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  1. Make Naval Action more realistic

    How could you ever consider it an arcade game. You basically saying someone can quickly learn and play the game and walk away with it easily. IN NO WAY IS THIS GAME COMPARABLE TO ANY ARCADE GAME EVER MADE.
  2. Make Naval Action more realistic

    Someone doesnt know what RVR is...
  3. Make Naval Action more realistic

    "NO, THIS IS A GAME." - every player that has a life
  4. With the new patch 19 ideas!

    and we have computers and chat... its 2018 and we are playing video games lets not get cute here...
  5. Flags, Ensigns, Banners

    Flags and Banners were used so you can identify who's ship it was... Funny if flags on ships were such a problem in OW you'd think a name would do the trick.
  6. With the new patch 19 ideas!

    For the record Elite dangerous for shows the names of commanders and that game can be compared to NA in some ways.
  7. With the new patch 19 ideas!

    Time to start that kickstarter.
  8. With the new patch 19 ideas!

    Yet again making assumptions, war is not a constant state of the game... Conquest is just part of the game.
  9. With the new patch 19 ideas!

    Wrong. You remember alliances, they removed alliance voting because of the sub factions in each nation. It didn't work simply because every clan can have a different relationship with another clan even in a different nation. Nations police themselves with the current clan whitelist system and because of the voting being removed they are able to manage their own relationships with other nations. Now that has become much more difficult and can be exploited since names have been removed in OW. We cant even tell if they are part of a certain clan. You cant force people to fight but if you piss off the people that work together just to stir the pot what good does that do?
  10. With the new patch 19 ideas!

    We know the devs have favorites and they talk to them, those views get a higher priority over what the majority wants. The majority is always shifting but its there and sadly overruled by a small group of people quite often.
  11. With the new patch 19 ideas!

    Nahh might need a kickstarter to add a new feature... My god we ask for a clan warehouse log and that's too much for a game that clearly has made a profit.
  12. With the new patch 19 ideas!

    And that's you, a majority of the people that play this game are in clans doing group activities. If your so lone wolf you shouldnt know who they are to begin with.
  13. With the new patch 19 ideas!

    We have factions within every nation and we all know alts can be abused more than they could before with the removal of names. You fighting for no names makes no sense if you yourself hate cheesy exploits. Oh and its called a join circle, you pick a side and you join it... do you play the game?
  14. With the new patch 19 ideas!

    Like when good buddies are trying to work together on opposite sides, with planning, and having a laugh while they help each other out in OW.... This isnt possible because of the removal of names, it actually makes this entirely exploitable. Yeah never better... we finally have gameplay loops and things built in that make it a game instead of a job. Loss? Whats that... this is a video game that's why we play it THERE IS NO LOSS. The actions, the "content" and THE PEOPLE make the game, with the removal of names it removes the ability for nations to properly work together. This change was made out of spite and we all know it. If I go into any more details I might be banned...