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  1. ideas are intresting but will couse that War server loses population too much becouse PvE server will now have PvP that is consentional so no ganking,...
  2. PvP flag- i disagree i would rather see it done the same way trade in OW works its more secure less chance of: i forgot too change my flag. PvP Events- we could get events where players face each other in event for example on 21 October we could have Battle of Trafalgar it would be an event so game chooses ship and side for you at the end you get chest for perticipation+bonus for winning. Ai port battles and map reset every few months i approve.
  3. well my record is 10min
  4. I disagree on cannons damage meybe 32pd and bigger cannons should gain some damage buff, becouse Frigate reciving a broadside from SOL should be really devestating and frigate should run from enemy SOL not fight her. I would actualy limit ship speeds so mods and wood choices would not produce overly fast ships that should not be this speeds are my idea so : 7th, 6th 15,5kn 5th rate 14,5kn 4th rate 13,5kn 3rd rate 12,5kn 1st and 2nd 11,5kn
  5. Still i belive connie needs her base speed increased by 0.40kn
  6. I agree with speed buff but her armor HP is alittle too high plus she sits too high in water in my opinion
  7. @admin why L'Hermione instead of Santa Cecilia? Whats the fate of Santa Cecilia after release?
  8. @Hullabaloo so constitution is also top predator?
  9. only bad thing is devs did not fixed L'Hermione now they gonna make her DLC
  10. thanks this just saved me some money was tempted in buying new DLC ship, but both look bad besides we might get Pandora
  11. so devs will just limit caliber of guns and change name to Rattvisan ?
  12. isnt Kronprins Gustaf Adolf inproved wasa class?
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