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  1. ADS!!!!

    Its a pity battles like that don't happen any more lolololol Fake News lol
  2. Not all of them. Just about to do my 2 year review. This will get a strong mention.
  3. Warning not good enough in this case, their accounts should have been reset. Letting them off was weak.
  4. Towing Ships

    I don't see any problem with doing that. I don't see that as a exploit, just more time for fighting. Really dose it matter if a team member sends supplies to outfit a fleet. How is it hurting anyone?
  5. Towing Ships

    When you say exploited, how so?
  6. Towing Ships

    I am sure you could send repairs when towing ships, must be going mad in my old age.
  7. Towing Ships

    Really u can't tow with repairs kits???? Come on fix this please.
  8. I Wish

    Really back to basics I think, if you get tagged you have to fight it out. Start the fight in cannon range no matter tag position. Easy peasy, Just make ships easier to make, then girls might stay and fight and cry every time they lose a ship. U Devs continue of over complicate stuff.
  9. I Wish

    The Carebears would lose their friggin minds if they had to fight and not run away.
  10. So dose that mean we get 2 maintenance today? or just one early long one?
  11. Why even bother, simply just make PvE a single player game ffs, there are enuff care bears as it is.
  12. Ship wipe - coming soon!

    lolololol your life wasted. read the post again m8, you can keep all your parts and everything you collected. Oh Dev's is there still a need for MGN, HGN,LGN's? (notes)
  13. Ship wipe - coming soon!

    Time to fight now GB>US>VD no need to run away any more