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  1. Caribbean Post System

    Lol.. I appreciate your concern, but that is not the case. Not burned out, just bored

    Same destiny could hit Russia then too. Aren`t many pirates in REDS ?
  3. Caribbean Post System

    Effort isn`t worth anymore. Takes too much time.
  4. Caribbean Post System

    Nah...Just gonna play less and less Already now logging in just to spend labour hours.
  5. Caribbean Post System

    Sailing time is an issue.Answering to BPHick.
  6. Caribbean Post System

    Really? I may remind you, that after the wipe, you weren`t able to teleport between free ports, or, i might be wrong, not even between own outposts in home waters. Untill "community" started to complain, and again many left the game. Sailing is not the issue, you get everything wrong here.It is the transport of goods.
  7. Caribbean Post System

    "Community" ? I see no community here. By the way, exactly this is the way to lose more players, seen too many leaving game, just because of mechanics that don`t work.
  8. Caribbean Post System

    "We"? Who are "we"? That is not my idea. Read my suggestion. If you want to sail, sail 24/7, i don`t care. Once again, forcing people to sail, won`t make them happy.
  9. Caribbean Post System

    You can`t force people to play this game by time consuming sailing. If you don`t like moving goods between free ports, sail around. And right now, trading makes no sense, and it takes too long. It`s not. Sailing is. A huge issue atm. I need to, because your "arguments" are totally beyond me.
  10. Caribbean Post System

    What is wrong with that? Traders would sail to free ports then, to move the cargo to their home waters.Buy in port,sail to free port, deliver to free port, sail to home port. What is here written that you don`t understand? You really THINK that anyone is enjoying 3-4 hours sailing trips? Are you ahm.. mental? If you want to sail around, for HOURS, sail from port to port i do not care. But do not speak for majority of players who are sick and tired of HOURS of REAL LIFETIME spent in a game, that became a part time job. And then, don`t ask me why numbers never rise. They won`t, and this is one of the reasons.
  11. Caribbean Post System

    I didn`t. Read what i wrote.
  12. Caribbean Post System

    No they aren`t. If you have 450 players online in prime time on EU, there can`t be 200 traders.
  13. Caribbean Post System

    Awww... Please. I am trading and crafting only, and never fight(unless i get attacked). Suddenly you need traders and crafters, but when i am suggesting to cut the average sailing time, then it`s "oh we need such players". Lol.
  14. Caribbean Post System

    Ok...Now this game needs to find few more who are willing to spend their time sailing around for hours, instead doing something else in game.
  15. Caribbean Post System

    I do sail, and it takes too long. That is the problem.