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  1. REDS + VCO Change Nation

    Its not stupid. If everyone will join to one nation it will be the strongest one, so everyone will have victory marks and access to every material!
  2. REDS + VCO Change Nation

    Im surprised. Do we agree about something? In this case that game should be clan based?
  3. REDS + VCO Change Nation

    Hurray! Once again i can repeat, that nations are one of the biggest problems in this game. After your nation change we will have two swedens, but they will be not able to fight against each other. Maybe i should say thank you? Maybe finally nations would be deleted and true clan wars will appear? Who knows. But for sure we know, that Reds and VCO doesnt care about game health (What Chris claimed weeks ago) and they try to destroy other players fun once again : - )
  4. The Death of a Nation

    Sweden, the only nation which can exploit by sendig suggestions. I think that admin should ban them, cause it cannot be that russia lost a battle : - )
  5. Odd Crutches that Reduce OW Traffic

    Nice. Lets force people to PvP, cause % of gankers want their content. People will leave safezones if there will be something valuable outside. In RvR for example we got special resources like Cartahena Tar so there was a lot of PvP in this area. Your problem is not in safezones, it stays in lack of content. People have no clue why they should leave safezone, so they dont do it. I will surprise you, but not everyone who is doing missions enjoy them. Current content stays on grinding. You must grind ship knowledge, books and gold if you are not a fan of trading. And now somebody will call me a carebear, but seriously, if im going to do missions, i dont do it cause its funny, I do it cause i have to if i want to have ships ready for RvR and PvP, so i dont want to see ganking group inside which will make it even less funny. It really sucks, but it is how game looks like these days.
  6. PvP - opisy walk

    Widzę jad i toksynę, więc aż się wtrącę. Koleżko Darho, byłeś na racie nr. 2, do której w normalnych warunkach belle poul raczej nie ma startu, a boty z któtymi walczyłeś, jakkolwiek liczne, pozostają botami i to z niewielką (praktycznie znikomą) siłą ognia. Nie mam pojęcia jakie błędy popełniłeś, musiały być dość duże, ale przynajmniej zachowaj tą resztkę godności i zamiast wylewać sól na forum uznaj zwycięstwo Otta i wyciągnij z niego lekcję. A, no i Otto takiej dużej przewagi na start nie miał o ile jakąkolwiek przewagę w tej uroczej 5 racie mógł mieć. Tak więc polecam skorzystanie z ps2 w poście Otta, żebyś następnym razem to ty mógł wysłać takiego pięknego screenshota na forum.
  7. Caribbean Invasion News

    So we got zerg against zerg, but one zerg is calling a zerg another zerg. Zergception : - )
  8. [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    Finally you got your win in moreless equal battle, old discussion has ended, Russians proved their strenght. Swedes in retreat, but not for long i belive. I hope that bloody war started today, not ended and we will have a chance to get revange. o7
  9. Exploits that make me done with NA again

    @Christendom From server merge till now we still got ~100 players loose in peak. But #whocaresaboutfacts : - ) Only 35 in average, so who cares. definitely not you.
  10. Duel Rooms, Again...

    @vazco Do you like wasting your time and looking for AI? And taking risk that somebody will gank you? Game shouldnt annoy players, with your tips it does. But I fully agree that it should only work only if both players are in the same port. Duel room was a great option for testing and teaching. The problem with it was that you could teleport your ship with "Send to port" option after duel, but this option doesnt exist in game anymore, so why not implement duel room again? It doesnt give money, exp points, there is nothing what you can gain by it except your own expierence. I would really love to see it once again : -)
  11. Marked with the Black Spot - Caribbean

    Another 1kk for sinking @sveno when he's on Wappen from me : - )
  12. Technical problems and bugs

    https://imgur.com/a/rbSW4 Mission near Gustavia. Crosses were moreless on land, as i think it should be like that
  13. Swedish call to arms

    I have no choice... master : - (

  15. Russian aggressive expension too high

    Yes they didnt and they wont : - )