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  1. koiz

    War and Peace

    Just rename the PVE server the Role Play server.
  2. koiz

    Near empty PvP Zones

    Player count is trending downwards. Might have something to do with it. The main issue is people tend to attack quickly get their pvp marks and leave. Its not a long experience/loop.
  3. There's traders and then there's smugglers. I've "smuggled" into every capital and plenty of other ports. Its not about just getting it from A to B, timing is everything. A good smuggler makes sure luck is on their side. A lot of traders seem to really just roll the dice no matter what red flags may be out there.
  4. koiz

    Should the admiralty allow SOL to roam freely?

    You forgot one: X player has ruined X nation
  5. koiz

    Should the admiralty allow SOL to roam freely?

    The austerity wipe also got rid of like 75% of that "everyone".
  6. Same old Chris...Funny how I ran so many battles all of a sudden. lolol I have enjoyed my time in Spain, better than playing with "people" like you and vodka.
  7. Well you're not in it so that helps.
  8. koiz

    Should the admiralty allow SOL to roam freely?

    Translation: We're gonna piss off more people and they'll quit the game.
  9. Then no carronades please?
  10. koiz

    Yet another map: Naval Action map

    I was referring to my example... there is no tone that's surely in your head. https://gist.github.com/addorange/6134791 There's most of the work done for ya....
  11. koiz

    Yet another map: Naval Action map

    that's not what I meant... https://na-map.netlify.com/?x=200&z=200 That's how it should look. They still need to copy and past the cords back into the map which is a waste of time. Plenty of other maps have this.
  12. koiz

    More Clan Control - Reducing Alt Problems

    Its not complicated in this sense. The scale does not compare. Free Market Capitalism is the only way. The moment you limit choice and ability is the moment your system is far from free.