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I'm always a bit worried about ships that make the Victory and Santisima inferior so the Ohio looks like a great option. What guns would she carry on each deck?

Her 1838 armament does not fit in the game timeframe and would require addition of new guns / gun classes to the game (which would in turn lead to demands to allow same on all ships), or substituting game timeframe equivalents.

Her 1838 armament was:

42s (not sure if traditional long 42s)

Short 32s

Carronade 42s

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Her 1838 armament does not fit in the game timeframe and would require addition of new guns / gun classes to the game (which would in turn lead to demands to allow same on all ships), or substituting game timeframe equivalents.

Her 1838 armament was:

42s (not sure if traditional long 42s)

Short 32s

Carronade 42s


Well how many guns could she carry in 1820 and what was the intended size?


I remember Admin testing cannon suitability on the Rattlesnake so maybe it might not even matter to them what guns were used in 1838. If whatever guns could be fitted in the 1820 model then admin will probably go with that no?

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32-pounders on both decks, right?



Long on the bottom, short guns on top.

She has many identical sister ships one of which has this armanent:



 North Carolina's keel was laid February 1818. She launched at Philadelphia 7 September 1821 and was fitting out at Norfolk 24 June 1824 when Master Commandant Charles W. Morgan was ordered to command. She was pierced for 102 guns and is said to have originally mounted a total of ninety-four 32-pounder and 42-pounder guns. A Bureau of Ordnance Register shows her armament in 1845 as follows: Spar deck: two 32-pounders, twenty-four 42-pounders, two 9-pounders on board temporarily as signal guns, one 6-pounder carronade, and one boat gun. Main deck: four 8-inch chambered cannons, four 8-inch guns reamed up from 42-pounder cannon-"These guns were reamed up at the West Point foundry in 1841 and are considered of doubtful value," twenty-four 32-pounder cannon. Lower deck: thirty-two 42-pounder cannon


They all carry 102 ports as well.


Here is model of USS North Carolina




The original builder model, which the North Carolina and Delaware were built after with no indication of altering the design




From what I can tell in North Carolina plan in OPs post


She could carry


34x 42 pounders on the main deck

32x 32 pounders on the gun deck

34x 42 pounder carronades on the spar deck

2x 32 pounder chasers on the gun deck


If players had the option of choosing 9 pounders on the spar deck then she basically had a broadside firepower of 1,379lb. That is very comparable to other ships of the line. Right inbetween the Victory(1,296lb) and Santisimas(1,491lb) firepower and slightly weaker than the Ocean class ship of the line(1,392lb). Do not be fooled by the 42 pounder carronades as making the USS North Carolina overpowered. The Santisima has the exact same option ingame to use 34x 42 pounder carronades on the weather deck.


It would seem to me that the USS North Carolina would make a good candidate as a US First Rate. She was launched in 1820 and fully commissioned in 1824. That meets both the 1820 limit and the +/- 5 years limit.

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I have a copy of the book (and A History of American Sailing Ships) in larger format that I've taken apart and have been scanning the plans since last year (for the purpose of profile drawings). I've also pieced together the two-page ones and I can post any requests.


Here are some examples of the side views I stripped out of the plans just to compare them together. This is a selection across the whole book.



Attached is the plans for the 1777 American 74-gun as well as her sail plan. In my copy, the right side of the plan was cut off. I reconstructed it with the stern gallery in another copy of the book I had, which is why that part is lighter and you can see the missing chunk on the fore/aft plan below it.


Finally, just because it came up earlier in the thread and it's totally daft, USS Pennsylvania's plans as well. Enjoy! Let me know what you all want from both books. Here is some spreadsheets with the plan lists.






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Well, I haven't found anything on Crescent yet, but here are two Eckford designs (I'm not sure which of his you're looking for). The first is his schooner USS Grampus with a raised pivot gun. The other is a handsome corvette Eckford designed as part of the design lines leading to the 1820s Boston-class sloops. I'm also attaching two more from that, a smaller sloop by Grice and a larger one by Floyd. Along with Grampus, I'm attaching the other schooner design from that year, the USS Alligator/Shark by Doughty.


Finally, plans for the war-built 44-gun frigates, USS Guerriere. These differed from the earlier ships in a few details, biggest being widened six inches over Constitution and the much reduced head and almost stubby new stern. The original six frigates were long criticized for excessive overhang on the stern counter, leading to a lot of buffeting there in heavy seas, especially following ones. Constitution and United States were later refitted with this same stern, which notably has three chase ports on the main deck and spar deck. This was probably done as a reaction to problems Constitution and her sisters encountered in stern chases during the war, where they had to cut away part of the sterns to fit guns and suffered damage having heavy guns there. This allowed a much greater firepower aft. You can see it on Connie here and in a photograph of her under refit after the Civil War.


https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/2/2d/USS_Constitution_-_NARA_512913_%2819-LC-20_A%29_-_42.jpgand https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/c/c7/Constitution1874b.png


Guerriere and Java (Columbia was burned during the war before she could be launched) were the last of the 44s that had an open waist. With the next class, the Brandywine/Potomac, they were widened six more inches over Guerriere, allowing a full second gun deck with bulwarks. I'll post those later. The Guerriere plans are distorted a bit where they come together, that's on the plans as reproduced in Chapelle. I set it up so the rest of the plans are in the right place and they can be drawn right across. Might need to go back and redo them all and try to fix it.







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All I can find on Crescent is text. Not a single plan, just measurements and description.

As for Eckford, as much as possible! Someone went to great lengths to secure his work in the last ten years but that person is at large and as of yet unreachable. I still have had no word back on that.

Thank you very much for all that you have posted!

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I'll keep an eye out for Crescent, she's an interesting ship.


I'm a big fan of Eckford though, he did some great designs. Here is another of his, Ohio. The best of the American ships of the line, she was said to handle as well as a frigate and be very fast, much less clumsy than the others.


I'm also posting Skjoldebrand and Hassan Bashaw. Their spar dimensions are in The Ship Model Builder's Assistant by Charles Davis.


Finally also posting the Revolutionary War galley frigate USS Confederacy.






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All of those are already posted but thanks for bringing them up again. If you have anything by Eckford outside the time period, you can post those too. I'm aware he built a corvette named United States that was sold to the Ottoman Empire and that he designed some warships for them as well.

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I was reposting them as better scans, especially putting the two (Confederacy and Ohio) together cleaner too.There's another Eckford in The Search for Speed Under Sail too. I haven't taken that one apart yet, so I can't do the two-page scans yet. He did some work for South America too.


Here's a gallery of the plans I posted in larger scale since I didn't realize the forum was shrinking them so much.



Also two new ones in there, a pair of ships that Chapelle didn't have names for, one is a 20-gun ship with a spar deck and a strange 18-gun ship.




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I was reposting them as better scans, especially putting the two (Confederacy and Ohio) together cleaner too.

I know.  I will probably request the moderators to replace my scans with yours, as well as give you due credit for the scans :)

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Can you post one of the North Carolina with the top deck? I was curious to know what it looks like. :)

Also do you have one of the little Galley Lee from 1776? :lol:


North Carolina like this? http://imgur.com/nZzGI0K


Lee is in there, but I haven't scanned it or Washington yet. I'll take care of them later.


EDIT: The USN in the 1840s decided to focus armament on the 32-pounder in different sizes. This actually led to a slight reduction for ships of the line, with the 42-pounders replaced by 32s. The lighter models allowed much smaller ships like the Third-class sloops of the Dale class to carry 32-pounder cannons instead of carronades, or even the little brig USS Dolphin.


These are drawings I did based on casting measurements for the guns. I have all six sizes of the 32-pounders from 56 hundredweight to 27, plus the old and new 8" guns in 63 cwt, the smaller 8", and the weak 10" shell gun, plus the 64-pounder shot gun. The 32-pounder carronade is there as a size comparison. http://i.imgur.com/PhSkraH.png


I know.  I will probably request the moderators to replace my scans with yours, as well as give you due credit for the scans :)


No problem! I take requests if you have any in there you want me to do first, of the ones in those two books I have taken apart that is.




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Do you have planes for a Enterprise? Would be a shame if not every game needs a Enterprise! (Sorry love Star Trek :D)


Alas plans of the  era-appropriate Enterprise from the Barbary War and War of 1812 don't exist. There's a set from Venice that are supposedly the ship, but...


We have enough to come up with a decent approximation of the ship, but that's all it would be.


There is plans for the 1831 schooner Enterprise, but it's too late.


EDIT: Here is a plan for a smaller unidentified Baltimore Clipper from the era. It's similar to Enterprise in general points, but smaller and the details are different. Vixen in my previous post is supposed to be an improved Enterprise, but her details can't be relied on for the ship.


I'm also uploading the frigates Constellation, Chesapeake, Philadelphia, Hudson (the last private-designed frigate in the USN, built with very similar size and proportions to a 64-gun ship), and both the Lively-class frigate HMS Macedonian and her American replacement from the 1820s. The latter was later razeed into a 1st class sloop and served for many years.










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