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  1. Screening fleets tend to fight each other. Many times I've sat in an empty PB while the screeners outside are having an epic 20 v 20 1st rate battle. Some of my best Naval action battles have been in screening fleets and you can get a ton of PVP marks
  2. I like these changes, anything that increases the likelihood of more balanced battles is worth a try. Probably seen as going against the whole point of the patrols but I see the inability to leave the battle as problematic. Forcing 10 ships to chase down a single enemy just so they can leave seems pointless. I don't really like mechanics that prevent players from doing what they want to do generally, in this case disengaging (leaving the battle) when the odds are hopeless. This might be dissuading people from taking part in the first place. Promoting new players to not be afraid of losing ships is great, but losing your ship when you are hopelessly outnumbered or outgunned (or both) isn't much fun and I wonder if that promotes pvp. New players don't learn much from that other than: 'only sail in big groups'. This leads to another possibility, that patrols seem to me to be the perfect place to experiment with 'free for all' (no red and green you can shoot who you like) battles where you have your own flag and let the battle develop according to player, clan and nation loyalties and dynamics. It might be a bit chaotic but would be fun! Perhaps it could be limited to only one 3rd party or just let it degenerate into a multi-national 'king of the ring' style slugfest? Why the hello kitty not? I'd join that battle.
  3. 1v1 duel?

    I take your point, I don't like rooms, lobbys, patrols, red v green, zones or any of it. I agree that should be left for NAL. It's an openworld game, let people fight in the open world how and when they want (or when they have to) and I suppose an openworld duelling system would run contrary to that. I wonder though if a duelling might be worth the exception because its such fun and such a good test of skill and the current inability to communicate with enemies in the openworld is going to severely limit what for me is the best part of the game.
  4. Allow green on green against other nations.

    Yes, that sounds good. This is a wider issue with trying to introduce game mechanics to get people to play in a certain way. These daft patrols, red v green. I've never understood why players just can't fight each other wherever, whenever and let pvp pan out according to the players, instead of dumb rules restricting what you can and can't do.
  5. 1v1 duel?

    or maybe the duel battle does not close then, but is marked as a duel and players are honor bound not to join or...... fight must be 'to the death'. Players cannot leave until one sinks and if battle ends with both still alive they both sink?
  6. 1v1 duel?

    yeah good point...let me think..... ....... some kind of timer?
  7. 1v1 duel?

    This is needed more than ever now as there is no means to communicate with enemy ships in openworld. There is danger game is going to turn into all out gank fest. 1v1 duels could be negotiated before, but without openworld communication they are difficult to arrange.
  8. 1v1 duel?

    Prob suggested before but....) ability to signal to an enemy ship in the OW and challenge to a 1v1 duel. If they accept and one tags another then then battle starts and instantly closes.
  9. Ships crafting

    some clans have gone into crafting overload and emptied their ware/houses. One guy had over 50 ships for sale all gold and purple, many of them 1st rates, that's daft
  10. Ships crafting

    we will have to wait and see. I crafted a connie and got gold, but it does seem a bit unfair, a 11.00 roll back would be better. The market will be swamped, its better if these ships are rare.
  11. A (hopefully) constructive criticism on Naval Action.

    It is what it is. You can add layers of complexity and detail ad infinitum, but you can only do what resources allow and it is a bloody good game as it is and as admin says, already way beyond what was promised, so I'm not complaining. Having said that though, how much time and resources does it actually take to have an in port wind indicator or narrative driven missions or even a kraken? It seems to me if it's relatively easy to implement, then it might as well be done.
  12. Determined Defender Perk

    IMO its a very powerful perk as it is now. Smaller ships will find it much more difficult to board obviously but they will also find it much more difficult to de-crew. Because of the perk a smaller ship will need to stern camp or rake, but as the bigger ship does not have to worry about boarding until then, he is able to tack the wind as often as he likes, slow to a complete stop, reverse, ram or block to bring them both to a stop. This makes it much more difficult for the smaller ship to de-crew in a 1v1 and also means the bigger ship can more easily bring it's superior firepower to bear. So it's a double blow, the perk means the smaller ship HAS to try and de-crew and the perk makes that more difficult to perform. Also, the smaller ship may well take quite a bit of damage before it discovers it's opponent has the perk in the first place.
  13. Patch 18: BR and Smuggler fix

    Well, more like multiple ships boarding one ship one after the other.
  14. pvp announcement

    "Don't get me wrong there was always ganking" ffs
  15. pvp announcement

    True about the Swede Wappen, I've seen that. Lame, but not against any rules. You are not allowed to accuse unless you have hard evidence, so I won't mention the clan name but members of same regularly have suspicious recurring (pvp farming) kills in Combat News. That's the mentality and we all know it goes on. Don't get me wrong there was always ganking, but there used to be more 1v1 honour duels too and most players didn't get too much satisfaction from sinking ships 5 v 1 (unless you were a defence fleet trying to dissuade hunting in your home waters which was more acceptable I think). Now even good pvp'ers seem to be more likely to gank, I've been 5 v 1'd by really good players who could probably have sunk me on their own anyway. IMO PVP Marks are to blame, there was never any need to encourage PvP. Taking part in PvP and learning to fight was always it's own reward and people wanted fair fights to prove their skills, but when you introduce rewards you introduce incentive to farm kills and that's exactly what's happened. 'Fair' fights still happen but they are becoming few and far between. This is the game now, so I suppose you just have to get wise to it.