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  1. You have some very good ideas. I really hope the devs are following this thread!
  2. Yeah, hopefully the upcoming patches can fix some of the monotony and crazy pvp mechanics. And when I say "the least effort and maximum rewards", I mean some people just want to log in and instantly be thrown into a battle, get money, get bigger ships, level up; then log out. Like you, I'd like to balance sailing and battling, where both have actual meaning, and both carry their own consequences.
  3. I agree. All players that are in the circle should have the option to not go into the battle. This would help when a nation has more than 25 players in an area, allowing for some organization of the battle fleet.
  4. Lol what? I'd like to see the proof? Look at the numbers now, vs 6 to 8 months prior. Case closed.
  5. Yeah I just ordered Chapelle's book a bit ago. Looking forward to reading it. Anyway, on to the topic. Why couldn't we just replace the crazy loadout of all 32s with a more "normal" armament? Maybe 42s, 24s, 12s? Or something like this anyway? I don't know a ton about the effects that different loads have on ships, so you guys will have to work with me a bit. lol
  6. Yeah, exactly. No TP cool downs only encourage people to play the game less, if you think about it. You'd think the devs could see that. And yeah Skully, I know. Some good stuff on the Combat Mechanics thread.
  7. Agreed. There has to be some sort of balance. I tried to suggest some changes to teleportation but people freaked out because they'd have to sail more in the game. Everyone cried "It makes it easier to get to the warzones", and "what about the casual gamer?", and "it takes too long to get to missions". I even suggested we could keep the no-cooldown teleport for allied/friendly ports and get rid of porting to free towns. Nope, still too much work. LOL everyone is just too lazy and wants the game to be an ocean-version of COD. Makes me sick. Normally, I'd be fine with "ganking". Normally, I'd say it is the players fault that they wandered too far into enemy waters, but with teleporting, the entire map becomes enemy waters, so the whole premise is tossed right out the window. It's absolutely ridiculous. There are so many different aspects working into PVP right now, but everyone seems to overlook how much teleports contribute to the problem. Teleports, "defensive tag", and the exit battle timer are garbage right now. Let's hope the devs implement their ideas they introduced on the Combat Mechanics thread!
  8. TheAmerican


    Yeah... How I miss the good old days.
  9. TheAmerican


    I guess it could be called a hunting tactic. The only problem I have with free ports is they act as a station that anyone can instantly send a ship to, then instantly teleport there from across the entire map. A freeport in the middle of a Nations waters where an entire fleet of SOLS can magically appear from in an instant without having g to actually sail there? THAT, is my problem with free ports. I do like their use, especially with pirates, maybe some smugglers. And they are good for trade. It's just the combination of the free ports WITH teleports that bothers me. Kind of a huge loss of immersion, but that's just opinion. I just think they should be tweaked a little bit.
  10. Anyways, here is a new thread that was stated by Admin a couple days ago. It addresses this topic specifically. Some good discussion there. http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/15737-rules-of-engagement-feedback/
  11. So, you suggest that every time players don't come out of the BS after a defensive tag and a 1 min chase(Coward perk), they are in fact just logging out? Logging out because they are tired from gaming for so long? A chase that could happen right outside any freetown in the game? They need a break after say, 5-10 minutes of playing? Come on m8, I know that we all have a real life to manage, but you gotta believe that there are people that use the BS for hiding from a fight??
  12. YES! This will solve so many issues!
  13. Point taken. And yeah, this is true. The friendly smuggler attack exploit(???) is kind of an issue regarding that aspect. People need to actually sail their warships to their outposts!
  14. Good idea m8. I think this would be a great addition.
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