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  1. The game crashed during a long battle of the chesapeak, it really ticks me off that i will have to play to this long battle again. I got a crash dump but i have no idea where to send it, any suggestions?
  2. sounds like a good idea, i would like to also have a mission editor and/or map editor to create new maps and missions. now these editors combined with steam workshop would boost this games longevity, and who knows, maybe even add a campaign editor
  3. the way upgrades work id rather not have it that way, more like linked to the skills/experience of the crew
  4. i shot it from every angle, i took that into account. distance as well the average gun was the 9pdr armstrong the ship in the photo was only called 5th rate i cant remember the ships at the time, but yes, at least 1 hermione class, others where just called 5th rate and the rest some 6th rate
  5. i did both, the cannons that shouldnt have a line of sight to the target still fire instead of waiting for an actual proper angle, which leads to several unecessary shots that just get deflected
  6. From my playthrough something that i always found prevalent in naval battles is that the fleet that can board the most always wins, which in turn kinda makes using canons redundant. From what i can say is that if the enemy has 1 or 2 ships of the line (3rd/4th rate lets say) with a high enough crew count then the battle is lost. In the mission "Objects in Motion" the enemy fleet had some two ships that where either 3rd or 4th rate (i cant know for sure) as opposed to my highest being a few 5th rate with a couple 6th rate. I tried outmaneuvering them and attempt to rake them to no eff
  7. While im generally satisfied with the game, i would like to point out some issues i have with it. Friendly Fire: This issue seems to be more prevalent with land units than ships, even though it still happens. my soldiers will fire each other in the back even if i didnt gave them an engage order or even when they are supposed to be moving. Worse yet is when they are side by side with other friendlies they end up teamkilling each other if the enemy is slighlty closer to another unit, instead of not shooting at all. Ship Combat: This issue i have is due to the fact that even though i
  8. i know shots can kill crew, the issue is that it is limited to the actual projectile instead of the subsequent damage. for simplicity sake im gonna keep it at round shot. there have been several occasions where a full penetrating broadside somehow didnt hit a full crew of a ship
  9. i would add that losing officers in battle should influence the chance of the crew to surrender and also decrease the chance of rebellion, in case of the captured crew
  10. During naval battles what i have noticed is that every penetrating shot doesnt really do much to change the tide of battle. What i would like to see added is a "spalling effect" where a penetrating shot could incapacitate some crewman and wound others, with wounded ones still being able to fight but with a penalty to their effectiveness or make them prone to dying should another wounding event happen to them
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