stop it. We all know that all these comments of PVP server players are posted here just because they would like a server merge to get more easy cannon fodder. So I guess that PVP players should just leave alone PVE server players in discussing with devs what they deem to be right for their server.
  3. I think their "big plan" begun some years ago with a patch called "the big summer austerity patch" … If I recall correctly it was like June 2017 (or it was July)
  4. maybe, but loki rune and halved dubloons rewards in delivery missions seems to tell a different story I did not know this detail. Very useful to have a correct picture of what happened with the later stages of developing and the launch of this game.
  5. In that game (I have a suspect about which it could be), when you were sunk did you loose the ship forever like in NA or did you just have to wait the end of the battle to jump in a brand new ship and go on? It makes quite a difference
  6. I play on PVP server but I must confess that all that jazz (set up by PVP players) about how good was having loki in PVE server did make no sense. Point is not PVP itself .... point is NON CONSENSUAL PVP. Peace server could allow consensual PVP with no problem on the side of PVE players (I guess). But the reason why devs do not put consensual PVP in peace server it that too many players from war server will transfer there to have fair fights and the population of war server - which, we shall adimit it, is the heaven of unfair fights - would get a heavy hit (which is not what it needs right now). On ther other side, putting non consensual PVP in peace server would have induced quite some PVPers to flock there just to harrass PVE players and peace server would have got a population hit (which would have been a disaster for that server). So basically PVP players advocating for loki rune in PVE server were just supporting a change that would have killed a server where they did not play in, just to have a couple of months of fun clubbing carebears. Devs just made the right choice leaving peace server in peace.
  7. Well, we lost the occasion to learn from PVE server who where the PVP players that - whilst claiming to be mighty sea warriors - are nothing more than either cowards or sadists
  8. Loki rune on PVE is there just to give the worse PVPers the chance to grief someone with low risk. And to piss off (the server) PVE players I smell the development of NA 2 could be put in the pipeline sooner than we expect
  9. actually you could: it's called handicap (like in golf). In example: the higher the PVP kills (or K/D ratio) the more a handicap affects one random ships' stat.
  10. What made it profitable was "chain missioning", which was possible only because in almost every port you found at least a trade mission with doubloons. Now, if they had nerfed just dubs to 500 per mission, it would be all right … but … they also made dubloons delivery missions much less frequent in ports and that's the actual nerfbat since it will stop chain missioning. PS: and yes, this is a stealth buff to the dominating faction and a nerf to the little ones.
  11. Buying DLCs? Or maybe naval action 2 (and I'm not kidding here … think about it twice and you realize why).
  12. This will have a huge impact on the price of high tier ships Also, new players will struggle big time in building any 4th rate and up (not even metioning setting up a level 3 shipyard, which will become almost impossible). Good luck ... you will need it
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