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  1. Jim Broadreach

    Boarding + 'Determined Defender' suggestion

    Perks i hate them all, remove them and make it like it was in NA-L, you get a new ship unlock more things with experience that you get from Battles and all ships will get more even. More Skill based no Magicperks and Upgrades. DD is a major pain. Same for the Woodtyps the most of them are rare used like oak but we have them for a reason i do not understand. Crafters will say they like the wide variaition in crafting blablabla .....! But do we need this? Sometimes are many options good, but less can be more. More fun, more Balance, more Skillbased. Dont let Ships that coud sail in reallity max. 12 knots sail 14 knots it feels false. Waiting for the Patch back to the Stars se you soon.
  2. Jim Broadreach

    Patch 24: Properly depowering your staysails

    For brits and spain and french there is Belize and Vera Cruze and New Orleans where missions only can spawn on one side of the ports. Only for danes sweden dutch and pirats there is no second capital port where u must sail around a island. But hey for the PvE server it shoud not be a problem to sail a few hours to get to this ports no risk for afk sailing. Set your sails sail in the direction you want and clean your room or house make some gardenwork or whatever.
  3. Jim Broadreach

    Please remove the 3 cancellations of combat mission

    @Sento de Benimaclet Go to Vera Cruz, to do Missions or to another port, where you can sail out and can do Missions without sail around a island. There is no need for Cancellation go out of the comfortzone.
  4. Jim Broadreach

    Tutorial feedback 2

    @admin Is it posible to seperate the Exams from Tutorial. If someone has done his tutorial it will show a new button for Exams. And the Sail-Button will be free. Then players must not skip the Exams. Coud be that it is confusing for new players the way it works right now.
  5. How will the mission PvE/PvP reward look like? And will this changed apply to OW hunting too, PvE/PvP also cause of the word mission? Sorry if i ask to much.
  6. Jim Broadreach

    Tutorial feedback 2

    Befor i forget about the Tutorial part when the player shoud get his ship out of irons there is a legg. With the tut-steps i think. I let my ship sail backwards and turnt after i get to 90 degrees i saild to the Circle and stopt the ship after that the instructions goes to the next step. Will test it tomorrow caus in 6h i must get to work.
  7. Jim Broadreach

    Tutorial feedback 2

    I think part one shoud be tutorial. After that part 2 and 3 shoud be like the events in NA-L in seperated Button. So new players must not skip them. And can use them as a shortcut.
  8. Sounds a bit like realmoney for some Reals(gold) Wot style. But i hope that it is only to get more variation in the prices.
  9. Does the new currencies mean what i think?? Or will it be more like the Marks-System?
  10. Jim Broadreach

    Tutorial feedback 2

    Did it first with my Alt, tomorrow is the day for the Main. Did it in 1hour with chaining/running/shooting /repairing until the first sunk and the second one gets demasted and graped to 80crew and borded. But like many said, for a new Player it will be hard to get throug the last 2 exams.
  11. I asked yesterday but no answer
  12. Jim Broadreach


    Duel rooms can be used for turnaments too. In WoWP there was a option to select a map and you coud invite other players. We did a turnament with support from devs in the beta times. So i think a duel room has more options.
  13. People shoud see every significant change in the game like old thinks where never been there is the best method for me. People rumored about crew-costs and now nobody cares about crew-costs. So dont think about what was befor, lern to life with it or let it. And if Devs see in a week or more that the system doesent work they will deploy a patch and try to fix it.
  14. They coud go to Belize there will no missions spawn on the other side.
  15. There are more Habors out there not only Charleston/KPR/Mort/Willem/Gust/Habana therer is a BIG-MAP in the NA-Menue where everybody can go out search a safer place to LvL-Ships where no big Ganksquads will appear. My 2 cents