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  1. What i was trying to say, is it coud be a point where only size matter. If you sail a 6th rate and you can not attack a 4th rate cause of more crew more Marines on the 4th rate that will do more damage to your crew. Realistic yeah but fun not anymore. Than we can make it like only 6th vs 6th, 5th vs 5th and all other ships are unable to attack. Or do you like the point of being invunerable on your big ship. Cause of the fear you coud lose it. Edit: Look at WoT you coud pick a light Tank and run around a Maus or t95 what can you not much if you hit it will be hard for the light Tank but the light tank can dance around you amd give you stiches take down your traks and with skill and time you will be dead.
  2. Fine, but if u are a Pirat an play only Ships up to 5th rates. What will you attack? Traders? Hard to find at first, second you get blamed for doing this. And if it gets impossible to fight agains a bigger ship you can only run. What means less OW-PvP for guys like me. So what shoud i do playing PvE on PvP server or change to the PvE server and have no PvP?
  3. Fragen zum Spiel

    Steambewertungen. Was soll man davon halten. Wenn mich ein Spiel reizt von der Thematik und Optisch auch noch anspricht, lese ich mir Kritiken durch. Wenn sie negativ sind schaue ich auf die Spielzeit die der Erfasser, der Kritik hat. Dazu schaue ich mir Gameplays an um mir selbst ein bild zu machen. Bei LIF:mmo gibt es auch negativ Reviews hier habe ich mir auch Videos angeschaut. Es hat mir gefallen was ich gesehen habe, da nicht alles möglich ist alleine zu erreichen. Leider ist es auch grindlastig und zeitintensiv. Aber zurück zum (Thema), jeder reagiert auf seine art einer sieht schöne Bilder und denkt ja das ist doch was. Der nächste sieht die Bilder und dazu die negativen Bewertungen und denkt schöne aufgehübschte Bilder aber es muss ja Mist sein da es schlechte kritik hat. Und so weiter und so weiter......
  4. To reload a Musket it woud take 30 secounds plus. Lets say 40 sec. + aiming and shooting then it woud do every Min damage to crew. Search for War of Rights in Youtoub there you can see some reload times. At all it sound interesting but i like it if a bigger ship is attacking me in my snow.
  5. Divided nations and trust

    Logfiles for the Warehouse will be good for bigger Clans a big YES for that. Many asked for that. Too achive a good Clan-managment is often hard especial in big Clans how many get acces to the WH and many other thinks that must get managed. So you get a + from me.
  6. Divided nations and trust

    I will not delete my clan to merge with others. POINT. I was in Clans sometimes the Leaders left the Game or other thinks happens. I want to do the stuff i want and play like i want when i want. So after 2 years i made my own Clan with 2 members. Both are my Accounts. One for trading one for Fighting and PvP. I speak with people in battles and try to be friendly the most time. Nothing more to say.
  7. which ship?

    Snow is good. I got attacked by a Spanish Aga when i was sailing to tumbardo on a teak/crew Snow 1h20 mins lost by bording cause i didnt want get closer to the tower he surrvived with 30 crew. But he was thinking he got a easy target.
  8. PVP missions. A huge Success?

    What i expectet is more like that what you said here and what i said above when i first heard about the Patrol-Missions and PvP-rewards. We will see what the Future brings what i have read in the forum gives me a positiv fealing for the Future.
  9. PVP missions. A huge Success?

    I got the hope that Patrol Missions are more like u select a Region where you want to Patrol like Bermuda or Cartaghena. You go out search for some Ships Players/NPC's. For Combats agains players you get PvPmarks and NPC Combatmarks and if you achieve the Order you get the PvPmarks. Next thing i was in hope that you will get a reward for participating in a PvP-Battle (Openworld) even if you loose. Something like you did 2k damage and reseve 1PvPmark and 10k gold and the Xp. But Patrol-Missions are more like a Gangfest for one alone.
  10. Crash near port royal

    Only tip i can give you if Game crashes is, restart it get in Look if yo are pulled in battle or not get to a safezone(Habor) and then get something to drink or some food. Your Ship stay a decent time in the Open-World i think the 2minutes rule appears here like you woud exit the game in Open-World. So you are vulnerable. And a lost ship i woud say it is lost. Only it was a Major-Bug, in your case i woud say you lost it cause you went to the kitchen and get something to Drink and eat instead of Log in. Sry for your Ship lose.
  11. Reinforcement zones, too big, too many

    Reinforcement-Zones are realy a bit to large. Not the length of them a long the coasts more how much they are going in to the Sea. I have seen Players waiting in front of Habors starting attacking NPC's from there Spawn at the Habor in Reinforcement-Zones. So they are double Safe. I give a Poop on the Ports, i restartet with a few Ships, Gold, and some Upgrades in the Pirat Nation on the first Houre i saild to Shroud Cay and startet there to make a few Missions on B-Cutter. At the point i reached Scoundrel 120 Crew i took a Snow and Attacked Openworld Ships sometimes i attacked Players or they Attacked me. Now i am Plundere 200Crew and explore the World. To find some Players who sail not in Reinforcement-Zones to get some fights. Pirats shoud be more like a Hardcore-Nation give them Raids let them operate out of Freetowns like Shroud or Tumbardo give them there the access to the Pirat Den(Admirality). They shoud not have there own Ports. Pirats shoud not be a Nation.
  12. Little things you'd like to see

    Yes please more outposts. And please add 2 more freetowns one on Eastcoast like Sunbury or a bit more south. And one by the Dutch Nation Coqui woud be nice.
  13. Viel erfolg! Werden in zukunft vielleicht öfter mal etwas zusammen machen, wie am Wochenende. TS-Daten habe ich gespeichert.
  14. Oak ships

    Crafters will dont like the idea of making ships only from two woodtyps. I postet it in another threat to get ride of those many woodtypes. And crafters came over and sayd the like the variation of the different wootyps. + ships will be more balanced + most ships will fill up a roll(hunter,brawler,multipupose) + no fantasy warpengine for ships by building it on Fir/Fir - no variation in shipbuilds More negativ points i dont know if someone have more please post.