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  1. A stupid idea, it will not have any new player, too difficult
  2. in fact between 1100z and 1400z i had 2 bottles , and now nothing , tks
  3. Jeff

    More interaction between PvP, RvR and trade

    In fact the game is not fair for traders due to the lack of delivery orders .
  4. 150 combat marks for a consti permit and 1500 for a Santi permit !!! Are you crazy ?
  5. I joined this game in january 2016 , it was a great game . Now i think i should leave this stupid world , the game is now a nonsense. all the day sailling for trade or for special event with an empty box , trying to have a great ship , but lost in such a F.... PVE fleet. I don(t like what you have done with this game so .................