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  1. The player "Sypher8" came into my NPC battle along with 3 Pirates, I could not escape because sypher keep shooting my sails, to give his pirate mates time to close in and kill me. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197968852187/screenshot/916918850613584196 http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197968852187/screenshot/916918850613586325 https://gyazo.com/96ebc440e584df8625234f1825a31d83
  2. You clubbed the seals with ya little gank squad and now u bitching about player numbers on global. Look in the mirror big boy YOU are one of the main reason new ppl stopped playing on global. I completely understand why they left , I would have as well if it had happened to me. What the Pirates did in the past was nothing like what U and your mates have done. At least the Pirates gave the US a choice, which they took in the form of a peace treaty and then they moved on to the the dirty Brits. So don't for one min compare what U do and what the Pirates did in the past. Chalk and Cheese.
  3. Well this is the 1st time it has happened to us as a small nation only in last 2 weeks have we had some new players join. So if that is ok with you that I have my say. Gee thanks ,,,I,
  4. [ comment removed ] I got in PB fine, I saying other ppl in nation could not join. Also alts have nothing to do with it, it funny the alt whingers are the ones with alts in their clan lolol Captain, do not use such terms to address other captains. - The Moderation Team.
  5. Well I amazed you lasted that long, with the state of the game at present. I do however agree with u. I did last a tad bit longer
  6. The Port battle current system needs to be changed to that anyone in nation can join the PB. This clan base system and totaly ruined the OW game IMO and the turn away from a nation based was a mistake. My reason for this is, for example today at a PB players new to the nation and totaly new players could not enter the PB as they did not know they had to be in a clan to get into PB. You might say why did the older player not invite into clan etc etc. Well some ppl join a game and say nothing, ask nothing, stumble around in the dark, by their own choice. As a result a guy who has had the game 2 days has quit the game until release. He could not understand the reason for the clan base PB and I don't blame him. It was unlikely these new players would have made a difference to the result. But sure as shit I would have sunk more ships if it had gone the 1.5 hrs lol But we will not be playing PB's until its changed or fixed. So mega Alliance free Swede ports, have fun fighting ummmm well no one I guess lolol Anyway my 2 cents worth
  7. Its a pity battles like that don't happen any more lolololol Fake News lol
  8. Not all of them. Just about to do my 2 year review. This will get a strong mention.
  9. Warning not good enough in this case, their accounts should have been reset. Letting them off was weak.
  10. I don't see any problem with doing that. I don't see that as a exploit, just more time for fighting. Really dose it matter if a team member sends supplies to outfit a fleet. How is it hurting anyone?
  11. I am sure you could send repairs when towing ships, must be going mad in my old age.
  12. Really u can't tow with repairs kits???? Come on fix this please.
  13. So dose that mean we get 2 maintenance today? or just one early long one?
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