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  1. I'm taking my time seriously. And i will do it, even if we are talking about piece of software. It doesn't mean that i don't play for fun, because im doing it. And in my opinion this is the end of this discussion. I said everything what i wanted. o7
  2. I'll underline it again. Test doesn't mean, that dev should not respect our time in game. And big advantage? I paid for it. Everyone can. Tbh that argument is pointless, cause anybody in every game can say, that other players have big advantage becouse of longer play time.
  3. I know what i bought and i have no problems with fact, that bugs happen. I have problem, that alpha is using for justification for everything. Taking responsibility for these bugs is normal in final product, and in alpha aswell. In my opinion, if we are testing their product, cause its "Alpha", developer should make for us fair environment in which bugs dont decide about (for example) RvR results. In this case they did.
  4. And you are doing it once again. Just saying "Bugs happen", fixing bug and leaving situation. We are punished for your mistake (it is brutal, but it wasn't our fault that this bug happened). Thank you once again for fast reaction, but please, learn how to refund for your fails. We are spending our time in this game, so please respect and don't waste it. o7
  5. The Nightflip

    Skully, you are telling so big bullshit. Firstly, there are no limitations for players because of PB hours. You just dont understand laws about which you are saying. I'll give you an example. US player wants to take part in PB and of course he is able to do it. Btetween 5pm and 10pm server time. Limitation would exist if he wouldnt be able to take part in RvR in order to system which is blocking him, cause he is not from EU. Second thing is Global server. Every player has acces to every in-game mechanic. And now imagine situation, when player from PVE server is telling, that PVE server is illegal, cause this player doesnt have acces to PvP and RvR. Same lie as yours. So please stop this disscusion and enjoy the game, to which you got full accses.
  6. Best RVR clan in games history

    +1 for WHITE
  7. Discussion of the Map (after reset)

    Ok. So you decided to say, that eastern fractions are hard and thats all? And now you are placing us in worse possition than for example GB, and this placing can force some players to change nation, but you are still talking about problems with adapting in new capital. I can comment it only with short "XD". : - )
  8. Teleport to Port Battle

    Pirates surprised us with this teleport, and tbh i would do the same if i were they. But it should be fixed asap :/
  9. Pomoc - pytania i porady

    BR jest stały dla danego okrętu. Jeśli przesiądziesz się na większą jednostkę wtedy twój BR podskoczy.
  10. Pomoc - pytania i porady

    Musisz mieć dokładnie taką ilość dział jaką pokazuje ci w ekwipunku.
  11. Pomoc - pytania i porady

    Ale wciąż gra, która na nasze nieszczęście jest mocno niedopracowana i griefowanie jej altami nie pomaga w przyjemnym odbiorze.
  12. Pomoc - pytania i porady

    Otto, jak cie szanuje jako gracza, tak trochę przegłeś pałkę nie w te stronę co trzeba. Mówimy o grze komptrowej, a nie wywiadzie i kontrwywiadzie służb całego świata. Zaczynam się bać grać w NA w sytuacji, w której strona przeciwna zaczyna wyciągać takie argumenty.
  13. Pomoc - pytania i porady

    Nie, możesz najzwyczajniej w świecie kupić towar w każdym mieście, ale upewnij się, że załadowałeś go na pokład (a nie zostawiłeś w tym porcie). To się zgadza. Najtaniej możesz go tam kupić po cenach systemowych, ale niekoniecznie ten towar musi tam być. Jak jesteś w porcie, to zakłada Craft => Sukar no i wyciągasz z paneliku po prawej stronie (zwróć uwagę, że to też kosztuje).
  14. [SORRY] - PvPEU, PIRACI.

    Nie mam bladego pojęcia gdzie i jak ich złapaliście, ale zazdroszczę :')