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  1. Still did not you learn the lesson? This change is just a way to oblige people to throw in the toilet all their seasoned wood hard earned ship and re-grind their … off. It has always been that way in this game.
  2. Sinceramente, por todo lo que quieres (que no es poco), que puedes dar a cambio?
  3. In that game (I have a suspect about which it could be), when you were sunk did you loose the ship forever like in NA or did you just have to wait the end of the battle to jump in a brand new ship and go on? It makes quite a difference
  4. actually you could: it's called handicap (like in golf). In example: the higher the PVP kills (or K/D ratio) the more a handicap affects one random ships' stat.
  5. It's wasted time. We have a long record of posts in this forum in which admin tells us that inflation (and not also scarcity, so - basically - too much grind to access things) is the only thing that makes prices high. Not that he actually thinks that (he has a Master in economics AFAIK), rather he knows that he cannot reduce the grind (due to the monetization model based heavily on DLCs) and then he is "obliged" to propose the solution of deflating prices by reducing the avaliable money. Problem is that deflation is usually not an effective way to expand economy in a situation
  6. Nice to hear that you have future projects for a new age of sail MMO
  7. This game was doomed and a lot of old testers saw it coming a long ago. Simply put, the "hardcore" (alias the crapton of hours needed to make just everything) game mechanics (that were set up with the purpose of monetizing hard with DLCs) are not able to keep people engaged, because of the lack of variety of content. The creation of big zerg nations was the direct consequence of too much effort to be put in setting up port bonuses and the high cost of shipyards and other structures plus the choice of devs to wipe at launch. After getting their fingers burned by the wipe at laun
  8. Bueno, contestaste muy pronto aunque no seas interesado. De todas formas, puede ser que tengas razon. Vamos a ver, entonces. Well, you answered very quick for not being interested. Anyway, maybe you are right. Let's just see, then.
  9. Pero quien ha montado la polemica porqué en rusia jugaban demasiados "no rusos" y quien ha abierto los puertos cerca de Vera Cruz para hacer dano a los REDS? Y despues, sin razon aparente, el reverse cierra los puertos que habia abierto y - dentro de unas semanitas - sale una medida que se puede llamar "que todos le den a Vera Cruz". Conspiraciooooooooon! 😁 mucho "hardbore" mas que "hardcore"
  10. Unfortunately NA - since two years - has been developed with the "stick instead of carrot" mindset (and that's maybe why the game struggles in retaining players).
  11. Apostamos dos centavos que la primera capital atacada por los NPCs va a ser Vera Cruz y no New Orleans? Serè malo, però a mi he huele que la medida no es anti rusos, sino contra el gran clan de la faccion rusa donde no juegan los rusos y que pero tiene el mejor puerto del juego (quel al capitan reverse le gustaria tanto tomarselo).
  12. Seria bastante poner el juego como estaba un ano y medio/dos anos atras (crafteo con materiales raros para hacer navios mejores, mas vidas por las fragadas, flag system, aleanzas). Lo que pusieron despues (grindeo tras grindeo y aun mas grindeo, llamado de "hardcore") es lo que ha quitado toda la diversion. Y lo peor es que todo eso fue solo para incentivar los jugadores a comprar sus DLCs. Pues es claro que hay mucha jente que se enfada y se pone a trolear por todo.
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