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  1. Would be nice to have more cosmetic stuff ingame indeed; accessable through a new mark you get for pvp besidese combat marks?
  2. They can't force everyone to follow their intentions (though I like to see some action over there on global). Only thing they did was listing the clans participating in the war. As you can't change their intentions nor can they change yours, things may get a bit more interesting:) You can still set up a resistance, don't have to follow a leader if you don't want to thats what makes this game beautiful
  3. According to API the agamemnon's base HP is 6030. yours is probably after getting the wood bonusses. Afaik, upgrade bonusses are based on the basic ship value, not counting the wood.
  4. "But heth, if you're hunting in enemy waters you deserve to get revenge fleeted and sunk in the process" (unless in a schooner or surp) Mhmm
  5. I dont like to admit but here I tend to agree with LV Except free ports. Maybe make it so you have to make the call to TP the captain only to the free port the day before. Tp to free ports on command wasnt healthy for the game in my opinion
  6. Why bother playing at all then? Game's supposed to be fun? Now players can acess / replace upgrades / permits etc. more easily and therefore may be willing to risk more I did tons of pvp pre wipe not even looking at how much I earned, gold wise, if I wanted to become rich (which wasnt needed at a point anymore :p) I could just have afk sailed indiamans, which I didn't do for very long as it turned out to be the most boring thing I ever did in that game lol But I agree; ratio of pvp - pve combat marks earnings is too low right now. 1:5 would be more appropriate IMO.
  7. Pirate vs Pirate - outlaw battles. Pirates can now attack each other. The battle created by pirates vs pirates is always open and has FFA rules (free for all). You can sink anyone you see. Signalling perk does not work in the battle. Battle cannot be created in the capital protected waters. Outlaw battles do not give rewards.
  8. 60% of the games in my steam library not even touched lol Think I'm not gonna bother to increase that percentage
  9. False?
  10. My pve marks in the unused redeemables changed to combat marks
  11. Well it gives the game depth / diversity and the players something to achieve
  12. by making vital stuff required for pvp more affordable, hence players will be willing to risk more Don't think grinding "pvp", aka sinking newbs to squeeze out the marks to get gear is the right approach; grind gear first, then pvp and have fun
  13. Reason why I left brits and joined danes; close to swedes, French are a 20 min sail and can get an outpost near pirates / brits if I wanted
  14. People PvP'd before wipe not for the rewards but because it's fun If you're looking at PvP as a grind, something is wrong imo