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  1. I Wish

    Really back to basics I think, if you get tagged you have to fight it out. Start the fight in cannon range no matter tag position. Easy peasy, Just make ships easier to make, then girls might stay and fight and cry every time they lose a ship. U Devs continue of over complicate stuff.
  2. I Wish

    The Carebears would lose their friggin minds if they had to fight and not run away.
  3. So dose that mean we get 2 maintenance today? or just one early long one?
  4. Why even bother, simply just make PvE a single player game ffs, there are enuff care bears as it is.
  5. Ship wipe - coming soon!

    lolololol your life wasted. read the post again m8, you can keep all your parts and everything you collected. Oh Dev's is there still a need for MGN, HGN,LGN's? (notes)
  6. Ship wipe - coming soon!

    Time to fight now GB>US>VD no need to run away any more
  7. Swedish Selfies on PVP2

    This is what happens when you don't come to the PB's, we come looking for U lol http://steamcommunity.com/id/badbenny/screenshot/97229161701957912
  8. Your the only one here who tells porky pies,, M8 you could not even lie straight in bed.
  9. Well one of two things here, Rian or You are lying which one is it?
  10. And we loved the name Suicide Squad so much, we named our clan that.SS
  11. lolol we are the leadership of the Swedes, so how can we be the rogue element lolol Just another one of the dutch lies
  12. Dutch and Pirates

    I thought the Dutch were a POWERHOUSE lolol
  13. Trying to make excuses is pointless, you did what u did. You push the limits of the game, good for you. But don't try for a sec say that it help us in any way, you where about to sink and should have been out of the battle simple as that.
  14. its a fleet ship because he left crew on it. He did it i front of all of us simple as that. I don't care about him, just using it as an example. My timing was off by 2 secs with screen shot, I do have video of it . I just want the devs to look at these low act practices and but a end to it, by mechanic in the game or insta ban if done in future.