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  1. I think issue with constitution and indefatigable is that none is standard frigate one is super frigate other is razee. I have no idea why Indefatigable is now 4th rate, but i suspect that Constitution is 3rd rate becouse of her Armor HP. So i would sugest too devs: Lower connies side Armor HP to 12000 and increase thickness too 80.
  2. ideas are intresting but will couse that War server loses population too much becouse PvE server will now have PvP that is consentional so no ganking,...
  3. @admin and @Ink when will temerarie/montañes and wreker be introduced and do you have any pics?
  4. Id only gave her speed and turn rate boost she has weaker armor and firepower compared too Agamemnon so let her be faster and more agile
  5. i like rat just need alittle speed and agility boost
  6. And where is permit @admin @Ink ?
  7. is it? as we found out its equal to agamemnon so your theory fails
  8. true but id like too hear how he performs against aga and other 4th rates
  9. @admin do you think its good idea releasing a DLC ship into game without being propetly tested like requin was?
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