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  1. Mikocen

    Patch 25: Open world user interface update.

    Im okay with everything (even with premium ships) without this: I understand that developers need money and game must earn for itself, but why this is not introduced as account progress? I mean, somebody who is fighting a lot doesnt have to pay for ship knowledge slots, so why somebody who is crafting focused must pay for his slots? And ok, i know that even now something like this DLC works through alt accounts, still I dont like this "pay to craft more". As i know many players claimed that they would love to pay for for example paitings, which doesnt impact into gameplay, but are only catching eye thing, so why not introduce this? Thats all from my complains, lets check the rest changes. o7
  2. Mikocen

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    I see many great diplomants but only few RvR players. Maybe lets create "Great diplomacy results" topic?
  3. Mikocen

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    @Havelock Are you our overlord? I didnt know that, tbh i thought that we are fighting eachother in OW whenever we can. Everyday i learn something new about myself xD
  4. Ok, so from my side. Dont call it tutorial, cause its a challange mode. Last two missions (Endurance exam and Final exam) are really difficult and new player will not manage to do them. How do i know it? My friends cousin, who never played naval action, was stacked on demasting exam. When he finally starded Endurance he was really annoyed. After Endurance (which he didnt finish) he just quited. Another thing, ships in normal battle dont behave like in tutorials. They normally dont gain and loose speed so fast (bug?) and their cannons dont penetrate with such big angles. Tutorial should show how normal battle looks like, right now it doesnt :/ All in all, in my opinion last missions were really annoying but worth their reward. Still, there are really bad thing if we call it tutorial. Tutorial should show to new player that game gives a lot of fun, not frustration, right now it shows the second thing.
  5. About cancelling missions. In sweden i had many times situation in which from Gustavia my mission was placed in front of Road (or Spanish) Town (Danish ports). Maybe before making such a thing like limitations in number of cancels firstly repair that? Mission which is 30k from port is not a content, it is waste of player time. And i will repeat that once again, DO NOT TRY force people to do PvP. Dont listen to whining of gankers, even in PvP server player should be able to do something without big risk of being ganked and its my opinion.
  6. Mikocen

    LV NA needs you

    @Lord Vicious Please come back!!!!
  7. Mikocen

    Needed hostility for ports a bit weird

    I like hostility missions
  8. Mikocen

    Marked with the Black Spot - Caribbean

    I will pay 10 PvP Marks for NameTBA and extra 10 if he will be sunk on 04/10/2018 in trader
  9. Mikocen

    1st rates + economy/crafting

    I have no idea what you are trying to say, but Banished is right that 1st rates are really easy to get. One french player called me a no-name, he was probably right and now even no-name like me can rebuild his 1st rate in one hour after loosing it. I think that something is wrong here
  10. Mikocen

    PvP marks should they be scaled

    In my opinion its fine if you get the same amount of PvP marks no matter that you sunk 2nd rate in Frigate or Victory. However i would love to see less PvP marks as a reward if you had for example 2:1 BR advatage or more.
  11. He tagged me, we were defenders : - ( BF sunk all of our battle ships yesterday and we left only with basic cutters : - (
  12. Mikocen

    Operation Octaflip

    So much trash talk in this trash topic
  13. Mikocen

    long term plan

    One day i left swerg. Now i know that i made huge mistake. Game is much harder and less funny. In Swerg i didnt have pvp, so i could make pve without any problems (oh sorry, AI sank me many times (strong enemy) but with huge savezone i could get resources and craft my ships again). And here, in this topic i see this beautyfull map and i know that rediii is 100% right. I want back to my home sweden, I want bring my friends and enemies, i want all of you there! Lets make one big strong nation! Without gankers, with acces to every port you want! We will build home for new players, for veterans, for everyone! Victory marks? No problem. Cartahena tar? NO PROBLEM! Safe trading? NO PROBLEM!!1!!!11!! Lets do it, here and now! Wait there is a problem. With every port under swedish flag i will be not able to do hostility missions. Rediii, ur idea sucks. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
  14. Mikocen

    REDS + VCO Change Nation

    Its not stupid. If everyone will join to one nation it will be the strongest one, so everyone will have victory marks and access to every material!