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Explosions feedback

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@admin Thank you for the free L'Ocean! 

One small point: Mine arrived as 3/5 (or 5/3, not sure how to write it) not 5/5.

Was that a mistake or did you intend for that to happen? Please note I am very happy to receive the ship whichever the case.

Just mentioning it in case you were not aware of how it was implemented.


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On 12/10/2019 at 7:07 AM, Graf Bernadotte said:

Nice that you admitted your mistake. Do I get compensation for my random Ocean with upgrades now? I lossed it due to an explosion 200 m away. I had full health and full crew before. It took me 10 hours game play of gathering CMs, Doublons, Reals and resources to built it. Only to get wiped out by a fault of your company I paid a lot of money for the promise of a functioning game.

Wanna buy the one you so clumsily lost to us yesterday? She is a really nice one mate.

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this system of getting on fire is the worst thing in the game, if a ship is focused in line battle, it deffinetely gets on fire and then just go and explode, ships are too easy get on fire, for example, in pb if a ship is chained and appear in the midle of the enemy group and is being foused, he just click off the 8 and explodes, so many great fights in are ruined becasue of it,, i don't think that it makes the game better


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