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  1. Caribbean Invasion News

    Кайт номер 1
  2. Caribbean Invasion News

  3. Timers

  4. Naval Action on Youtube

    Some pre-wipe PBs: http://nicktest.net/pbvideos/lhpb1172017.mp4 http://nicktest.net/pbvideos/lhpb112017.mp4 http://nicktest.net/pbvideos/stjpb112017.mp4 http://nicktest.net/pbvideos/wwpb1182017.mp4
  5. Ports segregations due to time zone players

    Since its by your choice and control your not ostracized. Join a nation that can sustain a force at all hours or don't.
  6. Anything New comming?

    @admin Just give us a tease that's all! Lets see a screen of the WIP UI!!!!
  7. US Senate Resolution 8 Peace with GB

    Look I'll put it out on the table. I once considered lion a friend had some good times there and really wanted to help grow NPG but point blank he never liked me. He always downplayed what I did for the clan and said "I was just one of the other guys", when in reality there was a point were myself and a few others in the officer core truly ran the NA clan. I even hosted/ran the teamspeak and created a whole website for the clan going the distance in every regard creating custom NA tools for the clan. Including hosting other game servers for dayz and chiv. He wasn't happy about this and there was always a rift because he wanted to be the center of attention. The issues with Naval action start with his inability to address clan structure issues. He basically only cared about promoting and recruiting people to NPG. He was a very fair-weather leader/player after the uncontested gulf campaign and would constantly interrupt or override officer plans which caused chaos. On the night of a massive 2 day multi-nation multi-clan (GB and Dutch) operation he decided to step in and ruin all the work that was done with the simple drunken statement of "It only takes 45 minutes to get to Kidds". This fractured the clan, it showed his disregard for the people that planned and worked hard to make sure our time was not wasted. The whole battle was a wash because of the chaos he started delaying the fleet from ever arriving. Only a handful of us and the officers were in place with our allies at the time. I told him that night he had an issue and he better address it, he ignore me like he always did as this wasn't the first time he ruined plans. The next day in an officers intervention to make Lionshaft King of the NPG NA clan and to truly remove him from actionable power the clan broke up. He will tell you we tried to kick him out of his clan but all we wanted was him to demote himself and promote Agamemnon as the clan leader. This was not possible at the time and what happened next is what broke the clan up. He said, "I'm NPG, I'm the dictator."
  8. US Senate Resolution 8 Peace with GB

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAHAHAAHAHAH A "JOB" Hes totally suited for. Zero real power and responsibilities, lets him be the drunk he is! @William Death "Did you read the part where you have no power"
  9. Fix hostilitymissions

    Other than them being a blast!!!
  10. Fix hostilitymissions

    This is a bad idea. Forcing people to bring small ships for those missions increases the effort it would take but also unbalances the defense since defenders are forced to either screen or waste time getting the right ship. The solution is to keep them as they are and let them all in. What you would get out of disallowing them wouldnt be worth it. You'd get bullshit screens that wont work half of the time because the attackers will just jump into another mission. Its already very hard to counter hostility don't make it harder.
  11. Russian aggressive expension too high

    Lol Maybe you need the brain there scarecrow.
  12. Russian aggressive expension too high

    You know you lost the port, right? Screening is all fun in games in our parts! I guess you guys make banners for your screen battles? lol
  13. Russian aggressive expension too high

    "SVERIGE FIGHT BACK" Playing videos for any given sunday is very last standish.... But lets be honest when nations fall into a sleep they are usually dead. Looks at GB... Maybe we should just have two nations, the Attackers and the French...
  14. Russian aggressive expension too high

    You mean our 6pm-11pm Battles? You guys are such care bears its unbelievable especially with all the hype and the talk about the EU server/swedes. Dead is dead man.
  15. Oh cut the crap, your attempting to spin your whiny post. You don't give a shit about the other nations. Grow up and just play the game.