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  1. Lovec1990

    DLC ship questionnaire

    I want DLC Santa Cecilia or Gunboat
  2. As I understand it if you attack GB player in their Green zone players can join your side only in 2 min window while GB side does not have this limit at all
  3. True but still some some of system needs to be devised too prevent crazy prices: example: item is worth 30 reals in shop(NPC seller) but player can only chooses value from 10 to 50 it will fix all crazy prices
  4. Better in sense better choice they are not overperforming
  5. Unlikely main issue is devs give us wrong DLC ships for test i think if we got DLC hermione and DLC LGV refit or even DLC Santa cecilia DLC ships would be far better accepted
  6. Lovec1990

    Cannot progress on War server

    @admin i belive you simply do not understand the issue: 1.)Yes its a war server so PvP most new players are willing too do PvP, but tell me how many will stay and learn to PvP if they are ganked most of the time repeatedly outside capitals still in green zone? 2.) About requin you are simply wrong, becouse most players who are brave enough too visit capitals are skilled enough to understand requins sailling profile and assure they will have an wind advantage not too mention they are speed and boarding fitted. New player will lose battle and your advice will not work at that moment they panic try to call for help advice will not work. 2.)About last part: i perticipated in defense of capitals and it got boring so fast becouse it was uneffective and alot of players joined too protect capitals now these days desire too help is alot lower becouse whats the point of it becouse i lost my will too PvP becouse of this?
  7. Lovec1990

    Vote for Const classic and old one

    besides new one is only half in game its currently harder to get than SC
  8. I disagree you did battle the wrong way and devs rightfuly changed reward system. You were not meant too sink ships but capture them as prize
  9. Lovec1990

    Very Low quality PvP

    PvP sucks i mostly run when attacked or just surrender no point in fighting
  10. - unlikelly -well only thing i remember devs tried for casuals is introduction of DLC ships, but becouse of devs mistake it backfired hard. if you want for admin to respond you need o mention him @admin propetly in post or quote him
  11. Idea is good, but still there needs too be carrots outside this zone so PvE players will not just stay in green zone and grind
  12. I agree, but can servers handle it? I belive tbrigs,tsnows and LGVs should be solo but ai Indiamans should have escort plus also expensive cargo
  13. i agree on this if you sail into green zone any AI combat ship that has visual on you should start to chase you and attack you, but if you leave green zone AI will stop chasing you.For bonus ad ability to AI to join PvP battle in green zone