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  1. So is this what your war looks like?!!!! You guys need a lot of help if this is your idea of a war!!!!
  2. Finally!!!!! And for those Us or Brits opposed to this war, the pve server is just a click away....
  3. I think that a good solution for more rewarding pvp is to to increase rewards by 10 times for pvp and the closer the br the better rewards. So all the groups of gank fleets go away. There is no honour in killing a guy with 4 or 5 guys helping. Maybe some kind of reputation system would be nice as well
  4. I agree that pvp needs to reward players a lot better but to all of you whining about pvp being dead now, I want to point to you that it was dead before. 4 or 5 vs 1 player isn't pvp. Also everybody was sailing around in a surprise with a million rig repairs so that they could run if things started looking bad. To the brits in global complaining, you had a port battle you didn't show up to. Last time I checked, port battles could be used for pvp
  5. Awesome patch!! Great job guys!! All you need now is a patch that adds "balls" to the big nations in global so that they fight each other and make the server interesting. Keep up the good work
  6. The developers should implement a mechanic where port battles vs the same nation will be set apart 1 1/2 hours( length of 1 port battle). You can still flip two ports at the same time but the first to reach 100 gets set and the second one will be set 1 1/2 hours after automatically. That way the defenders can defend one, teleport to the other outpost and defend the other. If you're trying to set 2 port battles against 2 separate nations you can set them up at the exact same time. No other nation will be able to set another port battle against those nations for another 1/2 hours. I think this makes it more fair and balanced where nobody can gang up on anybody and all the port battles are defended creating pvp. No more empty port battles and free rewards! - sorry carebears
  7. If you guys lose ships in that fight or even fleet ships it counts double as negative hostility. Some Americans got sunk by the ai
  8. You're a troll and this will be the last time I spend any time or effort replying to you. Next time I need a history lesson I'll watch the history channel or something. This is a game and until pirates get their own mechanics, we're a nation just like everybody else. You should join pirates because all you do is sail in an insignificant privateer wasting people's time. On s last note, if you care about history that much, you should look into who the US fought against back then. I'll give you a clue. The nation's name starts with Great and ends with Britain. Figure that out and go tag them in your little canoe to be historically accurate.
  9. People need to play the game and know what they're talking about before posting here. You can't drop hostility bellow 50% or raise it above 50% using war supplies period!!!!!! Tired of ignorants talk about what they don't know. Imagine a server where the two biggest nations fought each other!!! What are they going to complain next? Pirates are only suppose to sail in privateers and pickles?!!
  10. The thing is, the majority of players that are playing this game are either returning players or regulars. The percentage of new players is very small. The majority shouldn't have to cater to the minority. When I was ranking up a year ago I tried all ships as soon as I could crew them. Leave it to the players to choose. There are too many restrictions as it is...
  11. Dear developers, please explain to me the logic behind the ship tree? The only thing that makes sense to me is that you guys don't want the hard work put into modeling, coding and whatever else you did to put these ships in the game to go to waste. If that is not the reason then you just like to torture us and like to see how much you can push us until we almost quit!
  12. I miss my Santissima.... lol
  13. But but that's 90% of gameplay!!!
  14. I tried to get back into the game last night but after playing it for over a year, I just lack the motivation to do it all again. Feels like we are back where we were a year ago but with less 1500 people online.
  15. The amount of grinding in this game is now ridiculous. It feels like a job more than ever. Also no new content was released, just restrictions.