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  1. Once again, I, and I alone speak for Sweden. The Leewards and Bovenwinds are Swedish ports and to be perfectly clear, the Danes taking of them were at the urging of Sweden. To France, the Leewards and Bovenwinds are Swedish ports and not of your concern so please drop the issue from this point forward. Furthermore, the Danes are not attacking you and so long as France stays out of Gustav there will not be a war between France and Sweden unless Sweden is provoked into it again by French players like King of Crowns attacking Swedish vessels. So please, I humbly ask you rein King of Crowns in and send him elsewhere. Of course, how you engage in diplomacy is up to you but take it from someone who has negotiated a bilateral treaty in real life, it helps immensely when one person is "empowered" to negotiate a deal. Diplomacy by committee does not work, if you need a case study, look at VD, aka Dutch!
  2. Quite frankly, the French have broken the agreement when King of Crowns attacked 2 Swedish traders in Dane waters today. So whatever the French thought they had is mute at this point.
  3. Do you speak for Spain because I speak for Sweden? If not, there isn't much to discuss is there?
  4. Not sure what agreement you are talking about as Sweden has a verbal agreement. You have our terms so live with it!
  5. Let me make this clear regarding the peace that was reached. First, let it be known that I am speaking for Sweden and Sweden only. Second, Sweden has always opposed the French trading in the capitol of Swedish Gustav and continues to oppose the French trading in the Swedish capitol of Gustav. The reason for this is that France floods the Swedish capitol of Gustav making it impossible for Swedish players to conduct trade in our own capitol. In exchange, all Swedish players will not conduct any trade in the French capitol of Fort Royal. Pretty simple, French does not trade in Gustav and Sweden does not trade in Fort Royal. Third, as part of the peace that was reached, Sweden has no problems with the French trading in any Swedish port excluding the Swedish capitol of Gustav. Sweden has communicated this point to French players on numerous occasions to no avail. The French are free to flood every Swedish port with trade other than the Swedish capitol of Gustav. Finally, France has openly defied the Swedish request by attempting to plant alts in Swedish clans, continues to trade in the capitol of Gustav, and sends armed warships into Swedish waters which is a violation of what Sweden agreed to as part of peace. While Sweden has higher war priorities than France, we are not afraid to continue the war, albeit alone, against France if France does not cease and desist its hostile actions against Sweden and continues to the violate the terms of the Swedish-French peace agreement. THIS IS THE FINAL WARNING! If France does not immediately stop trading in Gustav, if France does not remove its alts from Sweden, and if France does not cease sending warships into Swedish waters, then Sweden will have no choice but to continue its war against France. Sweden awaits France's reply!
  6. Entered 8 minutes after start. GF Flipper and plus! I tacked but couldn't get more than 1.7 knots, wind shift was no help, when it shifted back counterclockwise I got 3 knots but after nearly 45 minutes I made it to 1st cap so me being there was pointless. Oh well, lesson is don't go late on attack or don't go at all. Not sure why U guys didn't enter near city though.
  7. Okay, when did the wind dynamics change in Port Battles? Before today, the port battle wind matched the outside world. I had a port battle today and entered with the wind in my favor at Old Providence. Upon entering, I was in a dead wind and literally could do no more than 1.7 knots. After 20 minutes, the wind changed clockwise for about 15 minutes and the stopped moving. As a side note the defenders did not appear near the city but at a location in the circles with the wind at their most favorable. MODS/DEVS: If you make a change this significant do you think you should post an announcement? At least, I think you should.
  8. 1) Majority request. I sincerely doubt it was a majority request and more like a vocal minority request. The only way it could be considered a "majority request" if all paying members of each server were asked and 51% of the paying members responded in favor of a change. You missed my point entirely which is that there are a select number of posters who are vocal. 2) What We Want. What we want is for the MODS/DEVS to get harder with respect to the vocal minority and simply develop their vision for the game. Unless you can guarantee a "majority request" (51% of paying members on each server which I doubt will ever happen) were made then the MODS/DEVS should offer no comment regarding the complaint by a vocal minority and continue on with their vision for the game. As for me, I am happy with whatever the MODS/DEVS think is appropriate for the game. Quite frankly, I was happy with the 30 minute rule and am disappointed with the 5 minute rule as it eliminated an important tactic in the game small nations employed successfully. I only wish the vocal minority would simply enjoy what they were given and stop scheming and manipulating the MODS/DEVS into making changes that offer advantages to a vocal minority.
  9. I apologize but I am unable to find the announcement that Naval Action (NA) is officially broke. The recent change to minimize port battles is not only absurd but neuters the game. 1) 23 hours playable. We need to recognize the fact that the game is playable 23 hours per day minus roughly one hour for server maintenance. On top of that, port battles can only be set during 18 hours per day because of the five hour non-settable port battle times. Basically, it is immaterial where you live, work hours, and any other excuse, and make no mistake they are excuses, for why you cannot play. The bottom line is the game is playable with or without you 23 hours per day and port battles can be set during only 18 of those hours, period! 2) Port Battle Times. To many complaints are being made about when port battles should occur. Basically, the complainers want it at times for when it is convenient for them to play and offers them a distinct time zone advantage over other players. No other reason exists for why someone would want port battles to be set at certain times. The truth is war, and its simulation, is waged at a time which is inconvenient for the enemy. Only a fool would launch an attack that is inconvenient for them and convenient for the enemy. You don't like a port battle time, too bad, suck it up and employ some strategy to counter what the enemy is doing. 3) Missions. Complaints even exist regarding the aggression that is attainable from missions. The changes made to accommodate these whiners is ridiculous. Admiral missions have been neutered to the point that fleet missions have three enemy ships that range between three 3rd rates to two 1st rates plus a 3rd rate. Successful completion of this type of fleet mission not only lacks a challenge, is boring, but only offers about 4% hostility. Once again, the complainers are looking for an advantage over smaller nations because it takes us much longer to gain a port battle. BOTTOM LINE: These recent changes feed into the perception that the MODS/DEVS favor certain nations. The recent changes, much as the nerfing of war supplies, only harms small nations by making it difficult for them to compete with larger nations. The MODS/DEVS need to become harder and stop catering to the vocal minority. The game is a great game, please continue to develop your vision, and stop making changes to accommodate those looking to gain an advantage by changing the game. Please note that these people do not complain until things do not go their way within the game.
  10. Some Swedish Selfies for you all to enjoy, especially Cordova http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/92725562078725701/A5205653F9FCB5500EB5001BF8DA7F133427C8BB/ http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/92725562078724318/D3F80642DF6F937F80ECBD7D16BBC2562D6D5CF1/ http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/88221962452413980/9D26D221643FC429AC25D309E16A15C59F948255/
  11. Just wondering, was it Q or Ration that recruited OneEyed ROFLMAO
  12. LMAO, notice you said "pretty sure" because you don't know for a fact but hey, being accurate never slowed the racist and ignorant filth from your mouth and fingers! The fact was the deal was made by me acting as the leader of Sweden. Seems some folks just can't accept I am the longest playing active Swede on PVP2 and am treated as the leader of Sweden by the other Swedes. As for Rian, I have Scully and Molder out looking for him, whoever he is. Rumor has it he was trying to move his band of 3 to France where he would hijack a nation he could rule. Oddly enough, I don't think that will go over well with the French but hey, go for it, my fellow Swedes and I fought off three attempted nation hijacks. As for my comments with the Danes, that is between the Danes and I, we don't have any problems about the past, so go ahead and beat a dead horse for all I care. It just makes you look even more like the scum bucket you are. It even takes your mind off the game making you a worse player and Dutch team member than you already are, if that is possible! Do me a favor, be sure to let me know when you plan on teaching me that "lesson" you keep rambling about like someone had beat nails into your brain. In fact, please do it before you get down to one port.
  13. Let me be clear, Van Der Decken is a flat out liar. "Yes, I remember the rat talks. The alliance after that went with Dutch/US and enemy of GB/Swede/Danes/French/rats. We had intended to have port wars with GB, France, and Swedes, however the rogue Swedes got in our face with the Danes and rats. Even with our US alliance, we could not field enough players at the times they were attacking us. So what do you expect a nation to do, but to get more in the alliance to field players for all time zones. As for those who did come Dutch and leave...the timing was bad considering what the Swedes were doing with the rats and Danes. But yes, it was a loss." The Dutch screwed the Swedes! We turned the cheek too many times to preserve the alliance. When we were building aggression in a region, the Dutch showed up and told us, "we are looking to cap some of the new ships and heard this was a good region". A lie as they went on to out do us and take the region claiming later they needed the Mahogony. This went on with GB and US as well. The Dutch then attacked Swedish players on open water. There was never a Dutch/Dane alliance until after GB ran a proxy war against Sweden to help the Dutch and the US just flat out attacked Sweden to help the Dutch. I always tried to maintain an alliance with GB but Cordova is not a man of his word. I brokered a peace between GB and Sweden based on the fact that they not attack the Danes. Despite Cordova's assurance that CKA would not attack the Danes, CKA attacked the Danes within hours on the open seas and within 24 hours got a port battle with the Danes. This broke the alliance and agreement Cordova swore to abide. The problem is two fold! First, GB, US, and the Dutch players are not honorable; some not all! They promise one thing and do another. Second, GB, US, and Dutch players live in some alternate reality and cannot admit the truth. Finally, I have said negative things about my Dane allies (Chailang, Deko, Jam, and all) in the past. I deeply regret my comments and won't make excuses for what I said. Instead, I will take responsibility for them and sincerely hope my Dane allies can see past those things that I said. The Dane palyers should understand it is an honor and privilege to play this game as Swedish players with them as our allies.
  14. Wow, hosted and been to allot of meetings in my time. Every meeting report included a list of attendees. As this only appears to have been attended by the Dutch, and the Pirates were excluded, the DEVS should not conclude this as a unanimous decree and/or decision by the players on PVP2. Please note, one participant reported in global chat immediately after the meeting that this meeting was the biggest one hour waste of his life. Great job on some mental masturbation, not sure what this will achieve for the game but good luck with it anyway.
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