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  1. Patch 12. Caribbean invasion

    YES to PVP marks! Then we can screw the game over again by sailing 2 accounts shooting eachother!!! YAAAY....(sarcasm off)
  2. Server Merge Poll

    YES! Make a new thread with poll
  3. Server Merge Poll

    I am waiting for your solution........ Btw, there are more players on EU than GLOBAL, most Euros are at work or in school right now, so, this might change.
  4. Server Merge Poll

    Oh yeah? What solution that is? Enlighten me.
  5. Server Merge Poll

    Annoyance alert.
  6. Server Merge Poll

    There is no such solution in sight, therefore no need for merge.
  7. Server Merge Poll

    You just don`t get it. You don`t have enough players on GLOBAL, and you want a merge for completely insane reasons. Make restrictions on conquest, timers for example, will solve not 1 issue. Make it without restrictions, it will make it worse. So, there is no need for server merge.
  8. Nerf the Wasa (Poll)

    Well said, agree to all points. Make the ship more expensive,and change the BR. That would do.
  9. Patch 12. Caribbean invasion

    Annoyance alert!
  10. Patch 12. Caribbean invasion

    Now you can shoot sails, and run away.
  11. Still asking myself why is USA represented in this game, but well....
  12. Ahm.. Why do you mix german and english? ...interests of our glorius Nation in der neuen Welt"....
  13. Reinforcement zones

    I have no idea what "slightly" means, but we`ll see it with introduction of new nations. I guess it might happen tomorrow.
  14. Reinforcement zones

    "To compensate for the cost of the tow service the reinforcement zones will be slightly reduced around uncapturable cities, to not cover 70% of the upper antilles. "(quoting admin)
  15. Ok, got it. Thank you for the answer.